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Monday, 30 April 2012

Mamarazzi Gone Cooking Crazy

Mamarazzi mentioned Umai served at Uncle Arthur's house the other day nice.

 Papa said it's easy to make. Just need some prawns, cucumber, lime, small onions and chili

Peel off the shell of the prawns. Shred the cucumber. Slice the onions and chili. Dump everything into a bowl. Add some lime juice and a bit of sugar. 

 Mix everything and let it chill in the fridge. Then can serve liao.

Mamarazzi must be "siao liao"(crazy already) coz on the same day she got so carried away that she made Lemon Grilled Fish.

 Prawns Omelet

Asparagus with Prawns. many dishes..How to finish ah?

Some more got vege....

 Mau tak mau(Want or don't want) have to finish also la.

 Better pick up all the rice that dropped on the table else I get a pimply wife.

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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Thank You For The Seven+ Exfuze

A big Thank You to Kor Kor Jon's Mommy for blessing us with this special package. Received this on Friday afternoon.'s Seven Plus Exfuze. Heard it's good for boosting up the immune system and helped fighting all sorts of ailments.

Kor Kor Jon's family is taking it and found it good hence sent us a bottle. Hopefully it can help Papa and me heal faster.

Mamarazzi googled and saw many testified that they got better from their ailment or at least Seven Plus Exfuze helped to reduce their ailments like diabetes, hypertension, H1N1 and etc. They felt healthier and more energized. taste like "Ribena". 

After recover, I can go gai-gai lor... Muhahahaha.

Disclaimer  : This is not a paid review nor an endorsement of the product. This is a post to thank Kor Kor Jon's family for their generous Blessing and kindness. 

Saturday, 28 April 2012

How Do You Like Your Porridge?

The other day when Mamarazzi found a red dot on my face, she thought it was mosquitoes bite. Lately, there are a lot of mosquitoes flying around

She was complaining to Papa why the Mosquitoes Spray aren't working. Maybe Mosquitoes are "immune" to the spray?

Then Papa pointed out that she had bought wrong type of Spray. No doubt both also have picture of Mosquitoes on the canister but one are for Mosquitoes while the other is for "Serangga"(Insects). wonder lah the Mozzie won't die. She did no read the label properly.

Anyway, that night when more dots appeared, she baru realised it's HMFD.

The next day I was on an "Invalid Diet" again. Haiz...sick also become Guinea Pig. She was cooking plain porridge and several dishes to go with it.

Cooked Si Chuan Chye. Bought a handful of sliced Si Chuan Chye. Soak them and throw away the water a few times so that it won't be too salty and spicy. Cut some garlic, a few pieces of meat and some tomatoes. She ran out of tomatoes so she used cherry tomatoes.

Just stir-fry them with some oyster sauce and it's done. Papa and Mamarazzi love to have these with plain porridge.

Then she took out the Ikan Terubuk Masin(Salted Fish) that she bought from Sibu. Washed, patted dry and fried it.

Still quite salty and this fish had a lot of small bones. I didn't like it.

 For me, I love my porridge with salted eggs.

Must be egg whites only. I don't like the egg yolk. 

How do you like your porridge?

Oh ya...don't worry. Am quite fine. Even with HMFD, I still managed to shake my booties. Check out my video here.


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Friday, 27 April 2012

Need You Now by Beth Wiseman

Synopsis :

When big-city life threatens the safety of one of their children, Brad and Darlene Henderson move with their three teenagers from Houston to the tiny town of Round Top, Texas.

Adjusting to small-town life is difficult for the kids, especially fifteen-year-old Grace who is coping in a dangerous way.

Married life hasn't always been bliss, but their strong faith has carried them through the difficult times. When Darlene takes a job outside the home for the first time in their marriage, the domestic tension rises.

While working with special needs children at her new job, the widowed father of one of Darlene's students starts paying more attention to her than is appropriate. Problem is, she feels like someone is listening to her for the first time in a long time.

If Darlene ever needed God . . . it's now.

Experience a family's triumphant defeat over lies, betrayal, and loss while still clinging to the One who matters most.

My comments :

I found that the beginning of the book was a bit slow for me and I was confused by the story as the author introduced many characters almost simultaneously.

However, the story got better halfway through the book. I like the way the author focus on Darlene and her daughter, Gracie. However, I was rather doubtful of Gracie's problem which is said to crop up from trying to be perfect. She seems to have everything; a good family and a good school result. Trying to be good all the time did not sound to me that it would create the problem that Gracie had.

Darlene's problem is more believable to me as each day were are faced with temptation. And Dave certainly poses a big problem. Readers can't help but to sympathise with Dave.

Overall, I like the way the author integrated the faith in God through out the book. Although each person in the family have their own problems but their faith never wavered. Through their faith, they influenced the people around them to open up to God.

I give this book 3 stars out of 5. It is highly recommended to those who needs a bit more encouragement and motivations in life.

I have received a copy of this book from Handlebar Marketing with no obligation to post a favorable review. The opinion herein are my own. 

Kena Lottery!

Last week my "school" was closed for cleaning and disinfection.

My classmates had HMFD. 

Looks like the classmates "shared" his/her virus with me lor .

Tuesday evening, tiny pokka dots started to appear. Not much. Just a few here and there.

Mamarazzi said looks like kena lottery liao lo. 

There are three ulcers in my throat. 

Mamarazzi said that I am very "LEMBU" (Cow- also means savage) coz I can really stand the pain. Not much complaints from me regarding sore throat. If it was Mamarazzi, she would have howled even if it was just a tiny ulcer.

Went to see doctor to get something for the ulcers. HMFD no cure. Just need to wait it out for around a week.

It was a long wait at the clinic.

Seems that there was an emergency case. An ambulance came and took the patient away.

Doctor says make sure I drink a lot of water....hehehe....means I get licence to drink as much 100 Plus as I can?

Also several of Mamarazzi's friends advised to give me Ice-cream to relieve the throat pain. Wah, need to go to school...can watch TV, play computer, eat ice cream and drink 100 Plus as much as I want to. 

But bad thing is no "gai-gai" for me lor. Grounded lo till all is well. 

Looks like Mamarazzi will be digging her PC for back logged posts lor. Thousand apology if Mamarazzi won't be able to drop by your blogs these few days. Expected that I would be "monopolying" her much. 


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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Eyes of Justice by Lis Wiehl & April Henry

Synopsis from
 The Triple Threat Club have solved intense mysteries before . . . but this time it’s personal.
Cassidy, Allison, and Nicole fight for justice every day: Cassidy in the media, Nicole with the FBI, and Allison as a Federal Prosecutor. Together they’re a Triple Threat that sends criminals running.
But never have they faced a case so difficult to decipher. Nor have the stakes hit so close to home.
A devastating turn of events brings change to the Triple Threat team. But they discover an ally in a renegade computer hacker named Olivia.
The women won’t stop until the case is solved . . . and justice is served. Yet just when it appears the police have the killer in custody, he somehow strikes again.
Not knowing who to trust, they go undercover to track the killer through an intricate – and deadly – game of cat and mouse where nothing can be taken at face value.
Success – or survival – isn’t assured in this riveting Triple Threat mystery that will leave readers both shocked and satisfied.

My Comments :
This is one of the most exciting book that I have ever read received from the publisher Thomas Nelson Publishing. I was given a copy of this to review without obligation in my part to give a glowing review. However, I am pleased to say that the authors had done well.
This book was full of suspense and I can't help but to finish it off at one setting.
The authors had captured human emotions effectively. I found myself tearing at the scene where they found the body and I can "feel" the frustration that Nicole felt when she saw her incompetent colleague was going to ruin the scene of the crime and yet she can't prevent it.
What I love about the book is that the authors managed to portray the severity of the crime without resorting to foul language and violent words. In fact, they even managed to put in the relationship with God without it being disruptive to the flow of the book.
I certainly look forward to the next book by the authors and impatiently waiting to see what role Ophelia is going to play in the next book.

Swee Hing Restaurant at OUG, Old Klang Road

Mamarazzi meeting up with a friend in OUG. Don't know where to have dinner hence the friend suggested to eat at Restaurant Swee Hing.

 Actually we have been here before. Food here are not bad.

We ordered Claypot Taufu. The Chinese Cabbage was a bit raw but the gravy was just nice to go with my rice.

 Another worthy dish...Marmite Chicken. Mmmm....yummy!

Pork with Salted Fish. Was surprised the portion was quite big.

Last but not let...Spinach Soup.

Can you guess how much was the total bill for 3 adults and 1 kid? Surprisingly, it was less than RM50. Portion of the dishes here were quite big.

Here is the address should you be interested to try out the food here
 Restaurant Swee Hing, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3,
Overseas Union Garden,
58200 Kuala Lumpur,

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lunch at Maria's Restaurant & Cafe, Damansara Perdana

Papa scold me say I "Hong Sim". Everyday after school wanna "bodek" to go "gai-gai" instead of going home.

Anyway, have to makan also mah. Mamarazzi cook not nice one. Heard people say this Maria's Restaurant and Cafe food very nice.

 Me hungry already. Got what to eat ah?

 Soup of the day? 

 What soup is it? Red red cili one ah?


Argh...sour sour....Tomato Soup. I don't like Tomato leh. Next time order Mushroom soup, okay. Papa, you can have my Tomato Soup since you like it.

 Wah...Papa's NZ Roast Leg of Lamb looks very good wor. Mamarazzi had a taste said the meat was tender.

Mamarazzi's Black Pepper Chicken Chop. Naughty Mamarazzi tried to trick me eating this. Pepper means hot mah. No thanks.

She had the Chicken. Said was ok. But she preferred the Chicken without the skin.

 Yahoo! My "Noodles"


 Me turn into an "Alien" when I eat noodles. I am crazy about noodles.

 Chocolate Muffin.

Mmm...very rich. I can;t finish it by myself. Papa helped me.

Overall, I had quite a nice time here. Rather quiet and cozy. 

Here is the address if you would like to try out the food here.

Maria's Restaurant and Cafe
C313A, Center Wing, Metropolitan Square
No 2, Jalan PJU 8/1, Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-77252313

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Kee Hiong Curry Chicken

Mamarazzi's cooking always put met to sleep. Same old same old day in day out. Boring...Gotta spice it up.

One fine day, she decided to try out the Curry Paste that Kor Kor Jon's Mommy gave her. Kee Hiong Brand.

Sorry lah...Mamarazzi is a klutz when cooking curry and dishes that is a bit complicated.

Can't get fresh Coconut milk hence used the prepacked. Add some curry leaves and two stalks of lemon grass.

Dump everything into the WOK.

 Fry fry fry...add the coconut milk....

TADA!!! Hmm...not bad. But a bit too spicy for me wor to eat with rice. If only Mamarazzi put noodles into the Curry, sure I can finish it. No problem punya...where there is a will......
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