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Monday, 6 February 2012

Persimmon of Malaysia?

Not long ago, we travelled to Ipoh and at of of the Rest Area, Mamarazzi spotted a Fruit Vendor selling this fruit.

She had never seen this fruit before. The Vendor told her it's "Malaysian Persimmon".

Out of curiosity, she bought two fruit. Not cheap. RM12/kg. Two fruit already weight around 700gm.

Came home, we cut the fruit. The pulp was translucent white. Texture was a bit like Duku. Taste sweet but not as sweet as Persimmon.

Discovered that there is only one pip in the fruit. Hmm....maybe can plant this? The vendor said the tree is not that tall.

Does anyone know what is the real name of this fruit? Mamarazzi wanna know.


  1. hmmm, i have never seen this fruit before!! looks like a pear/apple but the flesh texture just looks like a persimmon (only this is translucent white).. err, how does it taste like actually??

  2. Hey Small Kuching and mommy Kuching,here wishing you all a Happy Chap Goh Mei ya

  3. I've never seen such fruit either here in the country...

    What's the taste like? Orange or lime like?

  4. Hever seen. You plant, got fruit can give to me, k? LOL!!!

  5. wow! unique! i did see before at the rest house there. but never try it. i was surprised that the flesh looks like that! i was thinking maybe like pear or something. haha

  6. I don't know either , this fruit is new to me.

  7. Something new, Malaysia can grow persimmon? Not bad man!

  8. Thanks for sharing two of these with me, Mamarazzi...I also never seen them before till you gave me.. not cheap hor!

  9. Its also new to me in fact I am not sure whether I have seen this fruit before. However, I am all in for fruits and let it be any type because its part of my diet to eat fruits as much as I can.

  10. Sorry I can't be of much help, I've never seen the fruit before. Not here in Spain or in Venezuela, where I'm from...
    Anyway, was it good?
    See you around and thanks for stoping by

  11. Oh my, thanks for sharing this. This is my very first time seeing this fruit. Really cool!
    Happy 'Yuen Xiao Jie' to you & your family and hope you're having a lovely evening.

  12. Nver seen this fruit before. is it good?

  13. SK \

    taste sweet but not as sweet as persimon

  14. Henry

    Hope that it ill be available more and then we will know what is it

  15. Sonia

    looks like nobody knew..only Henry has seen it

  16. Veron

    Long time already la..they have Persimon in Cameron highland

  17. Claire

    I thought you would have seen it

  18. Nava

    eating fruit is good. But mamarazzi is lazy to cut the fruit.. Only buys thse that dont require a lot of work to cut :p

  19. Lolo

    thanks for dropping by again :)

  20. Hello kitty cat i believed what u have here is abiu also known by some chinese in cantonese as wong kam ko aka direct translation golden fruit. Yes it is grown in tropical countries originally from south america.

    On the other hand my friend in kajang has grown a persimmon tree from seed. It is now taller than a 2 storey house. And after more than 6 years it has just flowers n i hoped they will become fruits.......

    Crazy about growing exotic fruit tree :-)

    I am at sunnyfreeze in facebook

  21. This is the Abiu fruit from South America. Imported fruit. I have it in my garden in Kuching. Not a local Malaysian fruit. It is closely related to the Calmito.

  22. This is the Abiu fruit from South America. Imported fruit. I have it in my garden in Kuching. Not a local Malaysian fruit. It is closely related to the Calmito.


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