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Friday, 30 March 2012

Sight Seeing and Our Second Round Breakfast at Sg Merah, Sibu

Next, Uncle Arthur led us to Wong Nai Siong Garden. Wong Nai Siong was the man who led a large group of FooChows people from China to open up Sibu for cultivation.

And this garden is the historical site where the Foochow immigrants led by Wong Nai Siong landed.

The garden it's quite small but the landscape was pretty impressive.

We had a group photo here. Hmm....after breakfast, Auntie Claire turned into female Incredible hulk become super strong?

Next to the Monument is the Sungai Merah(Red River). Mommy Ling asked my help to guard her Camera Bag while she went to snap some photos of Sungai Merah.

 I feel so proud. So big boy already.

 I also wanna have my photo taken here la. Memorable place.

According to Uncle Arthur " low tide when the water goes downstream, it's like teh-o (tea without milk)...the colour is due to the dried leaves that drop from the trees up river into the water. High tide, the water comes in from the main Rejang River and turns into teh-see (tea with evaporated milk). ". Interesting,  right?

 I count 1,2,3....faster press the button.

Next we "sighted" Ting Villa from a far. It's one of the oldest wooden house there. Amazing. There are still people living there. The house must be full of history.

Next, come run with me to the Kopi O kao kao coffee shop nearby to have breakfast.

Yup... after the sight-seeing session, we headed to Choon Seng Coffee Shop nearby to have our second round of breakfast.

If Mamarazzi is not mistaken, this shop is located at Jalan Wong Ting Hock.
(Note to Mamarazzi : Next time go travelling must snap photo of the road name and shop address too apart from photos of food itself!!!)

What shall I have? From the sign there, one stall is selling Makan Islam(Muslim Food) things like Roti Canai, roti telur..the next stall selling Kampua noodles and the other one is selling fried Keoy Teow...Choices choices choices...

While waiting for the food to arrive, I had some 100 Plus drink. Been drinking that a lot during this trip coz I sweat a lot from all the running. I wonder if 100 Plus company want me to be their brand ambassador ka?

Here comes the Kopi O kao kao(Kao kao means thick/strong). Don't blame me if you can't sleep after drinking this ya.

Yup! In the end I had Roti Canai. It was surprisingly crunchy. Nice !

Then comes the Fried Keoy Teow. Uiks! Unique. Not like the ones we are used to in KL. Here they put the fried egg on top of the Keoy Teow instead of frying it and mixing it with the Keoy Teow.

Being stubborn, Mamarazzi still preferred the Fried Keoy Teow from Brickfields KL compared to this. But I see Papa "syok-syok" (enjoyed) eating the Keoy Teow.

As we were walking back towards the car, Papa saw a fruit stall. I saw they have bananas too. I insisted Papa to get me some.

He got me this bunch of super mini Bananas.

Jeng! Jeng! Can you guess how much did Papa paid for this bunch of bananas?


  1. the more i see small kucing.. the more i feel he looks very cheeky.. hehe

  2. The post you published before this one, i have so much to comment in

    There is nothing so beautiful like sight seeing... All this reminds me my first trip to Spain..

  3. I know how much those bananas cost. Dunno why your papa bought - reminded him of yours or his? Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  4. I can guess... got prize or not first? :)

  5. Nice trip. Myself haven't been to Sibu yet, but only as far as Kuching. But that time, Juan Or was not born yet. The banana probably cost RM1?

  6. RM1.50 for the banana. Kopi O Kau Kau, I dare not take, sure stay awake whole night. The fried koey teow with egg on top looks good to me.

  7. teh-o & teh C.....means dirty river lor... lol

  8. Teh-c is dirty river the result of erosion up river - the exposed soil due to logging and other activities.

    Teh-o = fresh and natural. Go into the uninhabited jungle areas, all the streams are of that colour...and you can even drink it like that - not teh-c.

    Tsk! Tsk!

  9. I wanted to say RM1.00 for the banana. But after reading stp's comment, I changed my mind. It should be expensive. Maybe RM4 - RM5 for that bunch ?

    Interesting story of the Rejang River

  10. P.S.
    When Yee Ling comes again, I'll take her to another place with just-as-nice coffee...or even nicer...and very nice char kway teow - maybe nicer than anywhere else over there.

    This egg-wrapped one is actually not my favourite (kind of bland - very typical old-time Foochow cuisine...I can fry something a whole lot nicer) - just that it is a Sibu original and can't be found elsewhere. But some people love it and to them, it is a must-have when they come to town.

  11. hahaha, i think i read this from either Quay Po or Claire's earlier post.. you guys can eat like every hour, and everytime also eat a lot!! claps claps claps~~ :p

  12. Happy Friday Mama Kucing & Small Kuching! :)

  13. May

    Mamarazzi just letting off steam. Some company are like that.

  14. STP

    Guess many would be surprised

  15. Claire

    not opne to those who went LOL

  16. Ling

    LOL..surprised see you drink

  17. Sheoh Yan

    it was 30 sen aje lO.....things there not bad

  18. STP

    aiya...if know time no need order kopi o...just cheduk from river :p

  19. STP

    jahat...tarak bring us there that day :P

  20. SK

    ya...went with them mah...but mamarazzi slow coach in posting it up


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