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Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Story Of My Heaven Premium Ice Cream Cake

Are you bored with my Sibu trip posts yet? There are a lot more to go. After all, we stayed for 5 days.

Well, Mamarazzi think better give it a break and start to post up some back logged posts before they become stale and stinky .

As you know, last month was my birthday and Mamarazzi planned a Birthday party for me at my "school".

Before that, she consulted the Principal on the procedure to go about it and was told that there are only 8 students in my class. No need to buy big cake. We only need to notify the "school" a day early prior to the party.

Ngum ngum.. Mamarazzi had bought coupon for a 1kg Heaven Ice Cream Cake from one of the discount coupon company. She decided to use it since we just need a small cake. She pre-ordered the cake early of the month.

A day before my birthday, she went and notified the Principal. She got a shock when she was told that they had combined my class. Now there are 16 pupils with two teachers.

Alamak!...big enough or not ah the cake...alamak! didn't prepare enough goodies bag and pressie leh. Looks like have to do some last minute shopping.

Nevertheless, we still had to pick up the Ice Cream Cake. Well,  armed with google map, we went and search for the shop.

It was an easy journey as Papa agak-agak(roughly) know the way to the place. Hmm...this must be it.

Yup! The man sitting behind the desk was pretty friendly. We waited at the office while he went into the Production Area to get my cake.

 Is that mine?

Wah! Very beautiful!! Definitely not big enough for 16 pupils. Though its 1kg same as my Angry Bird cake. This one is taller but not wider.

Mamarazzi asked if they have stock for one more cake. The man told her that they do not have stock as they only make the cake as and when customer order. Kira as good coz it means the cake should be fresher, right?

Well, never mind then. We'll keep this cake and have it ourselves. More share for me!.

At the office, I spotted Cup Ice Cream Cake. Papa bought two. One for me and one for himself. Mamarazzi didn't want coz can share with me.

In the car, I was anxious to dig into my beautiful cup of Ice Cream Cake.

Beautiful right? Taste? Mmmm...for you to find out.

Way long after my Birthday, Mamarazzi dug out the Ice Cream Cake from the freezer. Don't worry. The man says can keep up to a maximum of 3 months.

Hmm..why I see Papa do like this got fire but when I do, no fire????


I huffed! I puffed!

Alamak! Two more candles..


Aiks! Papa said Lamb Lamb also want Birthday. Lamb Lamb also nearly as old as me.

 I blow ya? Alamak! Lamb lamb haven't made a wish yet ah...Never mind year lah..


Friday, 30 March 2012

Sight Seeing and Our Second Round Breakfast at Sg Merah, Sibu

Next, Uncle Arthur led us to Wong Nai Siong Garden. Wong Nai Siong was the man who led a large group of FooChows people from China to open up Sibu for cultivation.

And this garden is the historical site where the Foochow immigrants led by Wong Nai Siong landed.

The garden it's quite small but the landscape was pretty impressive.

We had a group photo here. Hmm....after breakfast, Auntie Claire turned into female Incredible hulk become super strong?

Next to the Monument is the Sungai Merah(Red River). Mommy Ling asked my help to guard her Camera Bag while she went to snap some photos of Sungai Merah.

 I feel so proud. So big boy already.

 I also wanna have my photo taken here la. Memorable place.

According to Uncle Arthur " low tide when the water goes downstream, it's like teh-o (tea without milk)...the colour is due to the dried leaves that drop from the trees up river into the water. High tide, the water comes in from the main Rejang River and turns into teh-see (tea with evaporated milk). ". Interesting,  right?

 I count 1,2,3....faster press the button.

Next we "sighted" Ting Villa from a far. It's one of the oldest wooden house there. Amazing. There are still people living there. The house must be full of history.

Next, come run with me to the Kopi O kao kao coffee shop nearby to have breakfast.

Yup... after the sight-seeing session, we headed to Choon Seng Coffee Shop nearby to have our second round of breakfast.

If Mamarazzi is not mistaken, this shop is located at Jalan Wong Ting Hock.
(Note to Mamarazzi : Next time go travelling must snap photo of the road name and shop address too apart from photos of food itself!!!)

What shall I have? From the sign there, one stall is selling Makan Islam(Muslim Food) things like Roti Canai, roti telur..the next stall selling Kampua noodles and the other one is selling fried Keoy Teow...Choices choices choices...

While waiting for the food to arrive, I had some 100 Plus drink. Been drinking that a lot during this trip coz I sweat a lot from all the running. I wonder if 100 Plus company want me to be their brand ambassador ka?

Here comes the Kopi O kao kao(Kao kao means thick/strong). Don't blame me if you can't sleep after drinking this ya.

Yup! In the end I had Roti Canai. It was surprisingly crunchy. Nice !

Then comes the Fried Keoy Teow. Uiks! Unique. Not like the ones we are used to in KL. Here they put the fried egg on top of the Keoy Teow instead of frying it and mixing it with the Keoy Teow.

Being stubborn, Mamarazzi still preferred the Fried Keoy Teow from Brickfields KL compared to this. But I see Papa "syok-syok" (enjoyed) eating the Keoy Teow.

As we were walking back towards the car, Papa saw a fruit stall. I saw they have bananas too. I insisted Papa to get me some.

He got me this bunch of super mini Bananas.

Jeng! Jeng! Can you guess how much did Papa paid for this bunch of bananas?

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ways to Aggravate Customer into A Lawsuit

Be warned. This is a ranting post. Feel free to skip this post. However, should you wish to read through, you may find a few useful tips in how to get a big fat lawsuit slam on your face.

1. Train Your Staff to Pretend to Work or Work Super Slow.

Make sure your staffs are properly train to answer customer's question with phrases like  "We are getting on it", "I'll look through the matter", "I'll get back to you soon" and "I'll check and call your back".

2. Never Returns Calls nor Answers Mail/e-mails

Save electricity, save phone bill and what ever bills for your company by never returning calls to  customer. If customer is earnest enough, they will call again or come and look for you in the office.

3. Make Yourself Unavailable.

When Customer come and look for you in the office, train your staffs to say that you are not available or had gone out "marketing".

If the Customer cornered you, make sure to let the customer know the matter is your priority and hustle the customer out of the office soonest possible. Under no circumstances that you should pick up the phone and check the status of the matter immediately.

4. Deny/Avoid Responsibility

At all times, you must deny responsibility. You may claim that Supplier screw-up, claim that your cat died and even blamed it on Acts of God but at all times, you must remember to DENY and AVOID responsibility.

5. Play Fetch The Stick With Customer.

This game was very popular in Government Departments in the old days. However, Government Department had dropped the game and started the horrible road to providing hassle free customer service.

Your company and staffs should adopt this game. Should you or your company be caught out making a mistake, sweep it under the carpet by throwing a lot of red herring to the customer. Hopefully, customer will be distracted enough that they would forget the matter completely.

6.  Get Androids to Man Customer Service Department.

Make sure that the Customer Service Department at your Big Boss side are manned by Androids in case the Customer got bored of playing fetch the stick. They might make a formal complaint to your Big Boss.

All acknowledgement of complaints MUST NOT be issue before the passing of a forth night.

7. Customer Service Department are to Impersonal All Correspondence

Start off all correspondence to Customer with the word "Dear Sir/Madam". Do not be bother to address them with their proper titles or names although they took the time to write it down for you with their contact numbers attached.

Most important of all, do not give out contact number of the the person in charge of the complaint to the Customer.

8. Pass the Bucket

In all circumstances, Customer Service Department must pass the bucket back to the originating place of complaint.

9. Leave the Customer in the Dark

Put in the following sentence in your correspondence "We are hoping to resolve the matter soon and have addressed the relevant department on the urgency of the matter and we shall advise you on the outcome accordingly."

In no circumstances should you be bother to up dated the customer on the progress of the complaint. Time may tamper with Customer's boiling temper.

In a week or two, if the Customer is earnest they will get back to you. Then you may musical chairs with the Customer all over again.

10. Enter into an Aggressive Defense.

People had always said that "The Best Defense Is A Good Offense".

When Customer mention lawsuit, reply them with the following "We are doing our very best to get things solves to minimize another menace...."

WOW! That would certainly be a great topping on the cake. The matter that the Customer brought up is just "another menace" in your opinion and therefore the Customer is just "another menace" that is there to screw up your day.

Be sure to add insult to injury by stating " Therefore, your cooperation is highly appreciated."

OH YEAH! Great job! Throw the ball back to the Customer. Now the Customer is the one who is not cooperating for daring to mention the word "lawsuit" despite the breach of contract on your side; despite the fact that the transaction should have been completed within TWO MONTHS. At most three months.

Give yourself a pat in the back for you have broke the record as it had taken you SIX MONTHS and nothing has been done. And better still is you have the golden opportunity to tell the Customer that it's back to square one. Everything had to be done all over again.

11. Never Apologize

Apology is a myth. Apology might lead to the issue being amicably solved and you won't get your day in Court.

As stated in the beginning, this is just a ranting post hence the comments function have been disabled. If you had read through this, I hope you had a laugh or two. In the event that the person and the staffs of the Company that I am ranting at stumbled upon this post, I hope that you realised how a tiny matter could turned into a circus. You had the chance to arrest the matter from turning into a circus many times, but you failed.

First Round Breakfast at Soon Hock Cafe & Restaurant and Layer Cake Shopping at Sibu

For our first round of breakfast, Uncle Arthur brought us to this Soon Hock Cafe & Restaurant. If Mamarazzi is not mistaken, this restaurant is near the Ming Mei Shi Seafood Restaurant...or is it not?

So early go eat Soon Hock Fish ka?

Hmm ...doesn't look like Soon Hock fish..Oooooh It's Pian Sip ya? These certainly looked and smell different.

I think Papa likes it coz it has got fried onion on top. The skin was certainly softer and thinner than our Wantan.

Knowing my love for noodles, he purposely ordered a BIG plate of FooChow Fried Noodles for all to try. Said this one suits his taste better than the one we had the other night.

Hmmm...Mamarazzi felt this one is better too coz she can spot eggs on the noodles. And when we went peeking at the kitchen, we can see and hear the "Chef" busy "krang! krang! krang!" churning out noodle delicious noodle with his spatula and hot wok. Chinese would say the noodles have enough "Wok Hei".

Uncle Arthur also ordered a plate of Kampua for each of us. I shared a plate with Mamarazzi as she said she can't finish it all. I know lah. She must have been saving "space" for more  goodies later on.

After makan, Uncle Arthur say wanna bring us to Bandong.

We arrived liao Bandong? Is this Bandong in Indonesia? No? Oohhh..Bandong Road. Got what here?

Wahhhh!! Nasi Kerabu Ikan. If Auntie Marie sees this post sure she will drool.

So this is the famous Horlick Honey that Uncle Arthur posted up in his blog. Mamarazzi didn't buy as she was so sure we can't finish the whole box at one short and our hotel room doesn't have a fridge. Can't keep. Auntie Claire bought one and her son loves it.

Mamarazzi can't help laughing at the label, "minyak lalak"(Lalak Oil). If she is not mistaken, in Malay language "Melalak" means barking. Sometimes used when commenting about people who sings loudly and tunelessly. 

Too bad Mamarazzi didn't buy me this oil or else I could have "melalak" at home. I am hooked on Karaoke after my first trip to the Karaoke. Practice makes perfect, right? Maybe someday I'll be as good as Uncle Arthur, Auntie Quay Po Cooks and Auntie Claire.

Oooh...this stall is famous for its Layer Cakes. There were ALL sorts of layer cakes with funny names like Cheese Cadbury, Astro, krismis rice, Sweet Sour, Idola, Oreo and many more.

Again Mamarazzi did not buy any. It was not that expensive. Ranges between RM20 something to RM40 something. It was color of the cake that deterred her from buying. She thought it looked very sweet.

She thought buying a slice to taste first before she make decision whether worth getting the layer cake or not. But it was very expensive to her. A thin slice cost RM2!. In the end she didn't buy any.

Mmm..boring...never buy anything for me geh!

Wah...the Lady Boss very good at doing business. She saw me and she told me to take a bottle of cold drink from the fridge.

I took a bottle of Ice Cream Soda. Uncle Arthur paid for it!. Thank you Uncle Arthur!

(Photo taken from Mommy Ling's Blog)

When we came back to KL, Mommy Ling gave some of her Oreo Layer Cake for us to try. It tasted very good! Mamarazzi regret not buying one home. This just show like how you can't judge a book by its cover, you can't judge a cake by its coloring too.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Inspector Singh Investigates : A Curious Indian Cadaver

Yay! Good News!

The portly Inspector Singh is back in action!

Mamarazzi just saw the announcement in the author, Ms Shamini Flint's, facebook.
"Inspector Singh Investigates: A Curious Indian Cadaver out on April 5th in UK and elsewhere (and already available for pre-order on"
Check out the terrific looking cover!

Hope she can get her hands on this book soon.

Kompia Making at Seng Wan Bakery, Rejang Park, Sibu

The next morning Uncle Arthur came to our hotel very early to bring us see people making Kompia

The shop is called Seng Wan Bakery located opposite a market at Rejang Park. Interesting looking chicken. too short. Can't see lah... are very tall and strong oh....

Go there! Nearer....I wanna see..

 Hmmm it's like Roti Tempayan. They make the dough then shape it.

 Then they paste it on the wall of the wall of the "crock pot". They still use Charcoal to heat the "crock pot"

When it's done, the Uncle took the Kompia out from the Crock Pot using a stick and a net sort of instrument.

MMmm...fresh from the pot.

 Put into a basket to cool down. The ones with Sesame Seeds are salty

 WHile those without, are sweet. Mamarazzi preferred the sweet ones. Taste so GOOD when dipped into hot Kopi O.

 On the way to our car, we spotted this. Uncle Arthur bought some for us to taste.

It's called Tee Piang. It's made of Soya Bean Pulp according to Uncle Arthur.

But I was too excited to finish the whole piece coz our next destination is our "first" breakfast of the day. heard me right coz there was a second breakfast. 

While in Sibu, we practically ate each meal twice.
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