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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Restaurant Golden Sun, Jalan Kuchai Lama, Off Old Klang Road

  Finally finished November posts....gua...unless Mamarazzi dug up something else.

 Last December we had lunch at Golden Sun Restaurant.

 The "appetiser" came first. A bit of spicy thingy. Spicy but nice.

 While waiting for the food to be served, we had their Dim Sum.

 Bouncy Fish Balls

 Delicious Siew Mai

 And Har Kow though the skin were a bit thick.

 Braised Sharkfin Soup with Shredded Abalone and Crab Meat at a promotional price of RM8-80++.

 Super sweet and yummy Patin fish. Tender.

Asparagus with some sort of clams. Too bad the asparagus was not that young.

Another favourite of everyone. Herbal Chicken. The "soup" goes great with white rice.

Last but not least, Chef recommended noodle. Hmm...taste ordinary.

Overall it has been an enjoyable experience dining here. Service was quite fast though they play the music a bit too loud and one of the staffs there was talking rather loudly to his colleagues which marred the experience a bit. But don't let this hinder you from visiting the restaurant. The food there was rather good.


  1. so the conclusion is average, since there are tender fish but old asparagus, nice chicken but ordinary chef's recommendation?? :p

  2. You show us a lot of colorful, unique foods here...Nice

  3. Awww he looks soo adorable plus the food looks delish

  4. OK, it wont hinder me.. loud music and loud voices are fine.. as long as the food taste great!

  5. herbal chicken would be nice..

  6. Normally we will pass by this restaurant when we go top up the groceries at NSK. Hmmm..Next time, must give a try.

  7. Not crazy over the looks of the siew mai but the har kau looks great. Ooooooohhhhhh!!!! Save the sharks!!! LOL!!!

  8. November posts? wow, meaning you have not started with december and january photos? it's already nearing the end of feb. you do have a lot to share! :)

    Latest: Pin Xiang Restaurant Aman Suria

  9. That patin is the best, healthy and plenty of nutrients.

  10. Yeah the food there not bad and price very affordable too. Plus parking is easy. :)

  11. I planning to have my wedding dinner ler, seem very grand there!
    especially the escalator

  12. oh my cod. my mommeh is drooling. we lives in New York but she looooooves asian foods. she wented to Thailand a couple months ago and from what i hears all she did was E-A-T. can you sends us some of your delishus noms by email? MOL! lovely to meets you and your preshus fambly. come visits!

  13. Kim

    Over here got a large variety of food

  14. STP

    save dont save end result will same

  15. Isaac

    Ya la....long time to sort

  16. Chee Yee

    ya ..they have dim sum buffet

  17. Wendy

    many people hold their wedding there. Price is good and the food too


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