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Monday, 23 April 2012

Bloggalicious Birthdays at Sunny Seafood Restaurant

Last Friday night was another bookish bloggers gathering to celebrate two Birthdays. Wokay wokay...Mommy Ling is not exactly bookish but she certainly read got read books la. Heard she got the whole set of Wimpy Kids Diary.

Too bad Auntie Claire can't come coz she sure would love it.

(Photo stolen from Auntie Chee Yee and Auntie Alice's facebook)

That afternoon, the two of them were busy preparing these. 

Papa brought along "Ribena" for everyone. 

Alamak...someone asked in Facebook "Whose one got burn" pulak.

Very special one wor.

 Drink already will wiwangwang one.

 Yuck! Me one sip enough liao.

 What did we had ah....."Hairy" Sotong (Butter Squid)

 Claypot Curry Fish Head. Super spicy.

 Claypot Taufu for kids.

 kangkung Belacan. Yummmm...

Claypot Loh Shi Fun(Mouse Tail Noodles??). Hmm...this round a bit too watery pulak. Usually very good. Must eat while it's still hot.

Salted Eggs Crabs. Yumm yumm ...a lot of meat and a lot of roe. Portion a bit big or maybe the other table are small eaters? Mamarazzi tapau-ed home.


And time to "kacau" Papa pulak.

 Jeng! Jeng! all set! Choc fondant and Tiramisu cupcakes~

(photo from Auntie Little Bird)

Aiyak...the two Birthday "Aunties" still busy chatting pulak.

Finally I got to eat the cupcakes. Hmm...this is seriously delicious. It's those type that "melts in your mouth, not in you hand" type of deliciousness. Must go bodek for more.

That night, Mamarazzi was too wiwangwang to open the gifts. 

 The next morning, I helped her to open.....Jeng Jeng!!....Pokka dot sexy short....

 Papaya and apricot

 Pirate Treasure Box with pretty pearls inside.

Mmmm.....Gift Vouchers...BookXcess. Mmmm......just nice....BookXcess is having World Book Day Promotion till 1st May. Great time to utilise these Vouchers.

Mamarazzi said thank you to Auntie Alice, Auntie Chee Yee, Mommy Ling and Auntie Little Bird for the gifts and lovely evening.


  1. You all really had a good time.. Is been a while i had cup cakes, hope to buy some soon.. The kangkung Belacan looks really delicious, is my kind of food..

  2. Auntie Cheeyee and auntie alice... fuiyoo.. the fondant and tiramisu cupcake... world class. =D Must bodek bodek them summore soon. LOL!

  3. Who bought her the shorts? Your papa kah? Hmmmm....!!! LOL!!!

    Food looks good....

  4. Happy belated birthday to Kathy...

  5. wow..awesome birthday celebration!

  6. wah, so good, got so many bloggers celebrated birthday for mamarazzi..

  7. so who was the other birthday auntie?? :p

  8. so nice of those cupcakes, sure snatch away the limelight of all the dishes.. :D

  9. wow, sexy shorts with lots of love shapes~~ :D

  10. Sedap!! All the food.. esp the crabs and roe..gosh! too bad i stay too far away... eh..July 13th.. how? coming or not your gang gang?

  11. liese hair apricot color is good :) try it out soon!

    Latest: FiSh Castle

  12. Hahaha! It's fun reading your post. The food makes me hungry!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday to you.

  14. Happy birthday Mamarazzi!! Here's a big hug from witch down under! :) many many happy returns!

  15. The shorts where got sexy, or there is a hole at the back or in front? Ahemmm.... lol

  16. 'Ribena'!! can i have a taste of that please?

  17. Whoa craving for loh shi fun, ling time didnt eat that noodle leh... nice or not??

  18. Happy belated birthday to Mamarazzi! Used the BX voucher already? We just went there today ;) Burned small hole in the pocket hehe..

  19. I hope it's not to late to wish you Happy Birthday!

    p/s: The short really cute! ;p

  20. What a wonderful celebration. :)

  21. will be nice if the lao shu fun not that watery. Others were good.

    Thanks to Paparazzi for the dinner treat!

  22. Happy Belated Birthday!! Great celebration with all the nice food. Love the cupcakes.

  23. Eh suppose birthday meal we treat one mah. How come paparazzi go pay for the bill? Next time cannot! :p

  24. Even had liese hair dye! :D Mamarazzi should try it soon. Book Xcess vouchers :OOOO I also want!!

  25. You are most welcome! Thanks for the scrumptious treat too!^^

  26. SK

    The other one is Mommy Ling la :)

  27. Lenglui Witch

    thanks and more pic pls

  28. Mell-o

    That day was ok ok la...usually are better

  29. Chloe

    not yet use. No chance yet

  30. Chee Yee

    You all come from so far and give face. Treat a bit never mind la . Some more so many gifts

  31. Hilda

    ya lo... see when can use

  32. Nice and wonderful presents.

    By the way I love your haircut.

    What to do; my barber went bankrupt.
    Maybe I should do my hair by my self.

    Kind regards,


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