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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Liza's Masak Hitam

Mamarazzi liked the Masak Hitam that Uncle Arthur bought very much. Hence just before we fly back, he pass a bunch of Liza's brand masak hitam paste for Mamarazzi to take home.

Once home, she can't wait to try out the Masak Hitam paste.

According to the recipe by Auntie Lucy, usually she would add an onion (sliced) to enhance the flavour. Fry the onion till it's fragrant. Then throw in the meat and the Masak Hitam paste. Stir it a bit. Then add water. It's that easy!

Jeng! Jeng! Masak Hitam is ready to be makan. 

 Me again? Mamarazzi's masak hitam can eat one or not ah? Duno got screw up again or not.

Errr ...I think I better stick to my plain white rice enough la. 

Papa said nice but not the Chicken not marinated long enough. Hmmmm ...what? have to marinate one ah? Oppsie...Mamarazzi did not marinate the Chicken meat. 

The taste of the paste was very authentic. Great to go with rice or bread.


  1. LOL @ I think I better stick to my plain white rice.

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration..x

  2. Last round auntie cook, auntie din marinate. But the taste ok ok la... not too bad. Auntie use meat, tho...

  3. Looks good...but I always think that masak hitam's best with beef...or beef liver. Yum!!!

  4. Looks good...but I always think that masak hitam's best with beef...or beef liver. Yum!!!

  5. They would be tastier if they were marinated first.

  6. Never heard of masak hitam, wonder how's the taste like?

  7. hahaha, sk also dont dare to try ah? looks good for aunty woh..

    now so easy already, everything comes in paste form, this masak hitam izzit black pepper??

  8. I have made something with this paste already but don't tell you what:D Did not use it on chicken or meat, can guess what Aunty Quay Po use it on or not?

  9. I love this masak hitam. Not sure if same with the s'wak type. I usually buy from the malay stall. Nice to go with rice. Aaa.a......making me wanna eat now. haha

  10. may

    This one taste good :) Can try

  11. Auntie Cleff

    Ooo..but thank you for cooking lo

  12. STP

    got ah...the next day Mamarazzi bought some beef from hypermarket

  13. Wenn

    the 2nd round making that was nicer

  14. Choi Yen

    A bit salty, a bit sweet and a bit spicy

  15. Never heard of the hitam paste before and wonder how was the taste. Seems like I am left behind on the type of paste available currently in the market.

  16. Nava

    It taste like the masak hitam that STP bought from the stall.


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