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Monday, 26 March 2012

An Afternoon at Sibu Tallest Building and Sibu Heritage Centre

Where to go next? The rest wanted to go for a massage., I wanna run around. Well, Papa drove Mamarazzi and me around the town la.

 The car moved not even 5 minutes, I dozed off.

Not knowing where to hang out, Mamarazzi suggested we pay a visit to the tallest building in Sibu, Wisma Sanyan.

Wah...more Swan statues there.

 Bodek-ed Papa to let me ride this "Motorbike"...a bit small for me or rather am a bit big for it.


Yawn...tired leh... The place more or less similar to KL's shopping complex. Saw Parkson, Guardian, McDonald, KFC and Giant there.

Mamarazzi found this locally made instant noodles at Giant. Highly recommended by a friend. Hence, Mamarazzi bought two Packet of this to bring home.

We set off from Wisma Sanyan and Papa drove around. Mamarazzi said wanted to buy some souvenir back for friends.

we pass by The Sibu  Heritage Centre. Looks pretty  empty but Mamarazzi said she spotted a gift shop opened for business. Papa managed to find a parking.

While Mamarazzi went 'shopping', I roam around. What did she managed to get?

Two pieces of Batik cloth.

Two bead purse

A dinosaur and a crocodile for me.

A set of very beautiful key chain.

Some bracelet for her girl friends.

After her shopping, she brought me to roam around the SIbu Heritage Centre. There was a mini Museum there but we didn't enter as they don't allow to bring camera.

Saw this "chair". Mamarazzi had a bad scared coz was surprised to see it hanging up there. It reminded her of all those Chinese Ghost movies. She wished they don't hang it up there like that.

There was a model of the 7 storey Pagoda with description. However, by then Mamarazzi was tired liao. We headed back to the Cafe where Papa was waiting.

No more energy..... need to re-charge.

Papa ordered some bread for me.

while waiting for the food, I sempat post pulak.

Ngap! hungry

while I was enjoying my bread, Mamarazzi sibuk dragged me outside for photography session pulak.

My "forced" smile.

Another "forced" smile. 

Sumbat (stuffed) everything into my mouth. 

Then can play pebbles liao.

Kungfu Master! See! The pebbles don;t drop punya...


Sigh...Mamarazzi really shop non-stop one. Saw a supermarket next to the Heritage Centre and Papa wanted to get something. Mamarazzi saw these unique dried bird eyes cili.

Bought a packet. When she open up the packet, she can smell that the cili is indeed very spicy. I wondered what she is going to cook with it.

Speaking of post will be about fact a BOAT full of food!


  1. we got lots of those small types of cili here. mostly sold fresh. it's fiery spicy for careful with it aaaa....hehehehe~

  2. Waiyor...your mum really bought A LOT of things in Sibu! Never seen dried cili padi - in fact, I've not dropped by the heritage centre myself. So many nice things - must hop over one of these days...

    Btw, - forgot to tell you all that you can go up the bubble lift to the 27th floor at Wisma Sanyan and come down again. Don't ask me to go with you though - I'm scared of heights! LOL!!!

  3. wow, everybody go massage then you secretly go and find nice place, nice food and nice souvenirs and then show off in front of everyone making them so jealous right?? tsk tsk tsk~~

  4. Ok..this coming trip will drop by Wisma Sanyan to shop...ahaahhah

  5. No wonder your bags overweight la!! now slowly slowly revealing what made them so heavy.. hahaha...

  6. Nice loots in Sibu, especially the beads purse.

  7. Oh, you got yourself a lot of handmade craft there. Good!

  8. wah, really buy non-stop wor, ur luggage got overweight or not :P

  9. hahaha, isit Bodek = No hair?
    Is I dint notice or like this post become your son writing ald, haha, hello boy, your papa so good.

  10. are the bracelets and bead purse all handmade? they look so good, so Malaysian :)

    Latest: Innovative Chinese Buns

  11. Those bracelets are really beautiful, is my kind of thing. I can't stop lol at the little man practicing his kungfu..

  12. Hi SK, nice pics....
    Last time I was in Sibu was back in the '80s.
    Love the food there and the different kinds of people.
    Food different too.
    Best regards.

  13. I can see your little one having so much of fun and at times that got him tired. I think I missed the tallest building and sure a lovely sightseeing to do at Sibu.

    How I wish I would have got hold of the dried chilly padi for my cooking.

  14. Love the bead purses, bracelets and key chains! And so many great pictures of the adorable little guy :)

  15. ha ha ha, the chair does look spooky to me too.......eeeeeee, nanti pontianak jump out........arrrrr lari!

  16. Angel Bear

    here also have fresh ones but surprised to see they have dried ones also

  17. STP purposely omit to mention that is it so that we will come worries..certainly will go again for the good food

  18. Ling

    hahaha got buy extra luggage space or not? Later overweight like us

  19. Sheoh Yan

    Think beads ones are famous there

  20. Rose

    yup since it's local product there

  21. Choi Yen

    of course lah over weight LOL

  22. Karen

    No hair is botak. Debodek means suck up but in here it is meant in a good way

  23. Uncle Lee

    Ya the people there are friendly and more 'close"


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