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Sunday, 26 February 2012

My "HIGH" Birthday

 Right after my class on Thursday, Papa and Mamarazzi bought me go "jalan-jalan" at 1Utama.

Bob the Builder here I come!

There! The Friso Gold thingy that Mommy Ling have been talking about. But hungry leh...go makan 1st.

 We decided to have Teppayaki at Food Republic

 Drooling liao..

 Mamarazzi and Papa had Moo Moo set.

 while I had the mushroom set. 

 However, I started to feel cold half way eating.

Mamarazzi touched my forehead and felt it was a bit warm.

 But I was still very active. Even managed to run here and there at the "bridge". Posing some more.

After that we went for the Friso thingy. It was fun...i was catching frogs and butterflies. 

As I was "painting", it happened!. BUWEKKKKK!!!! I "spray painted" the screen with the rice and what not from my tummy. I started to feel unwell. We didn't finish the game and we went home instead. Hmm...must have caught some virus some where.

Mamarazzi gave me some Fever medicine. That night, my temperature instead of going down, it shoot up high. I was shivering and breathing was ragged.Vomited again and no more energy liao. Lembik like Taufu Fa.

In the morning, Papa and Mamarazzi brought me to the Clinic. Temperature was 39.4C. Sobs poor bum bum was "sodomised" by two "bullets". Doctor said have to go back and see him the next day. If no improvement, will have to do Blood Test. 

Well, the next day my temperature was still pretty "high" at 38C but no jab jab yet. This morning went for follow up. Much improved. Will need to go for a follow up tomorrow. Hopefully by Tuesday I'll be fine and able to go to school coz I haven't collected my Birthday pressie from the Principal yet leh .


  1. Oh dear! Maybe it was the food? Too heaty? Hope you get well soon...

  2. Haiyo better take care yourself first then only take pressie from the principal later k...Rest more k

  3. wah, really a very HIGH birthday, so pampered by mamarazzi and paparazzi on that day hor??

  4. cud be virus caught somewhere. get well soon ya...

  5. Aiyo, fever on your birthday? Hope you are feeling much better now.

  6. =( Hope u feel better now. When better liao, auntie go celebrate ur bday with u, ok?

  7. Fever is pretty scary especially on kid >.<

  8. Oh...sorry Small Kucing was not well. Hope by now he is ok. :)

  9. Oh no..that's very high ohh. Get well soon.

  10. happy belated birthday to you :)

  11. Awww... poor boy. Get well soon!

  12. I am sorry to hear that after a nice birthday celebration, the little one is not feeling too good. Hopefully he recovers soon.

  13. Happy birthday!! I sure hop you are feeling better now! It's no fair to be sick on your birthday.

  14. STP

    dont think it's food. So fast act meh. Not even 1 hr start already wor

  15. Choi Yen

    ya especially those that the fever suddenly shoot up like that

  16. Christina

    Yup...not fair. Gonna ask Papa and Mamarazzi for another treat


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