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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Second Part of The Journey.

Well, I was feeling a bit sleepy after the "exciting" morning. Doze off a bit in the car. 

But my sleep kept being interrupted by various stops. Sometimes for petrol, sometimes for a visit to the Little Boys Room and some times for shopping like this. 

Earlier on she had bought some Dried Shrimps and Dried Squid from Chiang Kee at Kemaman. But when Papa asked wanna stop at another shop, Hasil Laut Kiah Kee at Gambang(Address: Batu 8, Jalan Gambang,25150, Kuantan, PahangTel:609-5382455) or not, she said yes.

Wah...there were quite a lot of people stop by this shop to get dried products despite it's being Chinese New Year.

Some Chinese would "Pantang" (taboo), buying dried goods like salted fish, dried shrimps, dried squids and similar things as it is considered not auspicious. Dried is = dead.

Anyway, this shop is certainly well stocked. There were so many sea products to choose from. Not that pricey also.

Here are some of the things that Mamarazzi managed to get. Some Dried Oyster/Mussel(not sure what is it called), dried fish crackers, Salted fish and some ready to eat sesame anchovies.

Then off we went again. The journey this round was real smooth. No traffic jam at all.

Pretty soon, we arrived Bentong

Auntie CC had reminded Mamarazzi that there will be a lot of Durian Stalls around this area as it is now Durian Season.

Mamarazzi siap brought a lot an empty Tupperware to grab some durians.

 Uiks...looks like the owners were well prepared. They have had containers ready for customers to tapau the durian home.

While waiting for the man to pack the Durians, I play "Wong Fei Hung" pulak...Hehhehehe...the tent did not collapse

 Yummy yummy.....super nice....some of it have very tiny seeds. 

Just nice to eat while watching my favourite Jake and The Pirate show...ahem ahem...Mamarazzi can move aside a bit ah? You are blocking lah.


  1. dried seafood is nice!!!! My fav is still the dried sotong^^

  2. Good to hear that the journey was at least smooth. I can see he is having a great time. Are you in China now?

  3. Haizzz... so superstitious buat apa? This kenot, that cannot..kalau benda nak jadi, jadi jugak, no matter what you do to prevent it... correct or not?

  4. Go more often, small kucing.. so much to eat, so much to see, so much to enjoy!

  5. wow, so good, got container for tapao some more!

  6. bought half of Terengganu home kah? LOL!!!

  7. haha, not all dried products are not auspicious lah.. maybe only salted fish and vegetables.. others like abalone, sea cucumber and scallops are popular food for CNY leh..

  8. Dont eat too many durian,small kucing. Heaty har!!! :0

    But glad that you guys enjoying the road trip

  9. Yummy durians.. sapu so many dried seafood!~ shuang!

  10. I can go for dried seafood all the time, in fact so addicted to ikan kering and ikan bilis. However, I have stop cooking so often because high salt content is getting to my body.

  11. Durian....looks super yummy.

  12. Xjion

    LOL...thare are a lot there

  13. Auntie Cleff

    But too much Ikan Masin not good also la

  14. SK

    Scallop...yummm...makes me drool liao

  15. Nava in moderation then ok

  16. mummy moon

    they are heavenly right?


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