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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Valentine Day Celebration at Chili's Citta Mall.

We celebrated Valentine Day early

Ahem..pardon me the attire. I was feeling cold so I sort of "borrowed" Mamarazzi's baju to wear.

Mamarazzi loves Chili's and T.G.I.F coz kids gets to eat for free. There are many choice of free kids meal I get to choose from.

Hmm...eeny meany minie moe..I choose this!

 The Jie Jie bought a paper an crayons for me.

Playing around while waiting for food to arrive.

I choose Milo for my drink. It's free flow.

Mamarazzi had Lemonade. Mmmm..sour sour...wonder why Mamarazzi like.

Try Papa punya Coke Light pulak. I like this!

Papa ordered a Cocktail for Mamarazzi

I also sibuk wanna try la

 Ewwww...why adult like this geh....shoo shoo...

ahem..pardon the blur photos coz Mamarazzi had too much of a drink.

 Her favourite Caesar Salad

 New York Strip Steak. Portion rather big. Need to be marinated longer.

 Papa's mixed grill. Everything were perfect except for the Chicken which was a bit dry.

My "Country Chicken Bites with Fries". Delicious.

I love the fries.

Wow...February sure a lot of Birthdays. While we were there, there were at least 3 tables celebrating Birthdays.  Wish I could celebrate Birthday here coz saw they gave the Birthday Boy and Birthday girl a BIG plate of Ice Cream..Yummmmmm..


  1. nice valentine treat!

  2. i also love Chili's lor.. their food are nice, and furthermore i love their generous portion and bottomless fruit juice, wakakakaka!! kids eat for free, errr, none of my business yet lah~~

  3. happy post valentine's day.. :) so you celebrated at a restaurant.. i did it at home! XD hehe

  4. Uh, oh...getting a little tipsy;) If you can't do that on Valentine's, then when?:)

  5. Whoaaaa so many food drooling for that :D

  6. Nice food and celebration. Mamarazzi must be very happy indeed :)

  7. Chili's portions are very big big one.. westerner's style..

  8. yupp...lot of February babies.

  9. No wonder u look weird in that cloths ~~ lol

  10. Wah, Anak Kucing likes leafy vegie one, that great! I hope my anak will learn frm him too, eat more leafy vegie!

    Ohhh... Birthday boy and gals got free ice cream kah, next time go Chilis loh if celebrate their Big day!

  11. Haha....can mah, J and Papa hold birthday here, both punya birthday also coming soon...hehehe.

  12. Yes I love Chilli's too. I always order their classic margarita like the feeling of a little tipsy. Hehe

  13. Yes I love Chilli's too. I always order their classic margarita like the feeling of a little tipsy. Hehe

  14. I know your birthday and your papa's birthday are also in Feb... coming soon! Can go eat again and get free cake/ice-cream. Tony Roma's also got wor and their free kiddy meal is so much more generous and nicer! :)

  15. Big big portion of food here! Next time celebrate your birthday here so can get free meal and free ice-cream too! :)

  16. SK

    err...can i tag along ah? Me eat free leh

  17. Isaac

    People say "yi yan sai kai"

  18. Claire

    big big portion also can finish hehehe

  19. Ling

    ya lo....within 1 many bday songs

  20. Alice

    Not really like vege lo...kena mamarazzi sumbat to eat vege

  21. QPC

    yikes....sure Mamarazzi become lobster face again

  22. Chloe.

    if not mistaken, your mommy bday is the same date also wor :)

  23. Lenglui witch

    either Chili's, TGIF or Tony Romas lo

  24. either i was short changed or i have a huge appetite. the steaks are nice but not enough to fill my tummy:-(

  25. Nice your kung fu fighter. What steak is that? Have to strip one kah? Muahahahaha!!!!

  26. Great way of celebration Valentine's Day with your little one also.

    Among all I like the Caesar salad and that refreshing drink.

  27. Oooh, I want some of that steak!

  28. hahahhah...i just comment on Chili's, here is the Chili's post! I love their food.

    We went Chili's for lunch during Chinese New Year.

  29. Happy Belated Valentine Day Small Kucing!

  30. missyblurkit

    LOL...ya size was not that big but okay for us

  31. STP

    Ya have to do strip dance one...wanna see i do that?


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