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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Unexpected Trip To Morib Beach

Sunday morning, Papa brought us to McDonald coz I wanna go to the Playland there.

 Mamarazzi had the Crispy McChicken Muffin. McDonald also celebrating Valentine's Day?

Later on, Papa asked where would I like to go and I told him I wanna go to "pantai"(beach). Papa said it's too hot. Maybe we go later in the evening la.

That was how we end up at Pantai Morib.

Although it was 6p.m. in the evening, the sun was still scorching hot

 Uiks! what's that?

Monkeys! Hmm...they can hunting for leftover food that some "untidy" picnickers left. 

 Hot ah.....what is that in the sky?

 Wah.....people "flying"

Flying so low that one of them nearly "langgar"(hit) my kite. He/she swerved just in time. Kena Mamarazzi "HOI!"

 Eeee.....what is that? So many holes on the beach.

Got baby crab coming out.

Me go me hunt.

 Got me two baby crabs



 Nice but geli-geli. I don't wanna hold. Let Papa hold.

Some people playing by the beach. The "flying" people come back gain. One of them flown quite low. Nearly hit the head of someone who scamper out of the way. Naughty naughty!

Don't come near me or else I send one Kung Fu Crab flying at you!
 Time to build my Sand Castle. Race with Mamarazzi.

 Mamarazzi won. Valentine Day Sand Castle.

Hmmm...wokay time lo...time to go off and hunt for Ice Cream pulak!


  1. wah, maybe the kitchen crew say mamarazzi so "leng lui" then purposely shape the chicken patty into love shape lor.. haha!! tomorrow go again and see still the same or not?? :D

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! Sorry I've been missing lately...out of town, but back now in the swing of things! Catching crabs on the beach is so fun!

  3. oooh! havent been there yet, thanks for this post, I've googled up where is Morib beach and will go down there one of these days

    Latest: Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial Party

  4. Daddy's home? Nice eh? Can go rayau-rayau... Have fun!

  5. SK..auntie pernah pi sekali aje ke pantai morib, pastu auntie terus rasa eksyen sebab auntie was soo used to golden sand beach di terengganu...:) he he he...terus auntie tak pi dah morib....teruk kan auntie..

  6. That's how u ended up in Tanjung 38..ehehhehe

  7. Small Kucing so cute in that sunglasses... hehe...

  8. Happy Valentine's Day, picnic at beach can be quite romantic also wor... :)

  9. How romantic... walking along the beach on Valentine's Day! :)

  10. good thing you didn't go to the chicken fast-food place - i heard the workers can get violent!!

  11. oh this is so much fun. is this morib beach near the sepang gold coast resort?

  12. ahahhahaa what a story!!!
    super interesting! it's almost like scripted LOL

  13. Happy Valentine's Day! :) Beach is perfect for pakto! :D


  14. nice photo shoot!
    it's nice memory for kids.

  15. Papa so sayang you... wanna go beach, he straightaway brought you there. I'm sure you had lots of fun at the beach!

  16. Aiya, go McD, didn't go to Shah Alam KFC meh? ha ha ha!

  17. Courtney

    Hope you have enjoyed the holidays :)

  18. Auntie Marie

    ye la...but skarang pantai kat mana mana pun tak bersih dah :(

  19. Choi Yen

    Happy Valentine Day to you too. Romantic ah...hmm....maybe later in the evening la..the time we went the sun were still very bright :p

  20. Mommy to Chumsy

    Hmm you mean Bagan Lalang? Think Bagan Lalang is nearer.

  21. Rad

    Just recording the journey :)

  22. Chloe

    if later later sure forget mah

  23. I can see you all had a wonderful Vals celebration..The weather over here was very terrible so i decided to celebrate indoors though..In between i really love the tail on his hair, he looks really cool with it. Enjoy your week..

  24. So long did not go Morib beach. Now I scare the heavy traffic from KLANG to Banting..

  25. May

    Ya we did had a great time by the beach :)

  26. May

    Sunday the traffic not bad la.


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