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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Superb Morning at Vistana Hotel, Kuantan

Today, Saturday, begins another long weekend. Next Monday and Tuesday is Public Holiday again. Where are you headed to?

Last week, I had a great time at Vistana Hotel. 

When we check-in, I saw the Vistana Hotel have swimming pool. I wanted to go but Papa and Mamarazzi said tomorrow.

The next morning I was excited. Papa and Mamarazzi wanted to go downstairs to have complimentary Buffet Breakfast but I wanted to go swimming.

 In the end, we compromised. All of us had breakfast by the pool side as the Coffee House was located by the pool.

I got my wish.

While Papa and Mamarazzi had their relaxing breakfast by the pool.

Selection of food there are quite good. They replenish the tray very fast. Food were kept warm.

I love the most there is Nasi Lemak. I ate the whole plate of it by myself.

Mamarazzi's coffee.

 While swimming, I saw there is a "water fountain" at the side.

 Naughty Papa asked me to climb up and sit down.

Weeee.... hmmm...I can "wee" so far ah.

After an hour or so of playing in the pool, Papa and Mamarazzi said enough. 
 And we proceed to go into the Coffee house to have a sitdown breakfast. Found my "twin" there.
Freshly made Roti Canai.

 I queue up and got one for Papa and one for myself.

 Hmmm....order some more...

 Hot from the Kitchen. Scramble Eggs with baked beans and scrambled eggs with sausages. fruit some more full already leh.

 La~la~la~la~ bubble bath time. Wash ah wash ah wash away the chlorine water. 

Mmm....after a nice warm bath....tie to chill out with my Pringles in front of the television. Just waiting for time to check out and begin the journey home again.


  1. nice holiday..I will be heading to Tpg this sun..

  2. Looks like a fun time was had by all! I love to swim in the hotel swimming pools - especially the indoor ones in the winter time!!

  3. I stayed at the Vistana in KL a few times, nice hotel but location not so good. This one must be in the same chain. The scrambled eggs...not bad, room for improvement. Watch out for my post...

  4. So good, Malaysia next mon and tue holiday...

  5. wau, such a relaxing morning, I love it!

  6. wow, so nice holiday huh?? actually one major thing i enjoy staying in hotel is the luxurious spread of breakfast buffet, haha~~

  7. Nice holiday you had there. No plans for the long weekends, rotting at home lo.. Hahaha...

  8. i'd wish to go on vacation during this holidae, but exam is too near that i can't do so :(

    Latest: Must-Eat Before CNY Ends!

  9. nice holiday! So cute the 'wee wee pic'

  10. wenn

    it was. Your Taiping Trip also nice lhe

  11. STP

    Location wise this one ok la. Behind it got food court

  12. Inspired Mom1x

    LOL can do other activities lo


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