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Friday, 20 April 2012

Great Time at Las Carretas, USJ

Wednesday was Mamarazzi's Birthday.

Papa brought us to this Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant at USJ, Taipan.

Alamak...what "alien" language ah? Don't know what to order wor. 
Lucky for us, our Waiter of the day was very friendly and gave us some very good recommendation.

( Photo taken from The Star Online coz Mamarazzi "ter-delete" some of the photos.)

He recommended this delicious Mussels In Coriander & Habanero. Really souperlicious. Slurrrrpppp.

Complimentary bites. Nanchos with Spicy dips. But I found it not that spicy. I love it. Poor Mamarazzi only got 1 piece while Papa and me walloped the whole basket of it.

Halfway through the dinner, I had to do some "small banking". But I was scared to go into the "bank'" alone. Told Mamarazzi there is a "monster"  there. Kena Mamarazzi laughed. It's not a "monster". It's just the light.
I saw the pretty picture in the Menu and I told Mamarazzi that I wanted this drink. It's called Virgin Colada.

Mmm...not bad. Our Waiter was very nice when I wanted this drink. He told Mamarazzi that this drink contains coconut milk and asked if I can drink that. Maybe he was worried that I might be allergic to Coconut Milk.

Papa ordered El Presidente Margarita for Mamarazzi. Wa........

I wanna try ....I wanna try....


It leaves a bitter taste to my tongue. I preferred my Virgin Colada. Don't understand why Mamarazzi likes that drink.

I saw Mamarazzi "syok-syok" drink that. Face become like Red Lobster liao. So wiwangwang till she "ter-deleted" some of the photos taken earlier from the camera.

Hence no photo of my yummylicious "Noodles". It's called El Pedro. Supposed to be Spaghetti tossed in a bright red Tomato sauce. But I don't like to eat anything "red" coz makes me think of Cili. Papa requested to substitute it with white sauce and they put mushroom sauce which taste very good.

It came with a separate bowl of cheese for those who love the extra cheesy taste. Mamarazzi and me don't like cheese. Stinky. Papa love it.

Papa had Fajitas Mix

Chicken and Beef

What's in this?

Wah...soft and fluffy wraps for the Fajitas.

For Mamarazzi, it was recommended  Bife Ancho. It's Rib-eye Steak.

Which comes with two choices of Sauces - Black Pepper and Mushroom.

As we were eating, the Staffs celebrated birthday for a lady seated at the next table. 

Too loud. Later I told our Waiter he sang too loud and I told him it's Mamarazzi's birthday too.

After we finished our meal, the staffs brought a plate of dessert which consist of a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, whipped Cream and a piece cake for the "Birthday Girl".

Jeng! Jeng! Here comes the Band.

Plonk! A sombrero on Mamarazzi's head.

Happy birthday to you~

You are born in the Zoo~(I sang)

One two three ...blow the candle.....

Not like that....have to bend down nearer to blow....

Opps...forgotten to snap photo before eating. Very yummy. Mamarazzi loves the cake. Not sure what it was but taste very good. Whip cream goes well with the Vanilla Ice Cream.

After all that, one of the staff...I think it was Joy came and presented this "present" to Mamarazzi. At first she thought it was one of those "come again discount vouchers".

But she was pleasantly surprised that it's a hand written Birthday Card with her photo attached.

Wow! It's AWESOME!!! What a wonderful restaurant and great service. Thank you very much to everyone that makes this Birthday such a memorable and warm one

Here is the address of the restaurant should you wish to have a try on Mexican Food and the warm service there :

Las Carretas Subang Jaya
No 29 USJ 10/1F
47620 Subang UEP

 Tel  +60 (0)3 5637-3058
Fax +60 (0)3 5637-3059


  1. i celebrated my birthday there a few years ago, also got that birthday card. but the picture not nice haha. did they ask for your ic to enjoy complimentary cake?

  2. Nylusmilk

    they tarak ask for IC wor. Maybe coz I said its my mama's birthday too. mamarazzi pic also not that nice coz her eyes were looking elsewhere. still it was a nice surprise when saw d card lo. the usual restaurant that we went to tarak so unique.

  3. waaaaaaaa so lucky!!! happy belated birthday mamarazi!

  4. nice! What a wonderful birthday celebration! I love Mexican, had that at Chili's...and Melissa loves Taco Bill in Singapore - their burritos.... Next time I go KL, you take me to this one, can?

  5. wahhh...the hat can bring home ar.aahahha..Nice birthday celebration. Happy Birthday again to Mamarazzi.

  6. not bad at all huh this restaurant.. very friendly and helpful staff as i can read..

  7. hahaha, mamarazzi must be so sweet because paparazzi ordered one special drink for her.. even if the drinks is not nice, still nice in her heart~~ :D

  8. i love the gesture of the restaurant.. normally just free birthday cake and a little playing around on the birthday girl.. but this one gives a birthday card!!

  9. so personalised with a photo!! this is very sweet of them.. see mamarazzi so happy!!!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday to mamarazzi. You stay young.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday To Pretty Mamarazzi! The food looks good.

  12. Happy birthday my dear!

    Wah little kuching drank margherita! haha

    lovely photos :-)

  13. always want to visit this place but never did.. now I have to after seeing your post...

    Happy Belated Birthday! =)

  14. Hi Kathy...happy hatchday. One year younger!!!
    How come J is wearing a jacket/? Cold the air cond???
    The food looks good. Ate there many many yrs ago. Good to know that they still maintain the service and quality of the food!

  15. wow..what a lovely spanish restaurant!! A very memorable gift some more... sure will remember always, right!
    pssst... you look very "chiang" that night... :)

  16. Wow...what a wonderful birthday treat ! I aso want to eat there. Must ask Jo to take me there :) the Mussels In Coriander Soup looks delicious...slurrp ! Lucky birthday gal :) Glad you had a wonderful time with hubby and small kuching :)

  17. Wah .... such a nice personalised birthday card with your photo in it!!! Very memorable ya ..... this restaurant is really thoughtful!

    hahahaha ..... looks at the little one's face after drinking mama's drink :P :P

    Actually all the food looks very good especially how they presented the fajitas?

    Why you don't like cheese? Taste good leh :P :P

    Happy very belated birthday to you mamarazi!

  18. Great place for the birthday celebration. We have been here a couple of times and yeh, I do not miss out trying the margarita as well as nachos. I think this eatery has another branch some where else too but can't remember, if I am not mistaken its in Ampang.

  19. Happy belated b'day to the last pix.

  20. Great food, wonderful ambiance! Sounds like a perfect place for any celebration! Thx!

  21. STP

    It's something different lor.

    That night can feel the staffs attitude very friendly

  22. Ling

    Cannot wor.....wanna bring home have to pay LOL

  23. SK

    ya...something different from the normal ones that we went. The dessert also more. The magarita was good. Only the boy doesnt like it hahaha

  24. Food Dream

    will go back there again :)

  25. Leona

    The car Air cond was cold so he wore the jacket...In the restaurant after makan food feel warm again :)

  26. Claire

    Mexican la...LOL....ya nice nice there..jom go :) Not that mahal also

  27. Elin

    yes, the soup was superb...yummm fresh also the mussel

  28. Nava

    yes, another branch was in AMpang :)

  29. The Chilli's in Citta Mall gives the same present too... sing song, take photo and print birthday card with your photo in it. Very special, hor?

  30. Cghloe

    ooo...last time i went chili tarak give photo


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