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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Second Round Breakfast at Thomson Corner, Sibu

After first round breakfast, Papa drove us to Thomson Corner with Auntie Peng leading the way. Amazed at her good sense of direction. Although she had been to this shop one time only, and yet she can remember the way.

Interesting. I wonder how it taste like. 

For me, I was engrossed with the new toy that I bodek-ed Auntie Quay Po Cooks to buy for me.

Guess she would regret buying me this toy as I kept kacau-ing her and her bestie to "draw" for me. 

Papa ordered Cincau Ice(Grass Jelly with Ice) but it comes out like this. The top was shaved ice with santan(coconut milk)

Micheal Jackson's song? Black and white? Mamarazzi had her second glass of Kopi-o. Taste so-so.

Papa was quite full so he had some Siew Mai. Taste so so aje.

Jeng! Jeng! the  famous Sarawak Laksa.

Don't know Mamarazzi's taste, it taste a bit like Curry Laksa from Ah Loy's at OUG, Old Klang Road.

Oppsie again coz Mamarazzi too busy eating and had forgotten to take note of the address of the shop. It's near Shell Petrol Station at Jalan Oya, Sibu.


  1. Opposite Sacred Heart School... Who asked you people to go and eat the siew mai! Want to eat, must ask me first and I will tell you nice or not nice.

    Don;t like Sarawak laksa kah? Maybe should go and try the Aloha one. Next time you come to Sibu lah...

  2. Hahahaha... Micheal Jackson drink... lol... Uncle Pete not here, else he will laugh too. =D He oso got blogged about Micheal Jackson drink before... and Black Peppet Chicken. ROFLOL!

  3. salad ekor ayam?? hahahaha, sorry not for me.. i only like chicken breast.. nene not petpet, wakakakakaka!! eih, that michael jackson looks cool leh..

  4. You eat the most interesting food! Grass Jelly with ice

  5. Interesting. Although I'm from Sibu, still am enjoying the sightseeing from other people's view.

    By the way, you have a cute little son there. hehe...

    p/s: Thanks for dropping in my blog.

  6. I tasted it before when Arthur gave Elin a packet to try last time.. so that was why i skipped that the other morning.. kampua noodles.. much better..

  7. For laksa, guys should go ALOHA kopitiam at town area(next to Ngiu Kee supermkt),it taste great.
    For siomay, dropby a shop selling pao and siomay ,also at town area.

    Come to sibu again n I treat you guys eat siomay.

  8. That drink is now called Michael Jackson here too. King of pop drink. lol!

  9. so cute lah ur boy..and the drink called Micheal Jackson?..haha

  10. Aiyaa.....didn't get to makan Sarawak laksa.

  11. OMG!! I'm so glad you popped by my blog. I came by to visit and couldn't stop reading ... it's refreshingly different, this view through your little boy's eyes and putting those words into his mouth :D, hilarious!
    Looks like you all had a fantastic time in Sabah.

  12. Next time when you drop by Kuching, you must try the Sarawak Laksa here!!!

  13. hahaha....ENJOY the laksa. At least you can find a similar one if you have the craving!

    The cincau looks good man!

  14. Mery, Mery!!! Good thing they did not have you as a guide when they were in town.

    Aloha is not next to Ngui Kee - that one is Yummy!

    And what's that shop that sells pao and sio bee? You mean Big Thumb?
    I've tried - the sio bee (60 sen) is not nice:

    My favourite would be the ones at Loke Ming Yuen (coffee shop next to Sushi Tie) behind Rejang Medical Centre - both paos (giant paos) and sio bee (70 sen) but the ones we had at Muhibbah (50 sen) were good too. I would go back and buy again, that's for sure!

  15. P.S.
    I'm not crazy about Aloha laksa - very spicy, very lemak - Kuching people would not like that - said it would be more like curry.

    The closest to Kuching laksa here - one that I know of - would be the one at Thomson Corner.

  16. Smallkucing playing Draw Something is it? Hehe! The cincau ice is very special indeed.

  17. I enjoy both Laksa & Chin Chau. Would love to visit M'sia too see the difference :) Great for kids to have a toy with them so they won't kachau us when we eat. Hahaha!

  18. The siew mai look so pale....

  19. Foochow-style sio bee are wrapped in white-coloured skin, none of those dim sum siew mai yellow or green or whatever colours...and we do not call them siew mai here. That's Cantonese...and not many in Sibu.

  20. the ekor ayam sounds like chicken butt lol >< drawmesomething! what an addiction there

    Latest: Of LocaL Spiciness

  21. I like the cincau drink with the coconut milk instead of the normal soy we get over here.

    I don't really fancy the laksa bc I think we have better tasting ones esp from the hawker stalls.

  22. Hehe that is the kids version of "draw something". My daughter has one too.

  23. STP

    From Pic looked nice ordered lo.

    Can eat la but not really crazy about it lo

  24. Auntie Cleff

    Can heard Uncle Pete laughing

  25. SK

    Next time ask them if they have salad nne ayam or not LOL

  26. Kim

    LOL...we have all sorts here

  27. Mery

    LOL ...too bad this round we didnt get to meet up. Next round la :)

  28. Ping

    fun to go visit that side of Msia :)

  29. Ann

    The Cincau really terror leh

  30. Chloe

    simply hentam duno draw what lor

  31. Blackswan

    ya its something different

  32. Choi Yen

    different way of making kot

  33. STP

    ohh...siew mai also have different ...didnt know that

  34. Fish

    suspected that is the butt

  35. Nava

    Thats is why Mamarazzi was surprised. Cincau with coconut milk

  36. Baby Sumo

    guess all kids does that


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