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Thursday, 22 March 2012

First Day Sight Seeing in Sibu

After the two breakfast, Papa drove us around the town while waiting to meet up with Uncle Arthur and Mommy Ling.

Interesting. You can still find road sign with Chinese wording. On our last day there, Mamarazzi also saw an Ah Pek riding bicycle with bicycle licence hanging there.

The Gateway of Sibu. Though the roads there might have traffic jam, but it's not as bad as KL.

 Seven storey Pagoda. We didn't go down to snap photo coz everyone were too full to walk.

 Many Churches here.

Interesting roof. It reminds Mamarazzi of the roof of Masjid Negara. 

We stopped by Lin's Swan Garden to snap some photos. water...can play water...*kena Mamarazzi scold again*

 Mamarazzi asked me to stand next to the mouse...I pulak like jakun kept wanna play with the rocks there.

 Refused to look at Mamarazzi.

In the end, plonk me on top of the piggy and snap photo only lah although my Zodiac is not piggy.

Mamarazzi saw in the map provided by Uncle Arthur there is something called THE ARK. She thought it was a ship or a boat.

Turna and turn and finally found THE ARK CAFE laaaaa......Nevertheless, the place looks very classy.

Being "sesat"(lost) also got the advantage coz we came upon this Gigantic Swan along the Rajang Riverside

I wanna flyyyyy...

 Everyone was wondering why there are Swan statue everywhere till we noticed the tablet here. It states 

"Swan of Sibu : The graceful Swan on the Rajang Riverside Esplanade is an ancient Chinese symbol of good fortune and health, an auspicious omen for a community living in harmony, peace and goodwill.A Swan is said to have been fed by the town folk of Sibu, long ago, eventhough they themselves were starving. The grateful bird showed them how to extract edible starch from wild sago to end the famine - one good turns deserves another!"

 View is good from here.

I wanna "draw" the view la.

 Caught in action....trying to bodek for something...

No wonder Sibu is such a peaceful town. Everywhere we went, we can see RELA personnel

 Found this playground next to The Ark Cafe. Played awhile and Uncle Arthur messaged. Time to makan(eat). He led us to our next makan destination.


  1. You did not go to The Ark! Very nice food there too!

  2. hahaha, so nice huh your sibu trip.. i think you only used your eyes (to sight-seeing) and mouth (to eat) throughout the trip?? hehe~~

  3. Nice trip to Sibu...wen coming to Sibu again? or plan to go Medan for holiday?I am back to Medan this coming Nov.

  4.'s a safe place..btw, I like that swan!

  5. He hearts the toy drawing board very much. He brings it everywhere he goes.

  6. Sight-seeing trips are always fun! :)

  7. Cute boy! wish I got time to visit and have a good food :)

  8. Hah, apek riding bicycle, wearing big shorts or not?, see what hanging hah? ha ha ha

  9. I also didnt go to the ARK... no time.. no place in the stomach .. :)

  10. LOL @ too many churches.I think it will really take time to forget such memorable places:

  11. Noticed that you drive all round town and you did not get to see a mosque? That's the difference between here and there...

    There's one small wooden one - the old Sibu mosque - I do hope they do not get rid of it of the few things that's left of old Sibu - heritage! We did not pass by the new(er) and bigger one - not in the town centre or its vicinity.

  12. i love the picture of refusing to look at the camera :P the scenery is good there!

    Latest: Anything IS Food!

  13. STP

    No time leh...alredy eting 6 meals a day

  14. Mery

    No plans yet kekeke...see if got cheap fare

  15. Sheoh Yan

    New toy is like that lo

  16. May

    with photos...memories are preserved

  17. STP

    Think saw one..but cant recall where ..

  18. Fishie

    LOL..nice place to snap pic

  19. Thanks for sharing, I been to Sibu once, evening sampai dan Balik next day afternoon, tengok nothing, hahaha ..

  20. I still remember going to some of the places as seen in your post and it was a wonderful experience.

  21. Sonia

    adoi...missed many things lo


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