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Monday, 30 April 2012

Mamarazzi Gone Cooking Crazy

Mamarazzi mentioned Umai served at Uncle Arthur's house the other day nice.

 Papa said it's easy to make. Just need some prawns, cucumber, lime, small onions and chili

Peel off the shell of the prawns. Shred the cucumber. Slice the onions and chili. Dump everything into a bowl. Add some lime juice and a bit of sugar. 

 Mix everything and let it chill in the fridge. Then can serve liao.

Mamarazzi must be "siao liao"(crazy already) coz on the same day she got so carried away that she made Lemon Grilled Fish.

 Prawns Omelet

Asparagus with Prawns. many dishes..How to finish ah?

Some more got vege....

 Mau tak mau(Want or don't want) have to finish also la.

 Better pick up all the rice that dropped on the table else I get a pimply wife.

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  1. All looks delicious. I wouldn't mind the Asparagus with Prawns.

  2. walao!! so many dishes!!! mamarazzi hahaha all looks delicious give me some lor, the vege looks so tempting and the "umai" umph i'm hungry now XD

  3. wow!
    Good job!
    U also can make umai from prawn and salmon. Mix with 'kacang tumbuk' will add some crunchy taste.

  4. HFMD, can eat all these things kah?

  5. you have been busy! Yes, I just liked it on facebook xo

  6. Liked the photo.. and all the best! Hope this find you and papa get well soon.. and of course, enjoy mama's cooking ya.. it's yummy with all the heart and love!

  7. wah!! mamarazzi really gone cooking crazy already..

  8. so many dishes, 1..2..3..4..5!! and all looks very yummy also!!

  9. so this round considered as the most successful cooking already?? hehe~~

  10. huh?? the umai is eating the prawns raw?? no need to cook the prawns ah, just peel and mix with the vege??!! @_@

  11. Wah...sedapnya Mamarazzi's cooking. :)

  12. Lemon grill fish looks great, and the umai... nvr heard b4 but certainly looks alluring! Cldnt wait to hv some!

  13. hehehe, u made me smile. mamarazzi siao liao cooked so many yummy dishes

  14. yummy! cook more! i am sure your family enjoys ur cooking :-)

  15. I have never tried umai before and with you sharing, I should do it at home and see whether I can digest the taste.

    Nice dishes and thumbs up to you esp the veges.

  16. Just back from shopping trip in Korea. Thks for visiting during my absence!

    Voted for u, dear! Lots of blog hopping to catch up :) Have a good week ahead!

  17. Hi There, Good Luck with your photo contest...

    Your food looks delicious.. I love Asparagus ---and it would be great with Prawns.

  18. I love the lemon grilled fish.. and oh, also the asparagus with prawns... yum yum

  19. I love the lemon grilled fish.. and oh, also the asparagus with prawns... yum yum

  20. Waahhh....wat happen to Mamarazzi..LOL!!

  21. I love the prawn omelet. Small Kucing, u are so lucky that Mama Kucing cook so many delicious food for you.

  22. Hey! I missed this post! Must be busy that day. So how was the umai? Nice or not?

  23. Oh no! I didn't. I did comment up there... Hehehehehe!!!

  24. Azura

    Too bad cant cook sambal :(

  25. STP

    this one another basi post la a few weeks ago punya

  26. mommy to Chumsy

    Thanks a million

  27. SK

    Mamarazzi sotplug lo

    ya its fresh prawns no need to cook one.

  28. Mummy Gwen

    Look aje nice. Eat that time......xxxxxxx

  29. Alice

    Umai you go see STP blog la got feature there. Nice

  30. Nava

    if you takes sushi then you should be able to take umai i think

  31. Blackswan

    thanks for dropping by :)

  32. STP

    LOL been visiting too many blogs ya ...Nice umai


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