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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Langkawi Homestay Rentals

Mamarazzi said next month there will be a long school holiday. I will be having my first school trip to Ostrich Farm and Rice Factory. Kinda excited about that but it's just a day trip. I want a longer trip. Maybe like the trip to Sibu.

My classmate told me that his Papa and Mommy will be bringing him to Langkawi for holiday. I told Mamarazzi that I wanted to take plane and go Langkawi too.

Mamarazzi said no because hotels would be very expensive during that period. Then I said "Go iBilik lah". It is such a reliable and user friendly site. No need to go far to hunt for accommodation. Everything and anything can be found there.

I think the best would be to search for Langkawi Home Stay instead of hotel accommodation. We can ask more people to go together. The more the merrier.

Mamarazzi browse through the website and was surprised to see that there are a lot of apartments and houses listed. The prices also not that expensive. Depending on budget, ones can opt for luxury homestay to a cheaper choice of renting a room for just RM25 a night.

Like what Uncle Arthur had said, no need to get something that is very expensive since the purpose is that we go there is for holiday. Which means we would only need a place to stay at night. Day time, most people would go sight seeing.

The most important thing is the place is comfortable and have easy access to various tourist spots. She found some furnished accommodation that meets her budget and expectation. There were photographs of each accommodation posted at the website. It's amazing as some even come with fully furnished kitchen. Well, it's not that I expect Mamarazzi to do much cooking there. Most probably we would be out hunting for good food. But still she would need to use the kitchen to make milk for me. Can't sleep without it.

I saw one apartment which has very lovely view and a Swimming Pool while Mamarazzi is eyeing one that comes with Internet connection and washing machine. Which means she can blog and also wash "baju". Less "baju" to bring. More room in the luggage for "hand letters".

i hope Mamarazzi will make up her mind soon. Saw many people are booking the place now. It's so easy to book the place. Just need to check whether the dates that we wanted is available. If it's available, then we can check and make payment online. It's that easy.

Well, let's hope all goes well and I can go for my vacation at Langkawi.


  1. true also lah, as long as it's clean and tidy i think good enough..

  2. no need to be five star hotel unless you are thinking of just relaxing inside there.. :)

  3. but then different people have different preference lah.. some think since it's a holiday, then must pamper themselves so willing to pay a little bit more..

  4. wah, this time how come my comments appearing instantly geh?? surprised~~

  5. SK

    Clean and tidy is the MOST IMPORTANT. Second is price.

    Aiyo...with kids where can relax at 5 stars hotel.

    Homestay kids can run as they wish. In 5 stars hotel will coop up in a room.

    Your comment not appear instantly la. I ngum ngum online and saw. So approve lo

  6. Where is our next trip, Kathy? Where, when... how... :)

  7. Langkawi..i never been there too.
    I am goin to Singapore and JB next mth.

  8. The mussels is something I love, I remember I've tried something similar at Manhattan Fish Market!

  9. Been to Langkawi many times...working and also free government passage (holiday). Nothing great...since I'm not a beach and sea person. Come to Sibu better lah!!!! LOL!!!

  10. With all the bullshits that's going on right now, Auntie Little Bird will KILL for a holiday!

  11. make sure mamarazzi take lots of pics back!!!;)

  12. so the deal to Langkawi is on? I do hope so since your little one is so eager to go leh, even telling mama to check iBilik, aisehhhhhh ........ clever boy!!! Langkawi should be real nice since it has sun, sand, beach :)

    Ya lor, I am planning for the next coming school holiday too, don't know where to go since school holiday everywhere is so expensive :(


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