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Thursday, 29 March 2012

First Round Breakfast at Soon Hock Cafe & Restaurant and Layer Cake Shopping at Sibu

For our first round of breakfast, Uncle Arthur brought us to this Soon Hock Cafe & Restaurant. If Mamarazzi is not mistaken, this restaurant is near the Ming Mei Shi Seafood Restaurant...or is it not?

So early go eat Soon Hock Fish ka?

Hmm ...doesn't look like Soon Hock fish..Oooooh It's Pian Sip ya? These certainly looked and smell different.

I think Papa likes it coz it has got fried onion on top. The skin was certainly softer and thinner than our Wantan.

Knowing my love for noodles, he purposely ordered a BIG plate of FooChow Fried Noodles for all to try. Said this one suits his taste better than the one we had the other night.

Hmmm...Mamarazzi felt this one is better too coz she can spot eggs on the noodles. And when we went peeking at the kitchen, we can see and hear the "Chef" busy "krang! krang! krang!" churning out noodle delicious noodle with his spatula and hot wok. Chinese would say the noodles have enough "Wok Hei".

Uncle Arthur also ordered a plate of Kampua for each of us. I shared a plate with Mamarazzi as she said she can't finish it all. I know lah. She must have been saving "space" for more  goodies later on.

After makan, Uncle Arthur say wanna bring us to Bandong.

We arrived liao Bandong? Is this Bandong in Indonesia? No? Oohhh..Bandong Road. Got what here?

Wahhhh!! Nasi Kerabu Ikan. If Auntie Marie sees this post sure she will drool.

So this is the famous Horlick Honey that Uncle Arthur posted up in his blog. Mamarazzi didn't buy as she was so sure we can't finish the whole box at one short and our hotel room doesn't have a fridge. Can't keep. Auntie Claire bought one and her son loves it.

Mamarazzi can't help laughing at the label, "minyak lalak"(Lalak Oil). If she is not mistaken, in Malay language "Melalak" means barking. Sometimes used when commenting about people who sings loudly and tunelessly. 

Too bad Mamarazzi didn't buy me this oil or else I could have "melalak" at home. I am hooked on Karaoke after my first trip to the Karaoke. Practice makes perfect, right? Maybe someday I'll be as good as Uncle Arthur, Auntie Quay Po Cooks and Auntie Claire.

Oooh...this stall is famous for its Layer Cakes. There were ALL sorts of layer cakes with funny names like Cheese Cadbury, Astro, krismis rice, Sweet Sour, Idola, Oreo and many more.

Again Mamarazzi did not buy any. It was not that expensive. Ranges between RM20 something to RM40 something. It was color of the cake that deterred her from buying. She thought it looked very sweet.

She thought buying a slice to taste first before she make decision whether worth getting the layer cake or not. But it was very expensive to her. A thin slice cost RM2!. In the end she didn't buy any.

Mmm..boring...never buy anything for me geh!

Wah...the Lady Boss very good at doing business. She saw me and she told me to take a bottle of cold drink from the fridge.

I took a bottle of Ice Cream Soda. Uncle Arthur paid for it!. Thank you Uncle Arthur!

(Photo taken from Mommy Ling's Blog)

When we came back to KL, Mommy Ling gave some of her Oreo Layer Cake for us to try. It tasted very good! Mamarazzi regret not buying one home. This just show like how you can't judge a book by its cover, you can't judge a cake by its coloring too.


  1. owh..never tried kek lapis sarawak before? though there are so many layers, it's not too sweet. I love it. the only sweetest kek lapis I tasted is Kek lapis buah, and quite costly too. I remember when I was in kuching I borong kek lapis from the kilang itself to bring back was sold at RM10 each (buy 10 free 1) if my memory still serves me well, and you can sample it as much as you want before decide which one to buy. have you tried Tebaloi (thin biscuit made of sago)?

  2. Oh that looks yummy. And I love your bald head. Very cute. You're growing to be so big now!

  3. Oh that looks yummy. And I love your bald head. Very cute. You're growing to be so big now!

  4. Ya...the colour puts me off too...even though they say the green is because of the sue of pandan.

    Yum! Yum! You all miss kampua and pian sip or not? Gone back for so long now...sure to drool when see all the o=photos again... Yummmm!!!!

  5. hahaha, so early got soon hock fish to eat meh?? they have not waken up also lor, so you can only eat the pian sip and noodles~~ :D

  6. wah, so many things available there in that soon hock restaurant hor?? really soon and hock lah, hahahaha~~

  7. oooh, i like the honey horlick cake and also the layer cake!! go sarawak must buy their layer cake lah, very famous..

  8. Wow...was reading all your posts on Sibu. The food there really different. And alot of good food to eat.

    As for the layer cake, really looks like alot of colouring. Can't blame you for not buying. :)

  9. That's what I thought at first of the cake, sweet. Since coming all the way to here is to buy kek lapis, must get at least one to try out...hehhehe. Next trip buy more back. Want mou?

  10. Now I know, going to Sarawak, must buy Kampua noodles and kuih lapis. A dozen for each to them.

  11. Hmm.. the picture looks yummy!!

    Hehehe, if I'm not mistaken, "minyak lalak" is from 'minyak kelapa dara', the one that is normally used to strengthen the hair, or to have nice hair.

  12. it's now closed to lunch time and seeing the food make my tummy growls :)

  13. Yup...syahidahishak is right. Minyak lalak is minyak kelapa.

    And no, Soon Hock is not in the vicinity of Ming Mei Shi - it's in the area behind Delta Mall here, 100 metres to my house.

  14. I also frightened by the colouring used in layer cake when I last visit to Kuching, didn't buy any too ~

  15. Everything looks so good! Well, except for the excessive use of colouring on the cake ;) Sibu is indeed a food heaven!

  16. sometime i feel the layer cake too much of colouring added, hesitate to buy.

  17. kampua, piansip....yum yum yum!!! This is the first place i visited when i went back last year for my breakfast!!

    Minyak lalak? What a funny name!

  18. I did buy a bottle of the honey and yes, worth the investment for the taste was great. Just mix a tablespoon with some cold water and its makes a natural cooling drink for the day.

    I am also drooling over the nasi and seems like we have the same taste of food. Nasi and me cannot be separated, my must have meal for the day. I am not into desserts but did buy some kuih lapis from my family.

  19. aiyo...u should have bought the cake. Nevermind, next time when u go again, remember to buy some back.

  20. AB

    This is the fisrt time having that. Next time you export here la kakakaka

    Nope belum tried tabaloi

  21. STP

    that day didnt buy coz see too colourful Thought would be very sweet. But suprised its not. Wahh 1 thin slice was so expensive leh

  22. SK

    didnt know that mah...come back baru know sedap kakaka

  23. Ann

    We were lucky to have STP to guide us on where and what to eat

  24. Sheoh Yan

    make sure buy extra luggage space too

  25. Shidah

    alamak...then should have buy the minyak lalak too

  26. STP

    hahaha....see! without you sure will sesat

  27. Choi Yen

    rather scary but thank good not that sweet la

  28. Chloe

    duno they use colouring or maybe from those flowers colour gua

  29. Sonia

    you dont have to buy. Sure you made ones are nicer

  30. Annie

    hahaha...ya lo funny name

  31. Nava

    the stall sells all sort of nasi and stuffs

  32. mNhL

    ya lo didnt know at that time


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