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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fiery Time at Isenbin Cafe SS2, Petaling Jaya

 Car dirty. Washy washy time. Tim to hang out at nearby Cafe...Isenbin.

 *Yawn* sleepy leh while waiting for them to finish washing the car. 

 While waiting...Mamarazzi had Iced Green Tea(RM3-90). Hmmm... but don't know why when she tasted the Tea, it tatsed like Jasmine Tea. Very Fragrant. Well, no complaints there.

 I wanted "Ice Cream" but Mamarazzi got me an "Ice Blended Matcha Red Bean" drink (RM5-90)

 Papa had "ISenbin Signature Beef Noodles" (RM9-90)

Papa's sharp eyes noticed this unique spoon. Can't see what so unique about it? Okay....Mamarazzi will enlarge it for you.

 Jeng! Jeng!

 I also want some of the noodles leh!

 It's SPICY!!

 Why Papa likes SPICY noodles geh...

 Spicy...but I wanna eat

Close eyes and eat lah


Don't waste leh. Still got a few strands

This is called "Where there is a WILL, there is a HEIR...opppsss....WAY".

Tum tum full full liao....Nice....Don't know the noodle taste good or not but what I know is I LOVE NOODLES..


  1. i tried their noodles and drinks the other day.. not bad. XD

  2. Nicer than kampua or not? LOL!!! Wah...that Bin Laden also made fork and spoon kah?

  3. Wow... he is really enjoying foods. hehe.

  4. Eat so much... Soon become fei mau

  5. i noticed there's a man at the background of the 1st photo.. was that paparazzi coming in to the restaurant?? haha..

  6. wah, waiting for the car being washed also want to enjoy huh?? so nice..

  7. look at how small kucing enjoys the noodles.. so satisfy like that..

  8. so did he also clean up the whole bowl so that the restaurant doesn't need to wash the bowl?? haha.. :D

  9. I hope my Sam can drink cold beverage too >.<
    PS: She have weak lung, cough on and off for almost 1 year, not dare to give her any COLD food or drinks, pity her :(

  10. Devoted.... to you... !! Joshua really love the noodles eh.. whether spicy or not...:)

  11. Just like my daughter, she loves noodles too. Wah...spicy also u sapu! haha...good boy.

  12. Spicy still eating it..must be very yummy. He knows how to use the chopsticks very well. Gwen still doesn't know how.

  13. *tergolek* OSAMA brand ah the spoon? Haiyorr... later the spoon meletup baru tau!

  14. The beef noodles looks good!

  15. your son was enjoying the noodles so much!

  16. with all that eating spree, you won't be a small kucing for long!!


  17. clap clap clap!! Spicy noodles for the kid? Wow ... So keng!!!!

  18. Deng deng.. everyone love their noodles.. include kids? keke


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