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Friday, 27 April 2012

Kena Lottery!

Last week my "school" was closed for cleaning and disinfection.

My classmates had HMFD. 

Looks like the classmates "shared" his/her virus with me lor .

Tuesday evening, tiny pokka dots started to appear. Not much. Just a few here and there.

Mamarazzi said looks like kena lottery liao lo. 

There are three ulcers in my throat. 

Mamarazzi said that I am very "LEMBU" (Cow- also means savage) coz I can really stand the pain. Not much complaints from me regarding sore throat. If it was Mamarazzi, she would have howled even if it was just a tiny ulcer.

Went to see doctor to get something for the ulcers. HMFD no cure. Just need to wait it out for around a week.

It was a long wait at the clinic.

Seems that there was an emergency case. An ambulance came and took the patient away.

Doctor says make sure I drink a lot of water....hehehe....means I get licence to drink as much 100 Plus as I can?

Also several of Mamarazzi's friends advised to give me Ice-cream to relieve the throat pain. Wah, need to go to school...can watch TV, play computer, eat ice cream and drink 100 Plus as much as I want to. 

But bad thing is no "gai-gai" for me lor. Grounded lo till all is well. 

Looks like Mamarazzi will be digging her PC for back logged posts lor. Thousand apology if Mamarazzi won't be able to drop by your blogs these few days. Expected that I would be "monopolying" her much. 


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  1. aiyoh, poor thing!! i really thought mamarazzi kena the real lottery, haha~~

  2. good lah, small kucing like just very happy like that..

  3. no need to go to school, can have bottomless supply of 100 plus and ice cream!! wow~~

  4. but guess mamarazzi will be having headache having to take care of small kucing 24x7~~

  5. get well soon ok. don't take advantage on these time to make mamarazzi bengang ya....and not too much ice cream and 100 plus!

  6. Hi Kathy, Sorry to hear about the virus going around in your son's school... He must be a 'warrior' though since he isn't complaining --like I would be... Of course, a few days OFF from school is good.... (I would enjoy that too!!!! ha)

    Take care --and I hope YOU don't get the virus.

  7. Aiyor...kesian!!!! Hope not too painful. Get well soon.

  8. ayooo SK....auntie betul2 ingat mamarazi menang loteri...sudah nak mintak dia open table lorrr...anyway SK, take care tau...jangan main kat luar tak...ikut cakap mamarazi tau...i know u are a good boy....:)

  9. Take care small kuching. Guess you'll get more treats from mamarazzi - yoghurt drink, ice cream and lots of cold stuffs....

  10. take a good rest and u will be fine again..

  11. Hope by now is ok....Get well soon.

  12. Poor boy. Get well soon Smallkucing!

  13. oh dear...hope small kucing gets well soon. Ulcers are so unbearable. Great that small kucing can tahan the pain!!!

  14. Good to know that Small Kuching is now whining but happily grounded at home. Speedy recovery to Small Kuching.

  15. Poor boy...get well soon,ya!
    From the title of your post, I tot you strike lottery!!!

  16. Get well soon.
    HFM can also spread to adults. SO DETTOL /CLOROX everything in the house...

  17. Get well real soon and enjoy the ice creams and tvs:D

  18. Poor boy!

    Get well soon ya.

    Voted for u dy, Have a great weekend babe :-)

  19. Oh dear.. Hopefully SK will get well soon! After all he's so tahan sakit! ;)

  20. hahaha, good boy! not letting your parents worry!

    Latest: 22 years old [Happy Birthday]

  21. 3 ULCERS? :OOO I couldn't even stand if there's a small one. Anyway, get well soon little one!

  22. you'll be fine. make sure you see the doctor if you have a fever that doesn't go away.

  23. Aiya, too bad it's not the kind of lottery that people want to kena. Get well soon, boy!

  24. SK

    Not real lottery eh...

    kena jail lo

  25. Betsy

    Thanks. Fully recovered now


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