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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Restaurant Yalim at Pandamaran, Klang.

Amazing. It has been two years since the last round we visited this restaurant. Our last trip here was back in 2009 .

Everything remains the same.

 Yup..there are still vendors going around selling cookies and stuffs like that. Mamarazzi bought a packet of Tau Sar Peah. Very fresh.

 *Angry* Why that dish have Cili Padi ah? Trying to sabotage me again ah?

Opps...Mamarazzi forgot to tell them not to put any Cili Padi into the Seong Thong Lala(Soup Lala). Sobs...poor me didn't get to drink the soup. The rest of them said the soup tasted very good. Yumm....

Steamed Crabs. Yumm...this one I can eat. The size of the crabs were rather small but the meat was very sweet.

Marmite Mantis Prawns. This one I like coz it's sweet and crunchy.

Mixed Vegetable. 

Total bill plus drinks comes up to RM90 plus for 3 adults and a kid. Kira okay la. But if not mistaken the price last time was cheaper. Well, what to do...price of everything had increased in the recent years.

Opps...sorry as Mamarazzi forgotten to get the exact address of this restaurant. However, it should be easy to find as it's just next door to Restaurant Makanan Laut Kebun Kelapa at Pandamaran which is located at Jalan 19, Kawasan 10, Pandamaran, Klang.


  1. Hey! We all didn't go and have crabs when you were here!!! Hmmm...will have to wait till next trip then...

  2. fuyoh, nice woh, i like those dishes!! especially the seung tong lala, looks so sweet (although with many chili padi)..

  3. Must train small kucing to eat chili from now on :P

  4. Long time didn't visit this area liao!

  5. The lala soup is look tempting!

  6. I usually go pandamaran for BKT only :P

    p/s: Thanks for the recommendations! I sure need lots of guidance where to find food here in KT ): So lost on my first day. I wanna try nasi kerabu and nasi dagang as well!

  7. The lala soup is always one of my faves. Love the spiciness actually. Poor small'll love to eat the spiciness over time. Try slowly next time and soon you will graduate to be a cili padi eater:D

  8. You always tempt me with all your food venture and seems like we have somewhat the same taste of food. That lala is my fav.

  9. slowly small kucing can adapt to the spicy flavour already :P perhaps he'd love it alot when he grows up!

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  10. STP

    and right next to our hotel is a restaurant selling crab leh!

  11. Nikel

    LOL...can go food hunting there

  12. Missblurkitt

    LOL...dont know when lo

  13. Nava

    Can go there. Near your area also :p


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