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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mamarazzi's Raving of Iron

Pening... pening betul (Puzzled)...Since Tuesday, Mamarazzi nose was constantly in a book. Not that this is an unusual thing. However, this round it was till she neglected to cook lunch for me. She bought noodles from nearby shop instead. Yay! I love noodles.

You maybe wondering what kept Mamarazzi occupied for so long.

It's this Iron Fey Series, loan to Mamarazzi by Auntie Chee Yee.

She started the first book, Iron King, on Tuesday evening and finally finished the series at wee hours of Friday. Not bad...4 books in less than 72 hours.

Here are a bit about the books that made Mamarazzi gone crazy.

Iron King is the start of the journey for a special girl called Meghan Chase who went into the Faeryland to rescue her brother. She lost her heart there.

Meghan's heart were broken in Iron Daughter and was faced with enemies from all sides. Friends and foes were hard determined but she knows that she loves her Prince.

The Prince and Meghan managed to be together at last but at a great cost. They were banished from the Faeryland. 

Nevertheless, their enemies would not leave them in peace. Meghan was being hunted. Great sacrifice were made.

Her Prince went on a quest. The quest to secure their future together. However, death looms.

You might think "Oh No! Another LOVE STORY?" . Nah...this is not. It's nothing like the Twilight Series. 

In fact, it's like a mixture of Grimm's Fairy Tales, Alice in Wonderland, The Never Ending Story, Lords of the Rings and Narnia. Great combination!

The writing style is very good. Flow of the stories were smooth. Very good plots.

Mamarazzi certainly hopes to be able to collect all the four books for herself. However, this "quest" seems to be quite hard. A search through MPH Online shows that these books will only be "Available via Direct Import" .

Hopefully this year end the Big Bad Wolf Books or BookXcess will be able to source these books and bring them to Malaysia lah.


  1. Sometimes i wonder how book bloggers cope. The read and at same time blog, is not an easy task..The Iron King sounds very interesting, is the type i love to read. Thanks for the review and enjoy your weekend.x

  2. More cockroach food? LOL!!!

  3. Nice collection, where do u usually buy your books at?

  4. I really admire you strong liking for books though I prefer women and lifestyle magazines.

  5. I am glad you got noodles in between her reading interesting books

  6. See... auntie knew that your mamarazzi would go crazy over this series. Too bad mamarazzi dun read ebooks, or else, she would have gone looney earlier with Auntie Little Bird, Auntie Cheeyee and Auntie Alice. We're all hooked with the Iron Fey series...gone gila... Auntie loves Iron Queen and Iron Knight the most. SOooooooooo romantic, and of all the scenes, auntie just loves the part where Prince Ash vow to be Megan's Knight.(in Iron Queen book) *SWOON*

    Neway, there is more nice YA adults that cannot be obtained in Malaysia but very nice to read... like The Graveyard Queen series... Everneath... all oso manyak syok. As syok as thie Iron Fey series. Tak percaya, can ask Auntie Cheeyee and Auntie Alice. They're all hooked oso... LOL...and horr... your AUntie Little Bird and Auntie Alice, once starts talking about the Iron Fey series, there's no stopping them from drooling over Ash. ><. Aihh... hopeless romantic lah those two. LOL!

  7. Mamarazzi has good patient waiting for paperbacks. Me here cant wait to get the ebook to read first.

  8. May

    Thanks ... for the love of reading, we will manage

  9. STP

    Roaches food for some but it's a trod to a wonderful world behind the cover to many

  10. Josarine
    Usually I get my books from warehouse sale and Bookxcess

  11. Nava

    Coz books are a door way to a wonderful new world

  12. Chee Yee

    if forced to Mamarazzi baru read ebook


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