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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A Date With Inspector Singh of Inspector Singh Ivestigates : A Curious Indian Cadaver

End of last month, Mamarazzi saw the author, Shamini Flint, posted up in Facebook that her newInspector Singh book would be out on April 5th, 2012.

Surprisingly, Mamarazzi found the book while browsing at MPH on 4th April. What else...of course she grabbed the book.

I got bored browsing at book store. I wanna go McD and have some fun. Hence, we bundled up and head on to Citta Mall.

I had my "VANILLA cone Ice-cream".

Mmmm...I'm lovin' it!

while Mamarazzi stuck her head in the book. Said it's very good. At the epilogue, she felt like crying. It was really moving.

The story was past paced. As usual, Mamarazzi thinks the author had done a lot of research on the norm and culture in the country that she wrote about. She highlight issues like arranged marriage, religions differences and stuffs like that in this book.

This round the book is a lot "spicier" with Mrs Singh also join in the fun of "investigating".

Mamarazzi is hoping that there will be more of Inspector Singh books to come. There are still many countries that Inspector Singh haven't "explore" yet.


  1. I don't mind the ice cream... LOL!!!

  2. hahaha, so coincident!! i also had the McD sundae cone yesterday!! :D

  3. wow, mamarazzi went to borong books still not enough?? wanna go MPH somemore ah??

  4. eih, for sure you have more than the income tax allowance on books lah.. give me some lah, haha!! :D

  5. hahaha, just kidding lah, i submitted mine already.. i am now waiting for them to refund my money!!

  6. oh, i heard of this book before, is this a series actually??

  7. You really love reading! Thanks for the review!

  8. McD sundae i like it too! Kristy again...happy birthday!

  9. I love reading this review through the eyes of Small Kucing. Keep this up Kathy! It's such a nice take on a blog:)

  10. is it a joke book? like those Santa Singh type?

  11. A sundae could allow Mamarazzi to concenstrate in the book. Small Kuching is a good boy.

  12. I would love an ice cream while reading a good book:D

  13. Reminds me of Inspector Gadget :)

  14. I love mcD cones too.... the vanilla very nice. Haha...small kucing;s face so cool....

  15. Looks like a book that was touching. I tried to leave a comment on your blog yesterday but it keep showing Error 503. Its working fine today.

  16. eh mama, u really love books ehh! when is yr bday?i buy u story books!;D

  17. SK

    Coz got the book vouchers from Subang Jaya Book Exchange last christmas lucky draw mah. Have to use before expired lo

    Yes, this book is book 5 of a series but each book in the series is read individually. Not related

  18. Rachel

    No...not homour. It's serious. Suspense mystery type.

  19. mNhL

    I love Vanilla...Mamarazzui likes Chocolates

  20. Nava

    Blogger does that ...Thanks for trying :)


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