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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mushroom Chicken

Mamarazzi went to Pasar Malam and saw that these fresh mushroom being sold very cheap. RM2 a packet. She bought a packet home.

She was not sure how to cook these mushroom so she simply 'hentam'. Chopped some garlic, a few pieces of Chicken Meat and sliced two pieces of mushroom.

 Stir-fried them with Dark Soya sauce and Oyster sauce.

Mmmmm....the aroma itself is good enough to tempt me out of my hiding place. Yummy...must ask Mamarazzi to cook some more soon.


  1. yup .. that is one of my fav food..
    my mum use to cook it that.. nice

  2. Are those fresh shiitake mushrooms? Simply hentam also looks so good lah your chicken dish :)

  3. This is my family favourite dish especially with more mushrooms. :)

  4. hello mamarazzi, miss u!! long time didn't dropped by your blog, :( busy lately blog pun tak update now only ada time ronda - ronda your blog.

    I hope your keepin well in a good condition he he he..

    By the way the mushroom chicken looks fantabolous!!! wanna try that recipe sometime.

  5. Easy peasy recipe... Chinese cuisine.

  6. wow, mamarazzi so gifted to cook without any clue yet the dish turn out to be so delicious woh~~ :)

  7. Omg thinking of it makes me hungry...

  8. Long time MI did not visit your blog Small Kucing. Myyy...that dish sure looks delicious otherwise you wouldn't ask mamarazzi to cook it again ah?

    Yes these dry mushrooms is also MI's favourite mushrooms. Any dish you add it with will gives the soup some sweet taste.

    It's healthy too!

    Happy sunday dear

  9. OMG... you know I just went to a mushroom restaurant today! Perhaps someday I will make a mushroom dish! :D

  10. And, chicken is my most fave meat!! :D

  11. I like this dish but normally I add some dried red chillies inside.

  12. simple meal n delicious...I love cooking this dishes,normally i added some potatoes in.

  13. Chloe

    is it called shiitake mushroom? Dont know the name but saw cheap so bought some

  14. Ann

    Mamarazzi and me love the gravy with rice

  15. Mell-o

    long time no see. pretty busy ya? Never mind la...drop by only when u free la

  16. STP

    easy one baru Mamarazzi know how to cook. Else sure screw up :p

  17. Puan Isah

    Ooo it's like that ya? Next time must try it out

  18. Rad

    ya i just saw your post too :)

  19. Nava

    Adding dried cili would be nice but too bad i cant eat much of spicy stuff

  20. Choi Yen

    The smell so nice some more

  21. Mery

    will try that out next time


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