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Monday, 20 February 2012

Marche at The Curve, Revisited

It was a fne evening. Mr Sun was shinning with an extra smile before Mr Moon takes over.

 We decided to go have a "light" dinner at Marche. Mamarazzi's glass of Iced Lemon Tea.

Don't know whether Mamarazzi recalled correctly or not but if not mistaken, back in May 2011, the soft drinks were refillable but this round it was not.

Can't resist their delicious Mushroom soup

 and the delicious bread to go with the soup.

 Had their Beef Pizza.

Mmm..yum yum...I like.

Mamarazzi had their grilled Chicken. She didn't really like it. Taste a bit dry for her. 

 Hmm...don't know why but even when eating, Mamarazzi felt so sleepy. Hence she went and got a cup of coffee.

Comes with these little "cups" of Milk.

 I asked Auntie Florence to open them for me.

 I drank them.
Gosh...she was shocked.

Love their Caesar Salad too. It's very fresh and delicious.

Would certainly go back again for the soup and salad.


  1. i love the concept of this restaurant, just like a market place your food is cooked upon order.. but SG one is a lot better lor~~

  2. Those grilled chicken looks really good. It must have been a fun day for you all. I hope you don't put up weight with all the delicious food i see
    Wishing you a great week..

  3. Yup yup, May 2011. Last year you went with auntie little bird to celebrate teacher's day ma. =D Ur auntie little bird fail betul...1 year has passed but still can't imitate the mushroom soup. :( Tak jadi.

    Neway, Auntie Flo looking good there. Berseri seri. =D

  4. Yummmmmmm!!!!! Saw it in Singapore, heard they have it in KL...but never had the chance to try. In fact, I've never been to the Curve.... Sobssss!!! No kind soul ever bothered to take me there.

  5. The portion for the chicken was huge wor..

  6. Yes, the chicken looked burnt and dry... actually difficult to find good quality western food.. :)

  7. i made my own caesar salad at one of the buffets i had the other day and I'm hooked on it now. Very tasty and nice XD

    Latest: Igentis Tropicana City Mall

  8. I think the food portion is rather small and pricey.

  9. I love the food there too, I remember it was free flow of soft drinks when I last went sometime last year.

  10. Wah u so geng ah, after Book Xchange and Subang Avenue still manage to go to the Curve, pengsan... salute and hat off!

    Went I balik rumah, wee wang wang and went straight to bed liao! LOL!

  11. I love the mushroom soup too! Haven't visited in a while.. should drop by soon!

  12. Oh my, another round of delicious Caesar's salad I see here and that thick mushroom soup will be a great pairing.

  13. Actually my past few visits to marche has been a spiral of disappointment. The last one, we just wanted to use up the credits in our card and forever ever never step foot into marche again. Their food quality is local, variety is nothing great, and freshness doubtful. The staff is worse, they can hardly speak English, so much so I needed to check if I was in a mamak shopper otherwise. Oh well... At least you had better experiences, but for me and my clan... It is bye bye marche. Oh and obscenely overpriced too!

  14. Hahahahaha .....aunty Florence certainly looks shock!! I would too :P :P Miss your blog and your little one, he has grown up so much ya! Anyway, nice to be able to read blog again :) (ya, back to malaysia can read blog already la :P)

  15. oh i like Marche a lot especially the mushroom soup but the quality of food has gone down :(

  16. the wild mushroom soup look so irresistible. Small kucing grew up a lot.

  17. SK

    havent been to SG one yet...maybe got luck will go

  18. Auntie Cleff

    dun wanna fren u liao...u say make mushroom soup for me one

  19. STP

    come..I'll ask Papa take you there

  20. Isaac

    nice right? especially when fresh

  21. ALice

    no la...this one was in Nov...after the BBW Aftermath sale

  22. Nava

    ya we tend to order Ceasar salad

  23. Mummy to chumsy

    this is the 2nd time we have been there

  24. mNhL

    the mushroom soup was nice :)


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