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Saturday, 28 April 2012

How Do You Like Your Porridge?

The other day when Mamarazzi found a red dot on my face, she thought it was mosquitoes bite. Lately, there are a lot of mosquitoes flying around

She was complaining to Papa why the Mosquitoes Spray aren't working. Maybe Mosquitoes are "immune" to the spray?

Then Papa pointed out that she had bought wrong type of Spray. No doubt both also have picture of Mosquitoes on the canister but one are for Mosquitoes while the other is for "Serangga"(Insects). wonder lah the Mozzie won't die. She did no read the label properly.

Anyway, that night when more dots appeared, she baru realised it's HMFD.

The next day I was on an "Invalid Diet" again. Haiz...sick also become Guinea Pig. She was cooking plain porridge and several dishes to go with it.

Cooked Si Chuan Chye. Bought a handful of sliced Si Chuan Chye. Soak them and throw away the water a few times so that it won't be too salty and spicy. Cut some garlic, a few pieces of meat and some tomatoes. She ran out of tomatoes so she used cherry tomatoes.

Just stir-fry them with some oyster sauce and it's done. Papa and Mamarazzi love to have these with plain porridge.

Then she took out the Ikan Terubuk Masin(Salted Fish) that she bought from Sibu. Washed, patted dry and fried it.

Still quite salty and this fish had a lot of small bones. I didn't like it.

 For me, I love my porridge with salted eggs.

Must be egg whites only. I don't like the egg yolk. 

How do you like your porridge?

Oh ya...don't worry. Am quite fine. Even with HMFD, I still managed to shake my booties. Check out my video here.


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  1. Hey small kucing.... get well soon;) I like you adi on facebook. All the best!

  2. Yummy porridge! I love peanut and century egg porridge. Salted egg with plain white porridge is good too.

    Smallkucing doesn't look sick at all... can do break dance summore hehe!

  3. nothing like a bowl of porridge with salted fish or salted egg when we are not well. I will get to liking the photo tomorrow as the wifi connection in the hotel I am not sucks to the max.

  4. Alamak!!! Good thing you did not like it! They say terubok "tok" (poisonous) - will cause itchiness.

  5. Get well soon oh. I like small kucin's facial expression in his first photo.

  6. yalor, so misleading, every type has the same packaging just little bit different color..

  7. but i think the best and smartest invention ever had to kill mosquitoes is that ELECTRIC RACQUET!! haha, i just love that so much~~

  8. oh, i love the szechuan pickles with plain porridge.. normally just simply fry with garlic and maybe some meat only, already very nice..

  9. yeah, i like salted eggs but only the white and not the yolk.. even in mooncake i'll throw the yolk away, hahaha!! :D

  10. My duaghters too love salted egg white only, but I love salted egg york only.

  11. Small Kuching is so cute. Sick also so active.

  12. Joshua will be fine.. he is a gutsy boy.. by next week he should be back to school?

  13. my area also has a lot of mosquito..i like this kind of simple and humble porridge meal, look so yummy!

  14. give me ur salted egg yolk :)

  15. Small Kucing, SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! haha. I like your photo already but not sure if I did it correctly. You know lah, Aunty Quay Po is very "LUCY". Big Bear Hugs to you and you better quickly shake off those red dots adn get back to school. LOL!

  16. I love porridge too & Sze Chuan veg is a good add. Nice :)

  17. STP

    OOoo very Tuk ah? didnt know that

  18. SK

    Branding mah.wnself silap. Shoild have read carefully before buying. Not the company fault.

    Anyway the elec racquet had before and rosak 3 liao LOL

  19. Choi yen

    why...wanna make Bak Chang?


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