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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mamarazzi Made Mandarin Orange Marmalade

This Chinese New Year, we did not buy any Mandarin Oranges. But with CNY gifts exchange here and there, we end up with a lot of Mandarin Oranges. The fridge was going to "explode".

Some of the Oranges were starting to rot. It's so wasteful. Can't eat it all as eating too much Mandarin Oranges will causes cough or in "someone's" case, having to pay visit to the toilet often.

Around the same time, she read some bloggers were blogging about Mandarin Orange scones, cupcakes and marmalade.

That gives her an idea to try to make Mandarin Orange Marmalade.

Frankly speaking, she doesn't like Marmalade. The only ones that she had tasted came in small cubes and taken from Buffet tables at hotels. She doesn't like those much at all.

She googled and found the recipe from "A Table for Two"   blog suits her the best.

We used 8 Mandarin Oranges and a Lemon.

 As advised by the blog, the pith and pips were removed and bundled into a small pouch.

The "clean out" Mandarin Orange.

Don't laugh la...I know Mamarazzi is supposed to julienne the skin into thin strips.

As many of you know, Mamarazzi only have a Licence Lembu(Learners Licence) in the Kitchen Department. Hence, this was the outcome lor.

She read in Kristy's or someone else blog that they used "Gula Melaka"(Palm Sugar) to make the marmalade. Mamarazzi also wanna try lah. Used a block of the Gula Melaka given by Ah Mah.

Dumped everything into a big pot, including the pouch of pip and pith. According to the blog, the pip is a source of Pectin and Pectin is what makes the jam set.

She put in 3 cups of water.

Half an hour later, she tasted the "mixture".

YUCK!!!! taste too bitter. Serves her right for not following the recipe to the dot. Hmm...must be not enough sugar. Hence she added in one cup of white sugar.

Tasted it again...aiks...too sweet pulak and still very bitter. She decided to take out some of the peels. Add one more cup of water to dilute the sweetness. 

Boiled for another hour and did the Jell Point Testing but it was not successful though she tried a few times. In the end she just hentam la. 

She boil it till she saw the mixture thickens till turns gooey just like when she was making the jam for Pineapple Tart donkey years ago.

 Jeng! Jeng! Mamarazzi's maverick marmalade

 Hehehe.....who dares to be the white mice?

*Evil grinz* I have got just the right candidates for it. Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence!

They came to visit me. Bought me Nutrigen, Nangka(jackfruit) and Ice cream.Mamarazzi asked them if they dares to try the Marmalade. They were game.

Their verdict? Taste good. Much better than the ones that they bought from the market which the Vendor claimed to be home made. They love it.

Auntie CY says it's bitter. Needs more sugar.

Hmmm....maybe they were just being nice? I need one more White Mice.......Auntie Little Bird....where are you? Come out come out wherever you are...I have some thing for you......*bodek mode*.


  1. fuyoh!! very nice, can use them to spread on MASSIMO bread already~~ :)

  2. I think you're supposed to just use the ZEST, not the whole peel - the white stuff is supposedly bitter.

  3. I've never tried making marmalade before. Looks like something worth trying!

  4. Aiyaks.... tertangkap jugak to jadi white mice. Apalah nasib. LOL!:P

    Hmm... ur mamarazzi's marmalade not bad wan la, actually...the taste abit too strong for auntie to spread it on bread, but perfect to use it with roast chic or beef. :D Your mamarazzi's marmalade more to sauce kind... not the spread kind... kalau mau make spread kind... tambah more gula... shud be perfect liao.

    No worries... auntie will make some roast or use it to make chic sauce...sure sedap punyalah.

  5. So clever!! Marmalade is supposed to be a bit bitterish cos of the skin.. keep it up, Mama!! In no time, you can join the food professional quaypo, elin, wendy, etc etc... and I? I will continue to be the "taster!" Yes!

  6. wahhh...good try!! I have lots of oranges too.

  7. hrm..thankfully the beruang is far away..or else sure already become the tikus putih hor?

  8. wow..that's great! mind sparing me some? :)

  9. At least someone love this :P

  10. I love marmalade I have it on my toast a lot. Yours looks good, Mamarazzi did a great job :-)

  11. LOL, tht's a cracking good idea! Bitter kar? Kacau with honey loh, just kidding... dun try it, I simply say only, lol!

  12. Nice new layout!!! Bitter? Is it because you put the white part of the orange in, because in orange the seeds and the white part is the most bitter part. hahaha, nvm la, can eat enough! ROFL! How's CNY?? :)

  13. Nice! I don't have the expertise to make jam otherwise, I would like to try too. Same here, din buy a single orange this year but ended up with heaps! I was coughing so badly 2 weeks ago but after hentam half a dozen of these oranges, my cough was completely gone... believe it or not?

  14. Iron Queen and Iron Knight are among the best! Enjoy and welcome to Iron Fey club, kekeke!

  15. I never gave a though of this idea and next time instead of giving away all the oranges I get for CNY, I am going to make this marmalade.Thumbs up to you Kathy.

  16. oh wow, good job. now you made me want to give it a try :)

  17. not easy to make ya

  18. good idea! shall try it too since there's still so many oranges in the fridge :D

  19. SK

    not nice enough yet

    2nd batch nicer

  20. Synical..

    Rather difficult to take our the white thingy in mandarin orange. Not like normal orang

  21. Hou hou sek

    wait ah...till perfected 1st...this one not that good

  22. Claire

    Like them? Dream on la...still a looooong way to go. They are really professional

  23. Wenn

    You sure? Mamarazzi's 3 legs cat kungfu only

  24. Katie

    Thanks :) Will make some more and try to improve

  25. Alice

    Honey ah...hmmm..that is an idea wor

  26. Lindy

    The seed and pith is a source of pectin leh

  27. Prince and princess mom

    still need a lot of improvement

  28. Chloe

    LOL....better try making marmalade lo

  29. Alice

    late but still managed to get on the boat

  30. Nava

    good luck. Bet yours will be nicer.


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