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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cakes From Suchan Deli, Petaling Jaya

Mamarazzi saw this offer in the Internet. RM25 for a 5 inch cake from Suchan. Sounds pretty good to her especially Suchan is famous for their cakes.

Papa bought two vouchers from the offer. We ordered the first cake "Tiramisu". I was pretty excited when going to pick up the cake. 

Went into the shop. Gave the lady the voucher. The lady took the voucher. She pass it to the kitchen and went back to playing with plasticine at her table. Mamarazzi said not playing lah. The lady must be practicing to make cakes.

Anyway, a staff came out from the kitchen with my cake after some time had pass.

In the car I was too excited. My hands swiped the cake once Mamarazzi opened up the box. Kena Mamarazzi piak my hand and scolded me.

Here is the Tiramisu Cake. Crumbled a bit on the right hand side due to my "swiping". 

Taste good for me. I like the almond and the nuts on top of the cake. Mamarazzi said she like it but can;t eat much coz the nature of the cake is sweet.

A few days later, we went and pick up the second cake. Moist Chocolate Cake. Mamarazzi purposely make two separate trip coz she know that we won't be able to finish a cake so soon.


Taste? Yummy...super rich chocolaty taste. I can eat a small piece each time only coz very fast feel full. Hmm...would be nice if put a dollop of Vanilla Ice-Cream on top. Then it can become TGIF's Mudslide Dessert.


  1. Hahahahahaha!!!!! Naughty boy! Must rotan kau-kau!!!

  2. wow, nice!! it doesn't look like tiramisu with all those crushed almonds on top though..

  3. Hmm... The cakes look delicious!

  4. i would prefer the chocolate cake :P

  5. aduh...kesiannya SK kena dgn Mamarazi...tapi jangan risau, got delicious cake for u...auntie tengok pun dah terliur...skrg ni auntie tengah mengidam Kek karamel...sedap sgt...suruh mamarazi beli ye...he he he

  6. aijor....kesian.this is the first time seeing you!!

  7. Looking at this cake reminds me of the crepe though.. hahaha..
    poor boy... always kena scolding from mama... come to auntie Claire... sek sek..

  8. Poor boy. He was not on purpose lah! But the cake still look good.

  9. the cakes look so delicious. suddenly i'm craving for some too :)

  10. the moist chocolate cake looks real moist... hmmm yummy yummy.

    but poor Small Kuching kena 'piak' so next time got to remember 'see no touch, touch kena piak.'

  11. Aiyo, mama so fierce...piak....ha ha ha

  12. Wa...mama kucing really hit you hard that you miow miow ah :) Aunty sayang dont cry cry lo...but I know after you ate the cake you no more cry cry la :))) I also want to eat the tiramisu cake...looks so delicious :)

  13. Kesien small kuching kena piak by mama kuching.

  14. Suchan is sure very popular for their cakes. I used to eat here very often esp the PJ branch. Though there's another outlet in Empire, it seems ages since I been to Suchan.

    The cakes does look good I must say but I am not into desserts and just like a small piece will do for me.

  15. STP

    lalalala.....escaped...your house no rotan :p

  16. Syahidah

    Portion big enough to share

  17. Auntie Marie

    LOL....come come we go buy some more

  18. Auntie Claire

    You sek sek later i wanna dance with you again

  19. Rose

    lucky not smash to ground lor

  20. Pete

    Mamarazzi very fierce one leh

  21. Sheoh Yan

    Yalor lor ...mamakucing very fierce

  22. Nava

    The cakes are rich . A small piece will do. To much cant go in. Ooo they have at Empire ya? Havent see yet. Must go and see

  23. Elin

    you come here we go makan that la :)

  24. Ooh I love cakes. Too bad I didn't see this offer.. or maybe I missed it.

  25. Chloe

    It was in groupon or street deal. forgotten which one liao. but dont worry as they always have these offer

  26. Saw this deal too but didn't buy. Don't wanna risk putting on unnecessary weight! Haha..

  27. LOL....Mamarazzi need to ut on some weight


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