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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Italiannies at Empire Shopping Complex

 Wink wink...another late post. You know what I did last Christmas? Yup...went and had lunch at Italiannies.

Comes with two types of bread. Mamarazzi like the darker type. Not sure of the name. We finished one plate and asked for more as our food was rather slow to arrive.

 Tasted great with the dip provided.

 Caesar Salad with 3 bread sticks. Just wish they wont poke it in like that. Looks ugly.

 Mamarazzi's glass of Mango juice. Very thick and have a great aroma.

 Fettuccine Amatriciana. Some of the fettuccine was undercooked. Otherwise, it was okay.

 I want that one.

 No more Turkey so Mamarazzi had Chicken instead. It took a long time for it to arrived. Papa nearly finished his meal.

When it arrived the Chicken was very dry and not appetising looking at all. The things one the plate was cool too. Feels like it was left on the kitchen counter for too long.

Papa returned it. Happy to say that the staff did not give us an sour face when Papa told her about the cooled food and the dried chicken.

The staff promptly returned with a freshly made Chicken. Very SEXY too. Don't you agree? Just compare the two picture. Which one would you preferred? Of course the sexy chicken, right?

Taste quite good.

Overall, the food and service on that particular day were average. Probably due to Christmas and they might be under staff. Will certainly give them a try again.


  1. that's one really big portion of the chicken there. Pretty sexy too witht he bare thigh! haha :P

  2. yeah, i think most probably due to xmas lah, else their food should be above average lor.. errr, not scared of explosion meh?? hahahaha~~

  3. I made mango juice this afternoon. and i really love it..
    Honestly i wish right now that I'm the one seating next to this delicious meals..
    Wishing you a fun filled weekend...

  4. Hah!!! Scheduled post, eh? Wanna have something like this in Sibu? Yum! Yum!

  5. Looked very much different wor... >.<

  6. The portion is rather huge..can share amongst 3 people at least.

  7. Isaac right the chicken :)

  8. SK

    Not scared la...what to scared of

  9. STP

    ya many back dated post...taking this vacation to post it up lor...later got Sibu post leh

  10. This is another eatery I have not tried before though I hang out at Empire esp when my car is being serviced at Toyota. I walk over and check out the eating places in Empire. Pretty good spread I can see and next round, I will try out myself.

  11. so far, i feel that itallianies @ the gardens is the best of all :) love the chef there

    Latest: Malaysian Version of "International"

  12. Nava

    There are quite a number of makan place at Empire. We also havent try out many of them

  13. Fish

    Then we must certainly go there and have a taste . Thanks Fishie :)


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