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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Basi Liao Punya New Year Eve Post

Sigh..okay okay..promise...this is the last of 2011 post. We had New year Eve Dinner at Restaurant Wadi Al-Nile in Setapak with some friends who wanted to try out the food these coz they read so much about this place.

Poor Papa. He was not feeling well at that time.

 He ordered Mixed BBQ for himself. Consist of Lamb, Chicken and Beef.

 Stuffed every thing into the "bread" and eat.

A friend ordered this. Sorry...Mamarazzi doesn't know what's the name of this dish. Maybe Chicken Shish Tawouk?

 My bowl of Chicken Soup...taste great...duno what kacang is inside there.

 Mamarazzi's Hanith Chicken with Mandy Rice. Chicken meat was very tender and juicy.

The free soup. Yummm...

 Alamak...whose Mandy Chicken Rice is this ah? 

Another friend ordered Grape Leaves stuffed with rice, served with Chicken. Mamarazzi's stole a piece from the plate. She liked it pretty much.

Kabsah Rice with tender and juicy lamb.

 After that we ordered some fruits and dessert. Initially we wanted to have Ice Cream. But too bad they ran out of that. took quite a long time for the fruits and dessert to arrive.

Meantime, I played with my toy plane first lor.

Funny looking dessert. I didn't have any coz we cabut early. Papa was resting in the car waiting for Mamarazzi and me.

It's certainly fun to go makan with a lot of people coz we can order more stuffs and share it around.


  1. wow, thats a lot of food! eh, all your posts were backdated to 2011? wow, you have so much to write on!

    Latest: My E-Stars Seoul Korea Tournament Experience

  2. New Year's Eve? Aiyor....not even Chinese New Year yet? Gee!!! Like that, the Sibu posts will appear next year lor... LOL!!!

    Next time I go KL, you MUST take me to this Wadi place. I wanna try mid-eastern!

  3. hahahaha!! this is basi post, but luckily the food doesn't look basi at all.. eih, not posting about yourself eating worms in sibu meh?? :D

  4. The stuffed grape leaves look so tasty! Nice to see you back:)

  5. Hahaha! U're cute. Great start! I must admit there're just too much to talk about for CNY. So much food u guys are eating :)

  6. tell papa better eat lighter food when feel sick :P

  7. i curious how Grape Leaves stuffed with rice taste, never eaten grape leaf before..

  8. CNY post also i did not post one..ehhehhe

  9. All the food here are my favorite.. I'm a great fan of BBQ.

  10. All the food looks great, the chicken soup looks very interesting. I love grains and stuff in food.

  11. Some of these dishes looks so unique esp the one with grapes. Still I will go for the rice and lamb and more lamb.

  12. Isaac

    LOL....coz Mamarazzi's lazy lor

  13. STP

    So many backdated one yet to post got Sibu ones pulak...chammmm

  14. SK

    Haiyo....mamarazzi slow coach la...maybe in 1-2 week baru will sampai worms post. yet to schedule

  15. Blackswan

    LOL..ya lor...too many things happneing beginning of the year

  16. Sonia

    It taste quite good. Dont know how they stuff it

  17. Ling

    this one not even CNY turn yet leh

  18. May this case i think you would like the food here

  19. Lady G

    I think you would like it


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