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Monday, 12 March 2012

Restaurant Khunthai at Petaling Garden, Petaling Jaya

 Last year end, once again we went to Khunthai.

 This round we had white rice with various dishes instead of fried rice and noodles like last round.

Once again we had fried Tauhu. Delicious

 Kerabu Papaya. Nice but not as good as Kerabu Mango or Kerabu Kaki Ayam.

 Seafood Tomyam. Super Yummy.

 And cool down the spiciness with this sweet coconut water.

 Had fried eggs with vegetable which the waiter said taste good. For Mamarazzi, it tasted so - so only.

 Extra Sambal for those who wish a bit more of spiciness.

 Steam fish. Not spicy at all and the "soup" taste heavenly. The soup is refill able

Grill Squid. Taste okay but not perfecto yet.

After the meal, Papa ordered dessert for me.

As I was eating, a man came to our table selling tidbits.

 Huh? why started to lecture me geh?

 Night time cannot eat ice? Coughing? Huh....spoil mood betul. After that I refused to eat liao. Merajuk!

Here is the address of the restaurant and if got man come selling tidbits make sure you shoo shoo him away ya..No 6 Jalan 5/44, Petaling Garden, Off Jalan Gasing, 46000 Peatling Jaya, Selangor


  1. that tomyam look so delicious...

  2. Sago pudding dessert? I want!!!

  3. Oh the sambal chili must spice you up!


  4. The soup of the fish can refill one ar? That's something new for me!! Love tom yam!

  5. The shape of the coconut looks really different..Fried Tauhu looks delicious.. Your blog made me i went to a chinese buffet yesterday and i had so much fun that i wished could last forever.. I actually remembered your blog there

  6. thai food are always nice. and did you have all those sambal yourself?? it looks really spicy.

    Latest: Yip's Kitchen Sunway Pyramid

  7. oh yummeh...i have not been back ever since we shifted our things out form our Gasing home. Perhaps I should return soon..and avoid Wednesday coz its pasar malam night:P

  8. So strange that I have been to Khunthai in Prai, Penang but not yet to the PJ one. The tom yum here is suppose to very popular and love the spicy food you have tasted. Another one of my kind of dishes.

  9. Fadli

    It was delicious. Eat till all sweat comes out hahahaha

  10. Choi Yen

    you same like Mamarazzi

  11. Lenglui witch

    yes, we asked for re-fill LOL.

  12. May

    That coconut was those "Fragrant Coconut" taste sweeter that the usual green ones.

    Glad you enjoyed chinese food :)

  13. Isaac

    nooooo... ate a bit bit only...cant polish off the sambal

  14. Missblurkitt

    ooo wednesday there got pasar mlm ah....didnt know that. must take note not to go on wednesday else cant find parking lor

  15. Nava

    We only discovered this place recently


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