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Friday, 17 February 2012

TGIF IOI Mall, Puchong

CNY people go Low Sang, Mamarazzi and friends pulak go western restaurant.

 Wah! Got my name leh....I can eat for Free leh.

wanna order what ah?

 Free flow of soft drinks.

My Strawberry Surprise 

Hmm...tarak surprise pun. I drink Mamarazzi's coke better la

Jie Jie had "noodle".

I had fish and fries.
Generously distributing my Fish and Fries for everyone to have a bite

Mix platter for everyone to share. The "popiah" and the Chicken wings were good but the Potatoes skin were not as good. Room for improvement.

Papa's burger. The meat were a bit dry. But the fries were perfect.

 I poke..and poke and poke...

 Jeng! Jeng! "New" Burger in the house . This is what I call "Porcupine Burger"!

 Mamarazzi's moo moo...yum yum...the sauce makes it more delicious.

 Mini dessert.

 Everyone share share ah...

Not Mini Dessert. Super rich. Needs to be share else sure one person can't finish this alone.

T.G.I.F nice place to be. Friendly staffs and nice environment. Food just need a bit more improvement only and it would be perfect .


  1. good mah, bringing small kucing to go to those western restaurant to eat for free~~ so smart!! :D

  2. We just went last night to finish off the free fajitas and mini desserts coupons we got on previous visit during CNY too!

  3. I always like their fries.

    If the meat is dry, dip into the special sauce will become good..ahahhaha

  4. wow recently you have been frequenting a lot of these franchise restaurants, Tony Roma's, TGIF.. Nom Nom NOm!

  5. Good to eat for free.. hehe~~~

  6. aiyo, why play food like that? The bun still got people want to eat? >.<

  7. I could use one of those desserts right now--yum! And free is always nice. :)

  8. I think TGIF food not as good as before? Last time i like to eat at TGIF a lot while i still work in KL. Now i prefer Chili's than TGIF.

  9. Ask Auntie Veron, porcupine burger or concubine burger LOL

  10. Maybe you must have had enough of all the goodies for CNY and the western food works wonders for a change.

    I won't jump up on the food at TGIF but sure its a treat once a while. You know the kind of food I will drool is always the typical Malaysian ones.

  11. 'Lou Hau Sui' just looking at Mamarazzi's moo moo dish!! yummy!

  12. You did arts and crafts in TGIF? Nice Porcupine Burger there hehe!

  13. I went for dinner at Friday for only once. :( maybe I will visit them in this coming visit. :)

  14. whoaaaa so many food la... hahaha poke and poke and poke love the caption :P

  15. OMG those look soooo good! I would love to have the desserts! Yum!

  16. I want a porcupine burger too!! LOL

  17. Had their western meal before and their portion real huge!

  18. Isaac

    Chili's la..not Tony Roma :p

  19. Prince and Princess mom

    you are right

  20. Choi Yen

    no worry...Papa will wollap :p

  21. Annie

    Depends on branch and staffs kot

  22. Nava

    once in awhile lo :)

    Coz CNY all Chinese restaurant mostly full and price rocket sky high.

  23. Tanntoot

    no worries...come of these days come makan

  24. Meitzeu

    the Subang Parade branch is quite nice

  25. Christina

    marketable right the Porcupine Burger :)


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