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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

We Ate, We Sang And We Dance(Non-Halal Food)

It was the only night where everyone had finally arrived Sibu.

All of us which consist of Auntie Claire, Quay Po Cooks and Mommy Ling led by Uncle Arthur headed to Ming Mei Shi Seafood Restaurant located at No 11 Loring Chew Siik Hiong 1A, Sibu, Sarawak for dinner.

All of us noticed this funny signboard pasted near the restaurant. Hmmm...Room to rent for Ladies or Laddie? Uncle Arthur said many bloggers had snapped photo of this sign and blogged about it. 

A thousand Thank You to Uncle Arthur for making reservation and pre-ordering the food that night. While waiting for the food to arrive, of course must snap a group photo for memory.

Jeng! Jeng! The SHIP had arrived. Wow!! It brought a lot of goodies!

(From top left, clockwise)

Fish paste with Oyster, Golden Fish ball, Mixed Vegetable with Fish Maw and Yam rolls. there was "golden treasure" in the fishball. Salted egg yolk.

Mamarazzi liked this best from the SHIP. Oink Oink meat with Kimchi. Can't get enough of this although she usually doesn't like Kimchi.

Professionals at work

Midin fried with Sambal Belacan. Mamarazzi preferred the ones from Restaurant Ruby better, though Uncle Arthur likes this better coz the Midin was fresh and crunchy.

Uncle Athur did not ordered this but don;t know how come it was delivered to our table. Well, hentam la...mistake or not we also wallopped.

Cakur Manis, one of the vegetable that Auntie Claire specified that she wanted to try when she is in Sibu. True to his promise, Uncle Arthur delivered.

Feeling strange. Are we having vegetarian dishes? How come all vegetable geh?

Tauhu Kang. Hmm.....still preferred the ones from Ruby.

Everyone "OOh!" and "AAHh" when this dish arrived.

(Photo taken from Mommy Ling's Blog)

Don't you just drool at this?

Yummy... chunky Tapah Fish. Mamarazzi likes it coz there was not much bones in it. The gravy goes well with rice.

Prawns. Not bad lah.

Hmm... Uncle ARthur said got Foochow Noodle for me geh..why haven't arrive yet? The Chef forgotten our order?

Yay!!! Finally...

Sorry ah...I eat first ah...I love noodles.

Aaahhh .....satisfaction....

Complimentary plate of fruits. Mamarazzi was surprised that they served Pomelo. Expensive fruit wor. She love it coz it tasted sweet sour.

The rest liked the Pineapple. Uncle Arthur said it's called Oil Palm Pineapple coz it's planted as secondary crop in Oil Palm Estate.

How thoughtful of Uncle Arther to freeze some "Durian Bukit" for us known that by the time we visit Sibu, Durian Season would be over.

These disappeared like magic show that night.

After the dinner we went "Karaoke-ing".

Everyone were singing, I also wanna sing la. *scribble*Scribble* Too bad the DJ doesn't know what I wrote.

Thanks to Auntie Peng for helping me to find the song I wanted to sing yell.

Mamarazzi managed to capture a video of me singing yelling my "Kau Lui" song.

As for Mamarazzi...she dares not sing least her croaking might set a flood to Sibu.

I had a great time singing dancing and running around. Hmmm...what a wonderful night for me.


  1. ooo..over there got no cakur manis ah? here the sabahan locals called it 'sayur manis' can choose to have the leaves, usually cook with egg (dried or soup)...or the pucuk part only, usually masak sambal...yums~

  2. Hahahahaha!!!! You certainly had the most fun at the karaoke that night - resident singer, back up singer, back up dancer...everything! So much energy!!! Must have been the Sibu Foochow-style fried noodles. LOL!!!

  3. wow, look at all those super yummy food!! and i like that ship so much..

  4. haha, the boss still doesn't want to change that sign?? maybe this indeed attracts more people to come right??

  5. sometimes i think it's more interesting capturing the photo of people shooting the food rather than the food themselves hor?? LMAO!!

  6. wah real punya having fun ni...good food, good music and good companion, what more can we ask right...tapi apasal auntie tngok macam sotong celup tepong (favorite auntie tuh...he he he) dlm pinggan udang goreng tu...:)

  7. tats was fun..sing n eat...

  8. Drooling, sure drooling. So much fun in singing karaoke.

  9. The durian bulit looks like cempedak, don't they?

  10. It has been so long since i met arthur last. can't even remember when! haha

    the foods look good! :)

  11. he he he, maybe room for 'lad only'...

    Wow, so many nice food...yum!

  12. I am wondering whats with the signboard. Thats plenty of great goodies and some like the midin and cekur manis is a must in Sibu.

    Wonderful gathering with other fellow bloggers and like th3 photo your little one singing. Must have been a great trip for him.

  13. August 2008, Faisal.
    You were one of the earliest bloggers that I got to meet...and I think I was the first that you ever met. First a virgin! LOL!!!

  14. Happy Small Kucing. :)
    Yea~ Chinese food always make us drooled!

    So.... I'm a laddy la? haha :D

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  15. This was certainly the greatest night..with nice food and entertainment!

  16. So happening and so much fun!

    I have yet to try the food at this place. Definetely will be in my list no 1 to try when i go back next round.

  17. small kucing wrote on a the RM1 note? hahaha.... All the food are so tempting.

  18. AB

    Over KL got but hard to find those age 18 ones...usually age 81 LOL

  19. STP

    become super strong lo....then at the hotel become super sleepy LOL

  20. SK

    Like leh..Go visit STP la.

    Dont know who pste the Laddie sign there. Tourist attraction liao

    Ya interesting to see experts at work LOL

  21. Marie...

    tu udang ler...menyamar as sotong aje LOL

  22. Mery round u must join us ya

  23. Sheoh Yan jumping around

  24. Choi Yen

    ya but doesnt taste like chempedak lo

  25. FAisal

    arthur sure will remember one

  26. Meitzue

    hahaha...can call up and ask :P

  27. Nava

    ya it was a great trip. Laughing like mad

  28. Ling

    hahaha but you never sing much geh

  29. mNhL

    no la..the paper looks like RM1 note aje


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