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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hing Ket Grill House at Kampung Jawa, Klang

Found many blogs raving about the food at this place. Read that the food not expensive and good. Hence, two weeks ago we went makan here.

Hmm... rather cold day. Just stopped raining.

 Fried Rice portion for two person.- (RM12)

Oh Chien (Fried Oyster with Egg) - RM22.Personally, Mamarazzi would prefer the omelet to be more crispy like the one at Medan Selera Everyday, Puchong

 Fried Kangkong Belacan - RM12

Two grilled sotong - RM16.50

 Mamarazzi! what's the Crabs doing ah?

Errrrrr......I don't know what the Crabs doing.......

Two Grilled Crabs - RM64. One of the Crab meat was firm and juicy while the other was less firm.

Two Pieces of Grilled Lamb RM33. Meat was very tender and love the mint sauce that goes with it. There was a bit lamb smell but it was not that bad.

"Red Dates" Fish-RM39

Total bill comes up to RM211-90 (inclusive of three white rice, one can drink and Chinese Tea)

Overall, some of the food were a hit while other not so. But this is based on Mamarazzi personal taste buds and as you know each person's taste is different. Do try it for yourself if you happens to be at that area. Here is the address : Lot 369 Batu 3 1/4, Kampung Jawa, 41000 Klang. Tel : 03-3371 3913/0861


  1. thanks for the review oh :) I like these type of chinese food.. yumm

  2. Summer time is grill time yay!!! I love the Fried Kangkong Belacan, my husband love crabs a lot.. Their food looks really delicious...
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend..

  3. Ok lah... Food does not look great - only the sotong seems nice.

  4. wow, makan makan and makan again!! so it's continuation of mamarazzi's birthday??

  5. the "oh chien" looks so like a normal omelette lah, hahaha!! i bet by doing that the oyster all overcooked already??

  6. ooh, the crabs look so angry with the fiery red color, haha!! anyway, don't really fancy crabs, because lazy to eat lah~~

  7. but i like the squid lah, hehehe, and with the chili sauce, sure so nice~~

  8. I also heard so much a bout this shop but Klang is way too far for me >.<

  9. I went to a grilled seafood restaurant in klang too... forgot the name, the lamb chops are to die for! can't remember if this is the same place.

  10. I also would like to know what the crabs are far as i know, they were only "crapping" with one another.. right?

  11. Nice good again and all food looks tasty especially the crab!! hahaha .... maybe i love crab :) Your son is so funny la :)

  12. Hi SK, you guys I bet know most of the good restaurants in town.
    I have always loved kangkong belachan....
    Love the dishes here.
    Have fun.

  13. You certainly do a great job reviewing the restaurants in your area. Looks like, overall, you were satisfied with this one..

    Here in the USA, when you go to a cheaper restaurant, you have to pick and choose--the good foods from the bad... Many of our cheaper restaurants here are buffets (eat all you can).. You can do a better job picking what you want at a buffet since there are many, many choices. BUT--the foods at these places may not be as good as a more expensive restaurant where you order from the menu.


  14. the grilled sotong not pricy meh?

  15. Look like it is all about seafood! I heart the grilled sotong.

  16. Great spread and my pick will be the crab and grilled sotong. Btw, I made spicy crab today and we enjoyed it very much.

  17. Isaac

    We also like to search for food

  18. May

    Yay...but over here it's still raining at odd hors

  19. STP

    Food ok ok some Mamarazzi liked some not like lo

  20. SK

    No la...this one was 2 weeks ago lo. Baru sorted the photos so posted up la. The sotong ok ok la.

  21. Choi Yen

    LOL...go klang valley cukup lo...the Nong and Jimmy nice also

  22. Betsy

    We also have buffet here but we rather go for those sit down and order type of menu

  23. Nikel

    a bit lor...but seasonal price...maybe coz hujan difficult to get gua

  24. Nava

    Can tumpang makan there ka?

  25. I frequent this place. my usual order besides the grill crab is marmite chicken, fried lala meehoon, grill lamb and asam fish...

  26. I frequent this place. my usual orders besides the grill crabs will be marmite chicken, fried lala meehoon and Nyonya asam fish :)

  27. life muses

    we didnt know what to order..


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