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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Jam Jam Jamming with Strawberry Jam

 Last Monday, I went Pasar Malam (Night Market) with Mamarazzi. She was very surprised to see that the fruit stalls there were "flooded" with these fresh Strawberry from Egypt.

A pack of 250gm was selling at RM6 only. That is pretty cheap considering usually a pack of strawberry would cost around RM10 to RM12. Moreover the size of the fruit itself was pretty big.

We bought 3 packets coz Mamarazzi said since it's so cheap, she wanna try to make Strawberry Jam.

 But first thing first.....Papa and me grabbed a pack for ourselves.

Am still having Strawberry phobia. I ate strawberry in the car during our trip to Cameron Highland two years ago. And I got car sick. Since then, I associated Strawberry with Car sickness.

 Well, these certainly look very delicious leh..big big and red red...very inviting.

 Mmmm....sweet and juicy too.

Well, after sending S.O.S to Kaw Kaw LC asking method of making Strawberry jam and looking up several blogs, Mamarazzi finally "start work" on Wednesday evening.

Sigh...she don't even have any idea what is the meaning of "hull the top of the strawberry". Had to google the meaning.

It means take the top of like the above picture.
 Then she cut the strawberries into half and quarters depending on the size.

Since she is not using any pectin, Kaw Kaw advised to add in some apple. Errr..not sure how much so Mamarazzi shredded the whole apple into the pot lah.

According to Kaw Kaw...sugar and strawberry portion is normally 1 : 1. Can reduce sugar but it also means the shelf life of the jam also shorter.

Read in one blog that no problem in reducing sugar if the jam is to be eaten within 6 months period.

Well, she throw in all the cut strawberries into a pot

Add Sugar. Reduced. Add in the shreded apple and start cooking. 

Kaw Kaw said don't add water. At first Mamarazzi was doubtful but true enough, once it start cooking ... a LOT of water came out from the fruit! Fuiyoh...lucky tarak add water...else become strawberry juice.

Bubble bubble bubble.......finally thickens after like nearly an hour.

 Sobs...sobs....2 packs of 250gm only can get 1 and a half container of jam.

But it does looks good though. Mamarazzi likes jam where she can taste the fruit. Only can be found in Cameron Highland but nowadays even that is getting to be pretty rare. This batch was a bit too sweet for her taste so she aimed to try some more.

On Thursday she went to Pasar Malam(Night Market). This round it was even cheaper! RM5 per packet. Guess the fruit seller over stock gua...anyway, the second batch taste nicer. Finally satisfied.

Note 27/3/2012 : Mamarazzi discovered from Ping's Pickings blog that what Mamarazzi made should be called Strawberry Spread coz it's made of whole fruit. Jam is made of pureed fruit. Check out her post here  


  1. I love fresh strawberries. I am sure your jam was delicious xo

  2. Wah!!! So cheap! The jam looks like acar limau... LOL!!!

  3. wow, mamarazzi now everything also can DIY already!! hahahaha.. next time can try other jam also lah..

  4. so cheap la the strawberry..I wan order 4 packs...hahaha:)
    Here is selling about rm15-20 per pack ,so expensive.
    The jam looks not bad. Both me and Ryan love strawberry to go with bread for breakfast.

  5. LOL! wow! but shudnt it be smashed strawberries?

  6. Wow~ I love the bun!!! looks so fluffy! ;P

  7. Drooling for strawberries!!! lookin' fresh mamarazzi!! :P

  8. That's very cheap:D I can think of making so many things from strawberries but I seldom go pasar malam, in fact I seldom go out at night. LOL!

  9. Why your mama so pandai to cook nowadays!! Getting ready for auntie Claire to go down? I might be of these days! Get ready!

  10. The jam looks very good! Aunty Ping has a simple strawberry jam recipe on her blog too if your mamarazzi would like to check out :) No apples and less sugar. Btw, where is this pasar malam? They used to have Cameron Highlands strawberries at TTDI at 3 punnets for RM10. Good deal! But now can't seem to find them anymore. :(

  11. Thats really a great bargain and another round for RM5. I wish I can get the same at my place but its so expensive. Just a small pack can come up to RM15.00 and does not look great either.

    Nice and I learn something new from your recipe in making the jam, that is to add apples too.

  12. RM5 is cheap! Which pasar malam is that? Egyptian strawberries are not bad one... sweet and juicy :)

  13. Your jam looks lovely.

  14. Yupp..the second batch turned out better. Thumb up!

  15. Healthy and yummy strawberry jam.

  16. Ohhh! Strawberries are my fave!! Aiyoh, starting to get 'ithcy' to try & follow mamarazzi in making jam dy! Now, to hunt for cheap juicy strawberries 1st..hehe

  17. RM6 can get packet of SWEET strawberry, how nice!

  18. That jam looks SO GOOD! I love strawberries and jam with real fruit in it!

  19. Katie

    It's kinda hard to get fresh strawberries here.

  20. SK

    DIY tak jadi masuk tong sampah lo

  21. Mery

    kira ok la for 1st atttempt

  22. QPC

    Now Pasar malam opens quite early lor. 4pm 5pm already open

  23. Ping

    The man is selling at SS2 pasar mlm and on weekend at street market in the curve

  24. Nava

    We learning from each other

  25. Tanntoot

    You can even plant your own strawberries leh :)

  26. Choi Yen

    thats why Mamarazzi so happy

  27. Christina

    Thanks, ya with fruit it taste more authentic

  28. wah...those strawberries are cheap ! Cannot find in our pasar malam here.

  29. mNhL

    That's why Mamarazzi buy lo


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