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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Before She Fly Home...

Mommy Ling came to Sibu later than us by a day. Oh boy! She missed out quite a lot of things.

Just before she fly back to KL, we managed to go for a short tour of the city. We went to the Gateway of Sibu, The Horoscope Garden and  The Rajang Esplanade.

But most important of all ....we managed to find Noodle House once again thanks to GPS and she managed to "tapau" some Kompia home.

Mamarazzi was amazed to see how they packed the Kompia so nicely. Aim to "tapau" some home too.

While we were there, we had our 2nd round of lunch.

Papa ordered a bowl of Century Eggs Porridge. Hmm...not bad.

Then Kor Kor Andy's eyes very sharp. He saw this good bargain.

Three sets of Kompia which consist of Curry Chicken with Kompiah(3pcs), Pork Belly with Kompia (3pcs), Minced Meat with Kompia (3 pcs) and 2 Horlick Gozilla for only RM21-90.

Among the three, this is Papa's favourite. Can you guess what Kompia?

Later that evening, we went to have an early dinner at Restaurant Ruby. Auntie Claire's family and Mommy Ling haven't been there before.

Hmm...must certainly let them try the Fried Mi Suah which I liked a lot.

Although Uncle Arthur was unable to join us for dinner, he took the time and trouble to guide us on what to ordered.

We ordered Pandan Chicken too. This, according to Uncle Arthur is one of their signature dish. Indeed it was very aromatic.

Mamarazzi was surprised that the restaurant took the trouble to de-boned the chicken. Sedapnya....

Next comes Midin. The dish that was in Auntie Claire's Wishlist.

Uncle Arthur also recommended us to order their Sizzling Deer Meat with Spring Onion and ginger. 

Due to miscommunication(you know lah...Mamarazzi's Mandarin is half past six only), the Sizzling part was missing. Only have normal deer meat with spring onion and ginger. 

Nevertheless, the taste was good and the meat was tender. Portion was very large too.

Mamarazzi was rather surprised as the bill comes up to RM71.20 only (food plus drinks) considering the large portion of food given. The Bosswaived the RM1.20 and took RM70 only.

After the hearty meal, it was time to say "See Ya Again, Mommy Ling. And you 'slowly' wait for Papa to post good food photo in FB for you to see and drool ya" ....and off we head on to our 6th meal of the day


  1. Hmmm... is that oink oink kompia?

  2. You people rewind/replay I did not have to follow.

    Next time, those coming later or going earlier will just have to miss out on the things in the itinerary. Can't be eating the same things again and again - so many other things that you people missed and I don't think anybody would be coming again...except Yee Ling!

    More kompia. Yee Ling? LOL!!!

    P.S. I know papakucing's favourite - same as mine. Birds of the same shape stick together! LOL!!!

  3. Thanks for bringing me jalan2 & makan2 before sending me off.

  4. YOu certainly made me drool now!! Miss the Midin!

  5. Lots of nice food! Yummmmy!!!

  6. wow..small kuching is a very lucky boy..

  7. Reminded me of I didn't have deer meat for the longest time!

  8. OMG..the food looks delicious! drooling ~

  9. Chicken kompia?

    BTW, what is tapau? ;))

  10. I never knew Sibu had that much to offer in terms of food! *droolz*

  11. so nice hor, one trip you all finish eating all the nice food in sibu..

  12. hahaha, but at least you all go for some sightseeing and not only eating lah :D

  13. the stuffed kompia really nice lah, i also want to try that leh.. pork belly one looks good..

  14. Look at all this delicious food. :)I am so hungry right now .. had to have my daughter go grocery shopping for me this morning because of my ankle. Well actually she went to the store to pick up the order I placed online... LOL

  15. the fried mee such looks tempting!

  16. You guys are the smartest to stay longer. Those who stayed for a day or two missed out a lot. Next time I just buy wanler way ticket to SEEEBOOOO!! hahaha

  17. Come, come, Quay Po!!! Anytime!!! I'll be right here waiting for you...and make sure you stay longer. Look at all that you missed!

  18. @STP.....kompia, a bit maybe. But want to buy kek lapis n mochi this round.

  19. So many things to eat and so many meals per day! hahaha....such a fun trip.


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