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Monday, 19 March 2012

Delightful Dinner at Ruby Restaurant, Sibu.

Guess almost everyone knew where I went during my School Holiday by now.

Yup...I went to Sibu to meet Uncle Arthur a.k.a Suituapui. Uncle Arthur have been saying nobody visit him in Sibu. All bloggers go Ipoh go Penang go Malacca but tarak go Sibu.

Well, the plan germinate during our visit to Auntie Claire's home in Ipoh. When Quay Po Cooks heard of it, she was very sporting. Straight away says she is game to go. Mommy Ling was also very quick to book her flight to Sibu too.

Can you guess who met us at the airport? Yup! Uncle Arthur and his wife. 

 Not only that! He also brought along TWO TUBS of Kompia and a Tub of Masak Hitam for us to enjoy! Can't help myself. Gotta sink my teeth into one of the Kompia.

Not only that! Uncle Arthur also armed us with our survivor kit....Tentative Programme of the trip, google map of the town and map of all the good place to makan nearby our hotel!

Anxiously waiting for the next programme.

 But Mamarazzi said we go rest first as we'll be meeting Uncle Arthur at 6pm to go makan. While waiting, Papa "fixed" the Jigsaw Puzzle Plane for me.

 Jeng! Jeng! Nice or not?

Uncle Arthur was real punctual and in no time we arrived at Ruby Restaurant.

 Almost everyone had this Lime Juice. It's quite special as the lady would ask whether you want "one sour" or "two sour". Guess the one sour is just the lime and maybe two sour is with the asamboi gua...

Uncle Arthur had his special "Guiness Stout". It's actually Ice blended Kopi O. At the beginning the color was chocolate then like magic show when all the "bubbles" gone, it turns black into Kopi O Kao Kao. The word "Kao kao" means thick.

When they said "Char Mi Suah noodle", I misheard and said it's "shua (Joshua) noodle". Wahhhh so much all for me ah? 

Well, it was really good! It was so good that I had THREE heaping.

Mamarazzi had longed to have Midin and finally her dreams comes true. Truly very nice. Love the Belacan taste.

Seafood Tauhu. I know if there is a chance, Papa would snap the whole plate of this up. 

 Butter Scotch Prawns. Nice nice. Crunchy.

 The famous Cakur Manis. Mamarazzi love it as the leaves were really young.

Mmm...this soup reminds me of the soup that Ah Mah made during Chinese New Year. Mushroom with Sea cucumber Soup.

 Last but not least...Lemon Sauce Lamb. Too bad by the time this dish arrived, everyone were very full already. Mamarazzi had one piece of this but found that the Lamb smell was a tad strong for her. Uncle Arthur says it used to be grilled thin slice with no fat. Hmm...maybe that day the Chef oppsss-ed.

Anyway there was another dish..Pandan Chicken which Uncle Arthur ordered but never come. It's a blessing in disguise as Mamarazzi thinks that she would be unable to eat another mouthful of any thing else at that time.

The portion of the food were very big and can you guess how much was the bill? You'll be surprised. Thank you very much to Uncle Arthur for the dinner.

Here is the address for Ruby Restaurant if you ever go to Sibu:

No 71, Ground Floor & 1st Floor
Jalan Kampung Nyabor
96000 Sibu

I was very naughty after my tum tum full full. I kept making noise wanna go walk around the place. Uncle Arthur brought me outside and walked around. We came back in and Auntie Lucy's turn pulak.

After that, I followed Auntie Peng pulak. We returned to the restaurant with a packet of Dutch Lady Milk and Seasons Ice Lemon Tea. Auntie Peng told Mamarazzi that when we passby a Bank, I asked her have she gone to the Bank. When she replied yes, I further asked her if she got money or not. Then she replied yes again. And that was when I bodek-ed her to buy me milk. Naughty me. Thank you to Auntie Peng for getting me the milk.


  1. Looks like a very nice trip for your son during the school hols.

  2. I like the caked manis....can eat in yong Peng, Johor too, if you miss

  3. Hehehehehehe!!! Poor Peng got conned! Usually nice ladies are very vulnerable - stingy old man like me, not so easy to trick. LOL!!!

    That night, the bill only RM140...for 8 persons including drinks and rice. The fruit juices (including lime) can be quite expensive - RM3 at least, I think.

    Thank goodness you managed to get to eat the pandan chicken when you went again - their signature dish. Very nice, right?

  4. Kaki bodek betul. LOL... managed to charmed someone to buy u milk ah? LOL... glad u had fun over there... perut kenyang, hati pun senang! :D

  5. wah!! very professional leh!! look at the itinerary and the map, fuyoh, sure won't miss a thing of Sibu and never will get lost, hahaha!! and i think kompia is the pride of Sibu right?? it's mentioned everywhere..

  6. Nice trip! Got to eat at Ruby, STP's favourite place.

  7. something really different with KL's tai chow food..

  8. Never tried fried meesuah....

  9. loove Malaysian. I hope I get to visit Malaysia during my trip to the Phil. One of the places I really want to see. one day. xo xo

  10. What an unique name given to "Ice blended Kopi O" pula. Hahaha..

    A small town but gave lots of fun to you guys =D

    My travel & living blog

  11. The food looks so good! n such good value for RM140. *faint*
    I also like the description of "one sour", "two sour" he he.

  12. Made a mistake! should have arrived on Friday!! Missed the butter prawns and the sea cucumber soup... sigh..

  13. Uncle Arthur is such a good host... siap print out map complete with makan places for you. The dishes there are really special. Butter scotch prawns... the name sounds so sweet, aromatic and appetizing already :)

  14. Nice food in Sibu...wa the seafood tofu looks good and midin..heard so much about it something like paku fern we have here? Claire talked so much about it and eh what was that frozen thing you brought over for STP ? Leong sui ...your famous seaweed...which you gave me a packet last time you sent over to me? hahaha he kept it so mysterious! :p

  15. All Sarawak specialty dishes. :p

  16. What a happy holiday! But too bad it's only a week right? :)

  17. Midin and cekur manis is so popular over here and love that cekur manis fried with eggs. When I was in Sibu a couple of years ago, everyday these two were what we eat.

  18. I would love to try all of it! He's getting so big in his photos now;)

  19. Sea cucumber soup...I bet is very nice...
    I normally eat braise sea cucumber with pork belly...

  20. much to eat during the holidays :)

  21. STP

    very cheap. The 2nd round we went the Boss gave us RM1.20 discount LOL

    Yup..pandan chicken was very good

  22. Auntie Cleff

    McD...McD ...kekeke

  23. SK

    Mamarazzi thinks STP can open tour agency liao

  24. Pete

    yup and the food there are nice

  25. Choi Yen

    Dont think KL have fried Mi Suah

  26. Mery

    then you must go and have a taste...but it got dried shrimp(if you are allergic)

  27. FLAG

    Hope you come and visit us too

  28. Diana

    It was certainly a unique town

  29. Adrine

    at 1st Mamarazzi didnt understand what is 1 sour 2 sour...later on the light bulb blinked :p

    Certainly cheap for the quality and quantity of food

  30. Chloe

    Next time go Sibu must contact STP LOL

  31. Elin

    hahaha....all will be revealed soon i think.

    Ya something like our paku but it's ony with the round shoot at the top

  32. Rose

    hahah..thanks to STP for ordering it for us to enjoy

  33. Charmaine

    it was only a week :(

  34. Courtney

    ya he is growing up fast

  35. Nava

    Mamarazzi came back tried to cook the cakur manis like that but failed

  36. Simple Person

    it was certainly something different


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