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Monday, 2 April 2012

Mochi Shopping at Big Thumb Cake House, Sibu

Don't know how did it went about that we came to this place but certainly I did not regret it. 

Wah...just finished 2nd breakfast, still wanna eat some more? So many buns and things here leh. 

Someone said this place is famous for their mochi. Auntie Quay Po Cooks bought a packet and opened it for us to try.

Mmm...I liked it very much. Eeee...I spotted Angry Bird Cake. Too bad it's not for sale.

After "borong-ing", we head back to the Hotel as Auntie Quay Po Cooks and her bestie were flying home in the afternoon.

These were just some of the stuffs that we borong-ed.

Mamarazzi spotted these mini mochi in the fridge at the Big Thumb and bought a packet for me. RM6.20. There are four bean, lotus paste, peanut and pandan.

Hmm... which one to choose first leh?

Mmm...can't decide which one I like best.

Mamarazzi said am greedy and getting big headed. No only getting Big Foot mah...See..I can even wear Papa's shoes liao.

Here is the address of the Cake house if you happens to be in Sibu and wish to get something for yourself:

 71-73 Jalan Tuanku Osman
Sibu, Sarawak 96000
tel: +60 608-4339829
fax: +60 608-4325625


  1. hahaha, how you happened to get there is not an important issue lah..

  2. the more important thing is whether there are good things worth "borong-ing" or not in that place.. haha!!

  3. mochi also borong-ed so much, hey, i really curious how many things you brought back from sibu.. one bag go there, three bags come back?? :D

  4. Never had mochi. Red bean as something sweet sounds very interesting.

  5. I love mochi with black sesame filling :)

  6. Those mochi looked so cute and nice. Small Kuching took so many at one go.

  7. On our way to town, somebody was talking about mochi in the I just had to bring you all to Big Thumb lor. As far as I know, they're very popular and people coming to Sibu would drop by and buy a lot home.

    I'm not crazy about it myself though - would feel like I would choke myself to death when I eat it. LOL!!!

  8. Ok..i wana borong this! Sigh...don't know can bring back so many things mou.

  9. Didn't show your big thumb after eating it? :p

  10. love mochi. sweet but there is something delightful about the texture:D

  11. I think I have had something like mochi but am not really sure. Suppose its made from different flavour flour topping and with other types of filling inside too.

    The mini version is to my liking because you can just pop one into the mouth rather then struggling to eat the big ones, for me being someone who like to have desserts but not big quantity.

  12. These mochi looks delicious!!

  13. the mochi look nice.. gonna buy me to eat!

  14. Been to Sibu only for a couple of times so not quite familiar with the place (: but the mochi looks yummy!

  15. You should have a contest of some sort and if they win, they get a treat mailed to them from you :) You always had some awesome looking foods .. and I am sure they taste yummy too :)
    It feels so good to be back into the blogging world .. thank you for always supporting me :)


  16. Hahaa. Angry Birds Cake. Most known cake shop have that. :D

  17. mochi mochi! the sound itself is already rather cute

  18. SK

    manyak pandai hahaha....ya as long as arrived right hehehe

  19. Courtney

    must try it one of these days

  20. Choi Yen

    they have many types of filling

  21. STP

    buy small small ones wont choke lo. Not bad la the mochi. Not that sweet

  22. Yee Ling

    faster go buy some more luggage space

  23. Missyblurkit

    these were not that sweet wor.

  24. Nava

    I think its the same. Mamarazzi preferred the mini ones too

  25. Hilda

    go a few times sure will become familiar. Cari STP if lost hahaha

  26. Kirsten

    LOL...ya should have thought of that earlier. Well, there will be next time!

  27. Jemsen

    hahaha...ya now angry bird season

  28. Isaac

    eh eh...dont salah moh enough la


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