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Friday, 3 February 2012

A Poor Service and Poor Attitude Restaurant

Mamarazzi is not going to name the restaurant here coz she knows that sometimes people would make the mistake thinking that she is RECOMMENDING this restaurant. Moreover, why should she advertise and rise the google rank for this restaurant in view of the poor service received.

Mamarazzi wanted to try out the Ikan Bakar, Papa brought us to Tangjung Lumpur which is famous for seafood. They have been to Tanjung Lumpur before and had eaten at a different restaurant which they received good service?

This round they went to a different restaurant. They just "tembak"(randomly picked) a restaurant that seems to have quite a lot of customers. Food must be good there, right?

When we were seated, a man who took our order had a "selamba" face. We ordered drinks. Papa started to order our food.

Papa ordered fish. The man pointed to the counter. He did not explain properly but we caught on that fish is to be ordered at the counter.  When Papa tried to order other seafood, the man again point to the counter.

Mamarazzi started to wonder at the man's attitude. It was like there are gold instewad his mouth which he refused to open in case the gold drop out.

Or could it be he is having sore throat or what? But when we order side dishes, the man was able to speak properly.

After he took our order, Mamarazzi started to observe that man. She saw that the man attitude changed when he takes order from his own race while other race. Hmm...that means the face doesn't have a sore throat. Maybe he just doesn't like our face or the color of our skin kot?

After a long wait, some of our food arrived. Kerabu Mango. Taste good as the mango was crunchy.

Papa ordered RM2 of Sata, but Keropok Lekor that came. We told the little boy that we did not order Keropok Lekor.

Mamarazzi observed from her seat that the Keropok lekor/Sata vendors was gesturing at the "waiter". In the end, the Sata came.

 Mixed Vegetable. Portion was rather small.

 Telur Dadar(omelette) for me. It was rather oily. Can you see the oil in the hole there?.

 6 big prawns cooked with Soya Sauce. The prawns were fresh. 

Jenahak Grilled Fish. You can gauced roughly what was the size of the fish based on the two bowls of sauce on the top.

After tasting the Sambal, Mamarazzi said she still preferred the one from Warong Katana.

Squid cooked with Tumeric. The Squid was fresh.

At the counter, total bill comes up to RM102. When Papa asked for a detail break down of the bill as he feels that it was a tad expensive. The Cashier verbally told him the Prawns, Squid and Fish cost was RM77 while the rest of the food are RM22.

While he was at the counter, he observed that when other customers request for a detail bill, they were given a detailed receipt. Hence, Papa also requested a detailed bill.  The Cashier wrote him a receipt which state "Makan Malam- RM102" instead of with a detailed break down.

Although seafood price have rise during the festive season, Mamarazzi feels that RM77 is still a rather hefty price.

Mamarazzi observe the price stated in their sign board :

Fruit Juice RM4(big- we had 2)    RM8.00
White Rice                                      RM3.00
Sata                                                   RM2.00
Mix Vege                                          RM3.50
Telur Dadar                                      RM1.20
Sub-total                                          RM17.70
Less                                                (RM22.00)
Kerabu mango                                 RM7.30   

Price of kerabu was not stated at the signboard.  Mamarazzi feels that the RM7.30 for the kerabu Mango was expensive.

Although the seafood was fresh, but we certainly would not go there again with the slow service service and the poor attitude.


  1. It always sucks to get a bad attitude when paying way too much for food!

  2. Food also looks teruk...except the squid.

  3. wow, this is rather bad!! bad service, discrimination, unethical charging, and what else?? so this place is in Terengganu?? Tanjung Lumpur, luckily not Kuala Lumpur, i think a very rare chance i will be there lah..

  4. I detest the double standard.. yes, boi-kot! :)

  5. hai SK...wah, so teruklah mamarazi kena dgn harga tu, tak patut lah orang tu buat cam tu bad lah..

    auntie tak pernah makan ikan bakar kat tanjung lumpur tu tapi orang kata femeslah...auntie kalau nak ikan bakar, suka pi melaka kat serkam pantai...murah dan sedap..cuma kalau pi lepas kul 8 mlm, memang lambat sikitlah nak dpt makan sebab orang penuh...

  6. So racist one this restaurant. I would not go back too... summore simply slaughter people. Hmmph!!

  7. whoa so expensive one... bad service some more maybe that waiter havent brush his tooth and probably he had bad breath hehehe thats why he dont talk.. takut all the customer run because of it :D

  8. Christina

    That's why Mamarazzi so angry

  9. STP

    Food wise acceptable la..except from the mix vege. But price wise and attitude need a lot of improvement

  10. SK profile pic wor...nice.

    This place is in Kuantan. Bad luck lar. So many nice restaurant there, we went and choose this one.

  11. Claire

    That one needless to say la. One time water fish already leh. If friend tak apa la. at least give 3 chances la.

  12. Marie

    Last time pernah makan kat Tj lumpur. Pun pakai tembak punya. The restaurant food ok and service ok.

    Kali ni tembak tak kena pulak..kena perangai macam ni pulak. Geram betul.

  13. Mell-O

    wakakakaka...betul tu....or maybe gigi sakit kot

  14. Not being "racist" but i do observed those attitude also frankly speaking

  15. so expensive and plus the food dun look nice ler. so terrible. racist mia place.

  16. Hey, I was just posted a write-up of a lousy service from a restaurant!


  17. horrible service. perhaps you should mention the name so that people can avoid going there :) i hate going to a restaurant where the staff is unfriendly and rude!

  18. Bad service definitely a step off for me!

  19. Lousy service and overpriced food are two big no no when it comes to restaurant :/

  20. I hate bad service too. Sometimes these people behave as though they are giving us free food and that shows in their attitude and behavior.

    I sure like some of those you have tasted esp the kerabu mango but do support you boycotting this place in the near future.

    Btw, I am on my travel venture again and thats why cannot comment on you blog regularly. Will try my best from time to time.

  21. Gosh I have come across this situation many times before, either waiters or those who work at supermarkets. In fact the other day my mum told off this supermarket staff who seemed only able to smile and talk to those of the same race as her. So much for 1Malaysia!

  22. Nava

    if they are clever, they give standard service to everyone then people will recommend the place. But this is not the case.


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