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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Eyes of Justice by Lis Wiehl & April Henry

Synopsis from
 The Triple Threat Club have solved intense mysteries before . . . but this time it’s personal.
Cassidy, Allison, and Nicole fight for justice every day: Cassidy in the media, Nicole with the FBI, and Allison as a Federal Prosecutor. Together they’re a Triple Threat that sends criminals running.
But never have they faced a case so difficult to decipher. Nor have the stakes hit so close to home.
A devastating turn of events brings change to the Triple Threat team. But they discover an ally in a renegade computer hacker named Olivia.
The women won’t stop until the case is solved . . . and justice is served. Yet just when it appears the police have the killer in custody, he somehow strikes again.
Not knowing who to trust, they go undercover to track the killer through an intricate – and deadly – game of cat and mouse where nothing can be taken at face value.
Success – or survival – isn’t assured in this riveting Triple Threat mystery that will leave readers both shocked and satisfied.

My Comments :
This is one of the most exciting book that I have ever read received from the publisher Thomas Nelson Publishing. I was given a copy of this to review without obligation in my part to give a glowing review. However, I am pleased to say that the authors had done well.
This book was full of suspense and I can't help but to finish it off at one setting.
The authors had captured human emotions effectively. I found myself tearing at the scene where they found the body and I can "feel" the frustration that Nicole felt when she saw her incompetent colleague was going to ruin the scene of the crime and yet she can't prevent it.
What I love about the book is that the authors managed to portray the severity of the crime without resorting to foul language and violent words. In fact, they even managed to put in the relationship with God without it being disruptive to the flow of the book.
I certainly look forward to the next book by the authors and impatiently waiting to see what role Ophelia is going to play in the next book.


  1. Hey, the story line sounds interesting.. keep that for me? :)

  2. It take ages for me to read a book...

  3. Glad to hear that the book was interesting with a suspense content to go with the flow. Nice synopsis of the book you have summarised.

    I am currently in Penang and will keep in touch via blogging.

  4. Sharon

    Then watch a movie lo..hopefully this will be made into a movie

  5. Nava

    yes very thrilling to read this

    Stay in touch :)


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