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Friday, 13 April 2012

Dim Sum Breakfast at Mitsu Shabu Shabu Cafe, Sibu

Ah....such a nice morning...last chance to sample the good food of Sibu. Cosy place to have dim sum.

Uiks...somebody "curi-ing" the tub of Quinine Mango that Uncle Arthur cut for us.....!

Eee....Papa beh tahan liao ....the Quinine smell so nice.

While Papa is busy sniffing out the Quinine, Uncle Arthur ordered there beautiful Char Seiw Pau(BBQ Pork Bun) for us.

Love the look of the pau. The "mouth" bursting like that sure to taste good.

Yum these Siew Mai. Had two baskets of these.

Auntie Claire fell in love with these Baked Sweet Potatoes with Cheese.

First time eating Lau Sar Pau. Not really keen on this.

I preferred this precious bowl of noodle.


You want some? Nope...cannot! It's mine!

The noodle is mine..You guys if you want, you can have the Chee Cheong Fun

Or the Fried Carrot Cake!

Alamak! Over ordered again. Can't finish. Had to Tapau these Portugese Tarts. They make it fresh as and when customer ordered.

Total bill comes up to RM45.30 inclusive of drinks. Not that expensive considering this is not the type of shop wher you sit under the tree .

Thank you very much Uncle Arthur!


  1. how many of you altogether?? not really a lot lah if shared between so many people..

  2. baked sweet potato with cheese!! wow, that sounds interesting, never tried that before..

  3. yalor, the char siew pao looks good.. i also like the lao sar pao woh, why?? not nice meh??

  4. haha, why you said the bowl of noodles is "precious"?? i thought you've been eating kampua noodles almost everyday there??

  5. Aiyoh....still haven't get over Sibu and ...errr..uncle Arthur!

  6. Most welcome. Wah!!! See the photos - just a few days in Sibu and your face already looked rounder. Hmmmm...nice hor - Sibu food? Especially the kampua... LOL!!!

  7. The price is quite reasonable. Small Kuching is a noodle lover.

  8. Didn't know Sibu have so much good food! Eee...I saw Mamarazzi's photo eating a big fat worm..yucks.

  9. Looks like Small Kuching and family have a great time in Sibu especially having so much foods. Makes me hungry pula now.

    Thanks for frequent drop by my blog - Travel & Living Journal of DT. In btwn, I am participated contest organised by Malaysia Airlines. Feel free to drop by. Thank you and have a great weekend, Small Kuching.

  10. dim sum at shabu shabu restaurant ?

  11. Sweet potato and cheese is very unique... everything looks good here and very cheap too! That day we just ordered a few items (I think about 6-7 items only, no drinks) at a dimsum shop in Tmn Megah... bill came to a shocking RM37+ for just 2 adults and a kid.

  12. I like char siew pao with the mouth opening like that. Tastier.

  13. All look so yummy, you made me feel like want to go take dim sum this Sunday. Do you know any good Dim Sum restaurant in Shah Alam. Those in KLANG not that good .

  14. Baked sweet potatoes with cheese for dim sum??? aren't they getting creative on bringing out new varieties now. I would have enjoyed it too, maybe I should try making it at home and see what happens.

  15. First time seeing a shabu shabu restaurant serves dimsum :P I miss the kolo meeeee ):

  16. SK

    thats why lo...we never had the baked sweet potato and cheese so we ordered and try.

    Dont know la...Mamarazzi not found of lau sar pau..

    "Precious" coz cant be found in KL. Maybe long time baru will go SIbu again to eat. So kira precious or not?

  17. Chris

    ya la long winded mah Mamarazzi

  18. Mummy Gwen

    eh...dont see dont see...preg dont see

  19. Diana

    Welcome. Already voted :)

  20. mNhL

    nice right if mouth open like that ones

  21. Nava

    yes, they are getting more and more creative.

  22. Sonia

    sg buloh got la...Khee way and Khong Mah


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