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Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Story Of My Heaven Premium Ice Cream Cake

Are you bored with my Sibu trip posts yet? There are a lot more to go. After all, we stayed for 5 days.

Well, Mamarazzi think better give it a break and start to post up some back logged posts before they become stale and stinky .

As you know, last month was my birthday and Mamarazzi planned a Birthday party for me at my "school".

Before that, she consulted the Principal on the procedure to go about it and was told that there are only 8 students in my class. No need to buy big cake. We only need to notify the "school" a day early prior to the party.

Ngum ngum.. Mamarazzi had bought coupon for a 1kg Heaven Ice Cream Cake from one of the discount coupon company. She decided to use it since we just need a small cake. She pre-ordered the cake early of the month.

A day before my birthday, she went and notified the Principal. She got a shock when she was told that they had combined my class. Now there are 16 pupils with two teachers.

Alamak!...big enough or not ah the cake...alamak! didn't prepare enough goodies bag and pressie leh. Looks like have to do some last minute shopping.

Nevertheless, we still had to pick up the Ice Cream Cake. Well,  armed with google map, we went and search for the shop.

It was an easy journey as Papa agak-agak(roughly) know the way to the place. Hmm...this must be it.

Yup! The man sitting behind the desk was pretty friendly. We waited at the office while he went into the Production Area to get my cake.

 Is that mine?

Wah! Very beautiful!! Definitely not big enough for 16 pupils. Though its 1kg same as my Angry Bird cake. This one is taller but not wider.

Mamarazzi asked if they have stock for one more cake. The man told her that they do not have stock as they only make the cake as and when customer order. Kira as good coz it means the cake should be fresher, right?

Well, never mind then. We'll keep this cake and have it ourselves. More share for me!.

At the office, I spotted Cup Ice Cream Cake. Papa bought two. One for me and one for himself. Mamarazzi didn't want coz can share with me.

In the car, I was anxious to dig into my beautiful cup of Ice Cream Cake.

Beautiful right? Taste? Mmmm...for you to find out.

Way long after my Birthday, Mamarazzi dug out the Ice Cream Cake from the freezer. Don't worry. The man says can keep up to a maximum of 3 months.

Hmm..why I see Papa do like this got fire but when I do, no fire????


I huffed! I puffed!

Alamak! Two more candles..


Aiks! Papa said Lamb Lamb also want Birthday. Lamb Lamb also nearly as old as me.

 I blow ya? Alamak! Lamb lamb haven't made a wish yet ah...Never mind year lah..



  1. 5 years old!!! Smallkucing's a big boy now. Very soon, got girlfriend already...and can get married liao! LOL!!!

    I've never tried ice cream cake before... Remember, ya! When I next go over to KL... Hint! Hint! LOL!!!

  2. hahaha, got a lot of sibu posts meh?? i didn't even realise that also.. hmmm, so 5 days of trip you want to write 50 posts for it?? :p

  3. hmmm, i think it's because ice-cream cake is heavier mah, that's why even the same 1kg cake, the ice-cream cake is smaller..

  4. oh, i love those ice-cream cup cake!! so cute, good idea to get them as gifts for friends.. you know lah, we old jor so our birthday cake also gets smaller, hahahaha!!

  5. Ice cream cake definitely a good alternative for someone who bored of ordinary sponge cake :)

  6. How's the taste of the ice cream cake? Tempted to grab the coupon too when I saw it sometime ago but was hesitant to do so. I tried a slice before at a mamak restaurant and the taste was hmmm.. so so only..

  7. The ice cream cake is really looked heavenly beautiful. I am sure it tastes good too. So, mamarazzi bought another cake for you to bring to school, right?

  8. [SK], Sibu's so nice mah!!! So happening...just a few days here, so many things to blog about. You should come over sometime!!! Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. many cakes and candles to blow.. so yummy cakes.. never invite auntie Claire also.. hmmpt! :)

  10. This is one of the best Ice cream cakes I've come across.. He sure had a great day..

  11. The ice cream cake must be very heavenly! :)

  12. Happy Belated birthday to your little one. I think it was worth all the trouble getting the cake because it looks so good and love the deco on top.

  13. Yum yum!! The ice cream cake looks sooo delicious!

    Btw I always buy only 1kg cake to the school. Coz the teacher don't really want the children to eat too much cake. :)

  14. SK

    coz Mamarazzi very cheong hei one mah

    makan a lot of food in SIbu leh.

    Never thought that ice cream cake heavier...if not would have ordered the 2kg ones

  15. Choi Yen

    yes, something nice for a change

  16. Inspired mom

    Not bad. 80% of the cake was ice cream. The pastry/cake was a bit dryy but maybe it's because we put into the freezer too long. Almost 3 weeks baru eat

  17. Sheoh Yan

    Yes, the cake taste good. Have to buy another cake lor. Else how?

  18. Chee Yee

    but this 1 kg cannot cut into 18 pcs lor


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