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Friday, 16 March 2012

My First Plane Ride

 School holidays are here! Papa and Mamarazzi said gonna bring me to ride on a plane.

That morning, I woke up pretty excited. I followed Mamarazzi out to buy Nasi Lemak for breakfast and everyone that I met, I told them "I'm going to fly a plane".

Very excited. Pulling my trolley bag, feeling very much important waiting for the cab to come and fetch us to the airport. Kept asking Mamarazzi where is the cab.

Yay! finally boarded the plane.

Very curious. Hmm...I wonder if I can dismantle this tray....*kena Mamarazzi scold*

Found this "picture card" in front of the seat. many things cannot do ah when got emergency in the plane.

Have to pat pat pat one like Little Einstein's show so that the plane can go super fast and take off!

 Yay! we are flying SUPER FAST!!!

 Mmmm...hungry liao...morning too excited so I didn't had much of a breakfast.

When are they gonna serve lunch? Mamarazzi said Papa already ordered food online for the journey.


Papa ordered Hotdog set for me.

But I wanted the Nasi Lemak instead. 

Got Chili also never mind lah...hungry...No wonder Mamarazzi said "mau seribu daya, tak mau seribu dalih". Plenty of excuses if I don't wanna eat something.

In the end, Mamarazzi had the Hotdog while Papa had this.

 Papa was worried that I might be still hungry so he bought this Koala Bear Biscuits for me. Yumm...

 Yay! got my favourite Ribena drink too.

What's that? Put it here.

 Huh? a box...?

Puzzle plane? Too bad Mamarazzi said cannot open. Wait till arrived hotel first.

But I didn't have to wait long. As I dozed off, the plane landed.

Papa finally allowed me to stand up the seat and "press press" the buttons on top while waiting to get out of the plane.

Where did we go next? Well....that's another story.


  1. oh, is it the first plane ride?? i thot small kucing have been travelling to many places already.. hmmm, looks like enjoying the 2 hours flight to Sibu so much woh..

  2. wow, so young get to enjoy plane ride. XD..

  3. Nice eh? Come, come to Sibu again! Everyone can fly!!!

  4. Wow you got to ride in a plane...with good food and a puzzle

  5. Buzzz buzzz buzzz
    documentation is unique, also fab

    hello honey sting

  6. wahh..inside the plane also got so much to do.. as for auntie here, i dozed off when we were flying high.. so tired, dont know why leh..

  7. Sam had her 1st flying experience at 1 year+ :)

  8. the nasi lemak is girl also love it.

  9. The food on AirAsia are all nice...but RM12.50. I think there are some cheaper items that are nice too like the foccacia.

  10. so enjoy ur 1st plane ride... have so much fun in Sibu...

  11. LOL @ SK's comment.. I actaully thought same. I can see he really had a great experience on his first plane ride.. Look at his happy cute face, and so many things keeping him busy at same time...

  12. I know how kids feel when it comes to flying on a plane for the first time. Exactly the same like my younger sister last time :P So cute! Everything also wanna explore hehe

  13. aunty nvr been to sibu ler, just to kuching early of this year...sibu nice mou? if nice, next time we go together ya..since got 'free' tour

  14. aunty never been to sibu ler, only to kuching early of this year. Sibu nice mou? if nice, maybe next time we can go together since got 'free' tour

  15. That looks like a great adventure for your little one and nice to see him with a book.

  16. THe nasi lemak looks time I must try out.

  17. This will not be your last. Small Kucing, tell your mama n papa to take your further. How about going to Taiwan? Lots of nice food there too.

  18. Isaac

    some even younger than me leh

  19. Kim

    Certainly was a good experience

  20. Claire

    I dozed off as the plane was landing...kena Mamarazzi kacau me wake up pulak...else ride back to KL lo

  21. Ling

    hahaha.....mamarazzi tak sempat try :(

  22. STP

    1st time wor...nevermind lo

  23. May far only travel on cars and boat. Never plane. Nice experience though :)

  24. Wyson

    Tour guide ah...*point to STP* The BEST Tour Guide in Sibu :)

  25. Mery

    ya next time do try it :)

  26. QPC

    Taiwan....cant talk mandarin wor :p

  27. hope you had a great time with your family. soon, you'll have the itch to fly again!!

  28. The nasi lemak not bad hor. Can't wait to see your holiday posts... I'm sure you all had a great time feasting in Sibu!

  29. Chloe

    lookoing forward to your holiday post too


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