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Friday, 24 February 2012

My Birthday Party At The Kiddie

Yesterday was my 4th Birthday.

I woke up early to a bed full of gifts. Thank you everyone for the gifts and angpaus.

Cepat Cepat took my bath as it was a school day. Mamarazzi said will come to school and celebrate my birthday with me and friends.

This is the Cake that I choose when Mamarazzi let me choose my own cake.

When it was time for my "recess", Papa and Mamarazzi armed with this cake and ...

 .. some gifts bought from BookXcess and home made goodies bags ready to go to school.

Alamak! mana tau when they got to the car park, Papa found the back tyre was punctured!!

Oh! No!! It's another 15minutes to Party Time. How?? Mommy Yen to the rescue?? Hmm....Paiseh la...people working wor...walk to school...a bit far.

Mamarazzi called the Principal thinking maybe ask if can postphone the Party or something like that. A pleaseant surprise was waiting for her as the Principal straightaway asked her where is our house and that she would come and fetch them.

And she did just that!!

 I was so happy to see Papa and Mamarazzi. I straightaway call my friends to come out of the class.

 Lighted the candles, made a wish and I huffed and puffed.

 Cut cake!!

 Who else don't have cake?

Hey! You! No taking photos. Come sit down and eat cake.

 I wanna distribute the gifts to my friends but Papa and Mamarazzi sibuk wanna snap photos pulak. Aiyak...

 Here you go...hope you like it!

Yay! a great party. Thanks to the Principals and Teachers for helping out. I will be missing for a few days. Will be back soon with more news. See Ya!


  1. Happy 4th birthday again, smallkucing! Your papa and mama planned such a nice party for you. I'm sure you had a super happy day on your big day :)

  2. so nice, gotta celebrate birthday at school with all the kids together.. and angry birds cake somemore!!

  3. Wow, mamarazzi so good prepare for you so many things at your kiddie...nice celebration too with angry bird cake...

  4. Angry Bird cake!! So cute.

    Anyway, get well soon,ok!

  5. Great celebration!!! Happy Belated Birthday!

  6. happy birthday to SK and happy belated birthday to mamarazi ye...sorry tak sempat wish mamarazi on the day...

    SK...your cake angry bird tu sooo cantik, pandai SK pilih and auntie sukalah your kind gesture, instead just receiving present on your birthday, you are actually giving out present to your friend...auntie pray SK akan jadi budak baik dan hebat sentiasa...:)

  7. Did i read correctly? that u, ur kid and hubs birthday all the same time ??? so coincident

    Happy Birthday to SK. His real name Joshua right?

  8. Happy Birthday to Small Kucing!
    Stay health & good in study!

  9. That's a very thoughtful principal. Sure all the kids are happy to receive gifts as well.

  10. Happy Birthday Joshua !!! fast 4 already. Big boy lo. Birthday cake...I aso like Angry Bird and I am sure all your kinder friends are cake to eat and got presents. I tot only birthday boy get presents..see see all your friends aso got presents. Haih...I should have been there...mana tau got present for me leh :))) Glad you had a wonderful one!

  11. Next week auntie belanja u and give u pressie ok? This week ur kor kor Alien unwell, so auntie kena perintah berkurung. :(

  12. Happy birthday small kucing. :) YOur angry bird cake looks pretty and I bet it taste yumyum.

  13. wow... I want to be in the kindie too! Got pressie and angry bird cake to eat!! So nice... hmmmm...

  14. Happy Birthday to you son! you are a good mama,hehehe..Your son look so happy!

  15. happy birthday, little Joshua...first year celebrating at kindy, sure excited kan with all ur friends...

  16. Happy Birthday to Small Kuching again.

    Very nice party.

  17. What a cool cake for a birthday.. My kids said they love it. And i know it will take him two days to open all his gifts.. You did a great job mama..

  18. Happy Birthday Small Kucing! What fun, and how special of the Principal to do that!

  19. Good job mummy and daddy! And happy birhtday to Joshua.

  20. Happy Belated Birthday to Small Kuching :)

  21. Wah the principal is so kind. Lucky you! :D

  22. Wah what a good principal u have!
    Hapy belated bday J! Big boy already!

  23. Am I too late to wish him Happy Belated birthday? :D So nice got angry bird cake and give presents to his classmates (:

  24. SK

    I choose one the Angry Bird Cake

  25. Angeline

    Cikit cikit lor to make the kids happy

  26. Auntie Marie

    Bukan Mamarazzi Papa bday...Papa bday 22nd and saya punye 23rd...then my aunt punye 24th...adoi berturut-turut!

  27. Little Lamb

    Nope...Mamarazzi's bday is in Apr. Papa's bday is on 22nd Feb and mine 23rd Feb.

  28. mNhL

    The Principal is a nice lady. Very cincai one

  29. Elin

    Now trend different mah...Birthday must give pressie

  30. Aunite Cleff

    wait till everyone is wel first lor

  31. Meitzue

    Thanks . Yup...everyone wallopped finished

  32. Claire

    an can open up a Kiddie and become Cikgu when you retired la

  33. Wyson was sure exciting

  34. Courtney

    Yes, the Principal is a nice lady

  35. Chee Yee

    Ya lor was surprised when she offered


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