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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pesta Nenas(Pineapples) at Sg Ular, Kuantan

Previously we bought pineapple from Kampung Kubang Ikan for Ah Mah while on the way back to K.Trengganu. However, the stall was not open the last few rounds that we went back

Hence this round we stopped by this "PESTA NENAS" stall which is at Sungai Ular, Kuantan and got some pineapples for Ah Mah. It's located at the main road, so it's kinda hard to miss.

The fruit were indeed very very.

That was why on our journey home, Papa decided to stopped there again to get some more pineapples.

Some are being sold by piles while some are sold by kilogramme.Usually, a pile cost RM10. If small fruits you can get 5 fruits to a pile. 

Papa opted for those RM10 for 3. The size were quite big.

 For me, I wanted to choose my pineapples. many kilos....

 not enough.....

 Must take one more....BOSS! Kira!

 Observed some astonishing sights....Pineapple grows on trees?

 Huh? On tiang?'s decoration only ya....

Just too bad when we got home, we found 8 out of the 10 pineapples stem had turned black and the bottom starts to rot. Must be due to being coop up in the car too long.

In this case, it's unfit to be given out as gift. Papa managed to walloped most of it while given some to friends whom we know would be understanding and does mind the slight "damaged" fruit.

Do check out this Pineapple Stall if you happens to pass by there.


  1. Oooh, I love fresh pineapple!! I really need to get some, it's been a long time since I had any.

  2. Pineapple grows on trees? How real is this? Wow i have never seen such before.

  3. So cheap... Can make pineapple tarts...or pineapple chutney.

  4. hahaha, i thot it's really some Pineapple Festival, cheh, the name given to that stall only ah?? errr, bought so much but all "damaged" already ah?? very "gik sum" hor mamarazzi..

  5. Nowadays they sell those honey pineapples.. they are very sweet..

  6. Makes me think of pineapple tarts, hehe....

  7. i love i can take pineapples but the most i can take is just a few small mouthfuls unless its pineapple tarts (which means i can eat a few more mouthfuls).

  8. Next time buy green ones.....they ripen too fast....yellow ones normally can only last one day

  9. Wow~ my mouth felt "sour" when I see those pineapples. haha :D


  10. Auntie Cleff

    Glad yours one is edible

  11. May

    Nah...the stall just tie it up the tree as decorations

  12. SK

    Only the bum bum blacken. STill can eat. Kira ok lo. Can still eat one. Only that it's not nice to give people la.

  13. Claire

    Yes, these are the honey ones

  14. Sharon

    Mamarazzi dun like Pineapple but love Pineapple tarts

  15. Pete

    The Pineapples there were all yellows. Have alredy asked for those not so ripe punya. But coz in the car overnight the pineapple have become ripe lo and "kuk tho" also

  16. Missyblurkit

    Mamarazzi hates pineapple but love pineapple tarts

  17. Meitzeu

    Mamarazzi dun like Pineapple too. :p

  18. Wow, that's a lot of pineapples! :D I like pineapple only when they are sweet (:

  19. Nice how the used the pineapples for the display and that is so unique. Btw, I like pineapples very much, just that lazy to kupas the kulit for it takes up so time. I normally make fresh juice out of it.

    Btw, the price is really reasonable and worth the buy.

  20. aww he looks so adorable nice pick with the pineapples

  21. this is rather interesting.. so many pineapples!

  22. Nava

    Me too lazy to kupas the skin


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