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Thursday, 12 April 2012

An Evening at Uncle Arthur's Home

WARNING : GRAPHIC CONTENT - The following images and/or content maybe disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

That evening, we arrived at Uncle Arthur's place and practically "let the worms out of the bag" . Auntie Lucy had graciously help us to clean and cook the Sago Worms although she does not eat it.

1..2..3..4..5......11...uiks??? There should be 16 Sago Worms in the bag wor...5 is missing...sigh...must be some where in the car. These buggers had very strong teeth. They managed to bite through two layers of plastic bags.

 This one was still alive but not sure why is it gray in color. Dying?

 Jeng! Jeng! who dares to be the first one to eat these?! Can you guess? 

Nearly everyone had a taste except from Mamarazzi and me.

After having the "appertiser", it was time for a group photo.

Our 8(+1) Course meal ready for consumption.

 Makan time! Super yummy Masak Hitam. Mamarazzi's favourite.

Mmm....Uncle Arthur still remembered that we wanted to try out the Umai. Very delicious and appetising. A bit spicy, a bit sour and a bit sweet. Hard to describe the tastes.

Aiks...when sorting out the photos, Mamarazzi baru noticed that she didn't get to taste the brinjal dish that evening...why ah?

Mmm....must be too many dish to choose from. Inclusive of the Sago Worms, we had like a 9 course dinner leh!

Fried noodles. Uncle Arthur purposely did not put chili in it so that I can eat but too bad I was pretty hyper at that time. Didn't eat much but from the look of how everyone were gobbling it up, you can be sure that it's delicious.

Wanna find out how to fry this? Check it out at Uncle Arthur's post "All kinds of everything…"

Uncle Arthur even shared with us the Vegetarian Oink Oink intestine made by Auntie Veron's Mom.

Tapioca leaves with pumpkin fried with belacan, ikan bilis and ginger. Yummy...a very nice mix. Mamarazzi gonna try to cook this.

Saving the best for last....Big Heads Prawns with Soup. Uncle Arthur woke up very early to go Pasar in order for us to have these Prawns leh. Then rush back home to prepare it

Here is the recipe if you wish to make your own Prawns with soup. It's very delicious!

 At the end of the meal, Uncle Arthur even brought out his "treasure" from the treasure chest.

 It's Tuak (traditional Dayak rice wine)

 After having a sip or two of the Tuak, Mamarazzi was game enough to try the Deep Fried Sago Worms.

Taste? MMm....she taste like peanut wor.

 I also wanna have a sip la...mmmm...taste sweet.

 Had these after our dinner.

Skin were green and thin like Mandarin Oranges

 Surprisingly, it taste super sweet. Even sweeter than the normal Mandarin Oranges. Thumbs up!

A super duper big Thank You to Uncle Arthur and family for the super duper delicious dinner and also for all the "hand letters" and gifts.

I especially love this Angry Bird pencil case and the stationery


  1. Oh!!! So it was the tuak! I was so surprised that suddenly mamakucing became so daring and wanted to eat the worms.

    Eeeee....I did not touch it that night either. Have tried it before, was ok...sort of geli-geli eating no, thank you. LOL!!!

    Simple dinner, simple stuff I cooked and cheap stuff bought from my regular Bandong food stall (not the same as the kuih one) - hope everyone thought it was worth going all the way to my house for the dinner.

  2. Good morning mamarazzi!!! miss you... :D

  3. wah!! look at those worms!! so fat so huge so scary!!!

  4. and I salute all of you who ate that!! @.@"

  5. don't want to see the worms anymore la..

  6. look at Arthur's cooking better, sii much more appetizing hahaha!!

  7. oh oh oh tat sago worm...yew!

  8. vegetarian pork intestine? that sounds interesting, im wondering how the meat is to become meatless

    Latest: Cake Temptations

  9. I thought you dare to eat that sago worm raw. Taking the deep fried one is still ok, right?

  10. I thought you dare to eat that sago worm raw. Taking the deep fried one is still ok, right?

  11. Mama, u ate the disgusting worm? O.O

  12. wahhh..looks like "history" when I saw the pictures..hahaha... nice wonderful memories!

  13. Sago worms! Hehe why didn't try it :p

  14. aiiks....i won't dare to touch the worms. Look so geli to me. haha..

  15. miss those oranges. when I was small and live with my grandparents my grandpa used to plant lots of those oranges...we had a whole kebun of them!

  16. Oh no, the worms are not for me and not even into the drink. I dare not try but thumbs up for those who did.

    What a lovely spread of food for the gathering, all of it looks so good and mmmm!!! you know its my kind of food too.

  17. OMG!! I can't even touch worms talk of eating it.. I just wonder what it taste like...

    I would really love to eat Tapioca leaves with pumpkin fried with belacan.

  18. Oh shooott!!!

    I'm freaking out when I see those. OMG! And someone was trying to dare me for that. Die man....

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  19. Tuak...? Sibu got sell tuak ? I thought you guys drink DOME.

  20. Ooh, the sago worm is deep-fried. I think I dare to try too hehe. If makan hidup2 like that, I dun dare lo... too geli!

  21. Wah! STP is such a hospitality host!
    You so brave, he can probably spare me frm the 'peanut wormie' if I ever visited him, so geli!

  22. STP

    kekeke tuak so berani liao lo

    La...thought you dare to eat the Sago worms.

    Cheap or not but it is still very good. Yum

  23. Sk

    you go there sure you will dare to eat la especially after tuak LOL

  24. Fishie

    That one you have to ask QPC

  25. mNhL

    at first all of us also geli...but since 1 by one followed lor

  26. Nava

    Sheer "peer pressure" hence brave

  27. Mery

    From STP's private collection

  28. Chloe

    Alive ones, Mamarazzi also dare not

  29. Alice

    You be surprise to hear that STP not fond of Sago worm too. So no worries there


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