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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

BIrthday and Mardi Gras at TGIF Subang Parade

Wait wait wait...let me put it on first!

Chiak! *kiasu mode* Put on two masks

The next days was Papa's Birthday. We decided to have dinner at TGIF.

Surprise, was Mardi Gras too. Wow ! 50% off on all beverages. Not bad. Papa insisted to order something for Mamarazzi.

Huh??? what is this? Papa said I cannot drink. It's Ultimate Mudslide which consist of Kahlua, vodka, Baileys Irish Cream and ice cream. Say got alcohol wor.

 I wanna try. alcohol meh? Taste like milk to me wor. Hmmm...must be purposely don;t want me to drink coz got Ice-Cream kot?

Here comes my  Spaghetti Marinara. Super yummy.

Mamarazzi's Sirloin Steak. Portion was quite big that night. Mamarazzi had a hard time finishing it. Lucky Papa is there to help.

 Papa's Beef Ribs. The ribs are actually not that dark. Just that Mamarazzi's lousy photography makes it so.

 Papa also ordered some Shrimps. Also pretty yummy.

 I want some ribs too.

 Mmmm...pretty tender. De-Li-cious!!!

Aiks! Papa's birthday become mine pulak...shy shy la...I hide under Mamarazzi's "Ketiak" la. The Staffs sang and sang and sang...eee....shy shy.....

But makan time, not shy pulak. Hehehe...just before going back, I "sempat" take a balloon home leh.

Oh what a wonderful evening!


  1. Why so shy one? If you were here, I would sing loud-loud and kiss loud-loud some more... Muahahahaha!!!! The western food looks really really good... Don't think can find here - that standard.

  2. wow, so many feasting here and there during paparazzi and small kucing birthday hor?? and a lot of food there lor, can finish all ah since the portion very big woh~~ the mudslide looks very nice woh..

  3. Looks like a nice meal & celebration!

  4. Aijor..malu malu kucing pulak.

  5. Wah 50% off drinks, so nice!! I tried Mudslide before too.. not bad :) And the steak really looked much bigger that night.. what a wonderful dinner!

  6. so the staff sang birthday song for u instead of papa? O.o

  7. The mudslide sure looks good. Original is quite pricey but good value if it's 50% off.

    He he...I also purposely brought my girl to TGIF for her birthday so that she can experience the "sing song" routine. But she wasn't too keen on it!

  8. Nice celebration with yummy food! Happy birthday!

  9. wow why did mamarazzi allows the little boy to drink Ultimate Mudslide?? i wanted to try as well :D

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  10. The steak and beef ribs look so good *drools*

  11. Double celebration.. the food also looks double!! hahaha.. wanna celebrate in Sibu next? :)

  12. STP

    so many people looking wor..shy shy la

  13. Adrine

    Guess Kids are a bit shy la

  14. Fish

    Coz you were not there mah...else can share with u


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