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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Quest for the Balls and Dinner at Restaurant Ban Joo Hing, Tanjung Sepat.

 Wah...playing by the sea very tiring and thirsty leh. Lucky Mamarazzi pandai(clever). She took along some ice cold 100 plus in the Cooler bag.

Where are we going next ah? Food hunting ah? Me hungry too. Good idea wor, Papa. Ya, let's go Tanjung Sepat to have dinner. Wanna hunt for some balls balls.

Is it here?'s only dried shrimps...naughty Papa push my head on the plastic of shrimps when I went and sniff sniff there.

Phew! Ikan Masin(salted fish). Auntie Litte of these days  you must certainly come here...can play by the beach and borong salted fish.

Can't find the balls anywhere.

 Since both Restaurant Ocen and Restaurant Lovers Bridge are full of people, we decided to have our dinner at a nearby restaurant. It's called Restauran Ban Koo Hing.

Hmm...not many people here. Is it a sign? Well, let's try it.

Surprised surprised...after we ordered our food, a lady came and sell Fish Balls and all sort of sea products. Mamarazzi bought some fish balls, fish cakes and fish wantan. Taste delicious!

 Looks like I have a secret admirer back there.

First dish came. Seong Thong Lala(Clam Soup) RM12. Alamak...Papa told them don't put Cili Padi. They forgot and put.

Spicy but the Lala(clams) were very fresh and juicy.

 Stir-fried Sweet Potatoes Leaves RM7. Taste okay.

Fried Squid RM15. Papa said it's chewy.

 Let me try... ah...nice. Just nice. In fact, I managed to finish almost the whole plate of this with Mamarazzi's help.

Crab Fried Bihun. Bet someone in New Zealand would be drooling. RM50. The Crab taste delicious! Mamarazzi said the bihun was a bit oily for her, But both Papa and me feels it tasted okay.

Papa liked the Clams so much that we ordered another plate of it. This round we had Steamed Clams. Also taste very good. The soup tasted even better without the Cili Padi.

Yay! Found another good place to eat. Hmmm ...weird.... coz Mamarazzi noticed that the two tables seated near us were locals. Could this restaurant be the food hunt for the locals in Tanjung Sepat? Have we inadvertently came across the secret shop of Tanjung Sepat?

Here is the address just in case you wish to drop by and have a try : Restaurant Ban Joo Hing, Jalan Senangin 3, 42800 Tangjung Sepat Laut, Kuala Langat Selangor. Tel : 019-3667366


  1. fuyoh!! nice woh, after a tiring day playing on the beach, and after the "lost-and-found" fishballs, definitely can eat more happily one.. i like the squid and beehoon lor~~

  2. We typically go to Ocen if we are in Tg Sepat. Can't remember if we've tried Ban Joo Hing before. Maybe next trip :-)

  3. Go there? Good idea... but auntie dowan to go there. Auntie wanna live by the beach. Very tired of living in the city liao. Too complicated.

  4. Yum! Yum! Food looks good! But why the fish balls not round one? Like fried quail eggs...

  5. Love the secret admirer picture - too cute!

  6. gosh... so torturing this post is! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. crab beehoon! yummeh. been looking for good ones.!

  8. Those salted fish looks like a must have.. Won't mind having some.. My husband is a great fan of sea food.

  9. Seeing your photos make me wanna go there for a meal..

  10. Did you try the famous mui chai pau, not bad wor!

  11. i love the crab fried meehoon especially the one in port klang :)

    Latest: Look out for the Haven!

  12. The locals normally eat at restaurants that are not so!

  13. A Mom's Diary

    We usually go to the Lover bridge which is next to ocen but that day both restaurant were full

  14. Auntie Cleff

    Mana mana pun sama aje.

  15. Claire

    Muhahahaha...opps...lupa warn u pulak

  16. Missyblurkit

    try's quite good

  17. May

    wow...if you come here sure it would be like heaven for you

  18. Prince and princess mom

    It's not a bad place to be

  19. Sonia

    This round we didnt buy any coz we arrived quite late. Shop closed

  20. Fish

    Yup...and there is one pretty good at Bandar Putri Puchong

  21. The lala is getting to me Kathy, tak boleh tahan after looking at the pics.

  22. Nava

    Tak tahan then must pay Tanjung Sepat a visit lor :)


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