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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Restaurant Lan Je (Steam Fish) at Kota Damansara

Saw Choi Yen's blog about Lan Je Steam Fish the other day.

Her photography really had Mamarazzi drooling. Hence that evening Papa drove us to the nearest Restaurant Lan Je which happens to be at Kota Damansara to try out their famous Steam Fish.

I brought along my Solar Power Robot but too bad no sun.

While waiting, I "dismantled" the robot and tried to build other thing but failed.

Huh? Why table number 9 being served first? Table number 1, number 3 and ours number 8 who came earlier not served yet. Hmmm...table number 9 must be VIPs.

Finally...Stir-fried kangkung. Mamarazzi love it coz the Kangkung was very young and fried just nice. Not over cooked.

Our Steamed Tilapia Fish. Mamarazzi ordered without Cili Padi ones coz I can't take spicy. Quite big for a person to eat. Just nice to share.

Taste? Okay la ..happy that the fish doesn't have mud smell.

Taufu. Not bad. Overall, it's not a bad place to have lunch/dinner.

The only thing that marred the dinner for Mamarazzi was that they had all the fans on full blast that evening. The food on the table turned cold pretty fast. Mamarazzi hates to have cold food.

As she was going to ask the staff to turn down the fan speed, coz she was feeling cold... Two guys at table number 10 asked the staff to turn down the fan but the staff told them that he can't do anything about it as there are not speed control for the fans.

Here is the address should you wish to try out their Steamed Fish  :-

Restaurant Lan Je 
F-50G & 51G, Jalan Teknologi 3/9
Bistari “DE” Kota
Kota Damansara
PJU 5, Petaling Jaya
Open from 11.30am-3pm, 6-9pm. Closed on Tuesdays.
Tel: 012-669 9919, 016-6189919


In another case, Mamarazzi feels like must record down these conversations between myself and her the other day.

One evening Mamarazzi was watching "Triple X " the movie in Astro .

Me : Don't wanna watch this show lah. Bad bad. Shooting one.
Mamarazzi : Then watch what show?
Me : Watch Disney Junior only lah.
Mamarazzi : .........

One fine morning, Mamarazzi trying to wake me up for school...

Mamarazzi : Good Morning!!!
Me : Love you...
Mamarazzi : Awww *melt*
Me : Love you means oi oi(sleep) some more...zzzzz......
Mamarazzi : * kena tricked lagi aku. Banyak cantik punya anak*

Our nightly ritual is "Goodnight, I love you" hence Love you means oi oi.


  1. Yes the kangkung looks nice & sweet.
    MI can't help wondering what did they put on top of your steamed Tilapia fish? Looks yummy too!

  2. Love the cute conversation!:)

  3. hmmm, i think i've been there before leh, but found out so-so only lah the food, over rated already..

    hahahaha!! i also want to "i love you" already lah, it's almost 1:00am already~~ :D

  4. Hahhhh!!! I've kangkong and tofu in my post today. No fish, got chicken...

  5. Yes, the fish in Lan Je no fish mud smell..cos it seems they rear the fish themselves.. oh, i can take one fish myself.. hahaha.. i m a "fishy person?" :p

  6. I normally take one fish by myself at Lan Jie. Too nice to share! I like the spicy one. Really shiok.

    Ha ha...I like the 2nd conversation! Kena trick d!

  7. the food there expensive mou?

  8. I love kangkong too! I like it with lots of hebe & blachan.

    My son used to kiss & hug me every morning & nite but now that his in his teens, I get lesser kisses. Lol! But at least I'm still getting the hugs. No complaints! Hahaha!

  9. Lan Je fish is very famous is it? Haven't tried it yet.. but looks big and good from the picture!

  10. The fish looks fabulous and I really love these type of dishes esp when its fish.

  11. My boys are great fans of robots..
    Those green veggies looks so fresh and healthy.. You really made me lol about the staff telling the guys that the fans has no speed control..hahahaha!!!

  12. Like their steamed tilapia...

  13. Waiting on the sun...good to have a drink to wait

  14. No speed control for ceiling fan? O.O"

  15. Puan Isah

    think it was fried onion

  16. SK

    really ah..this one in K.Damansara wor

  17. STP

    Later people ingat we pakat saimilar post lor

  18. Adrine

    wow...really can finish whole fish by yourself ah? ya the fish was fresh

  19. Ling

    forgot the exact amount but RM50 got excess la

  20. Blackswan

    you are lucky lor son still hugs you :)

  21. Lenglyui WItch

    ya famous. This is our first time makan there

  22. Nava

    then you must go and have a try ...must ask them to put more cili

  23. May

    No joke...really dont know where is the fan control...sigh..


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